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    FiestaFan when it's available has all that and more, but a lot of it is sorely outdated, even though a lot of it hasn't changed since maybe 2010

    Fiesta Wiki is still in it's early stage of development there is still plenty to do. The goal is to at least show as many info than the FiestaFan wiki and update the outdated stuff and as MintyGreens said, the wiki has been down for month now. You can still access it from archive but that's not the best way to use it.

    Also on a side note I updated the wiki yesterday and added the random stats obtainable for all items 125 and below. I found that to be cool data for farmers.

    MintyGreens about the bug you reported for HK and guardian set switched, it's not a bug it's actually the Arena set which have swapped visuals o.o Could be cool to check it out and make your HK look like a guard xD

    Hi guys, sorry I couldn't answer any of you comments. I had to create a new account because all my post get disabled on the other account and CMs aren't answering my PMs :( I hope this get fixed soon.

    In the meantime feel free to pm me if you have question/suggestions!