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    I think Gamigo needs to make a new town and call all the NPCs after the greatest cash spenders characters in game. For one id like to see Spellspins name up in lights immortalized forever!! I know i was one of this games biggest spenders and would like to see everyones names who was, in a new town!!

    I would have zero issues is the SGM and GMs of this game were fair and open and truthful about this game. problem is we all have been lied to for so long no one knows the truth. I do though. I have had GMs do transfers for me back long ago so I know its possible. All you had to do was send in a request email and could get some results. Dont sit and tell us its not possible because it is. It comes down to money and you dont realize you would make even more money from the real players that have invested thousands of dollars into chars that we own and love. Just think about all the players you lost..... where do you think those players are today??? well one place they are not is in Fiesta bonding with a game that use to be really cool. making friends and spending their little paychecks on supporting you all down at Gamigo headquarters. You are so detatched from the heartbeat of the game you can not see the truth that it was yourselves that killed Fiesta. Server transfers should be your number 1 concern in this game. You want to make money??? do you think you are doing that now? I know for a fact you are no where near making what you use to I invested so much and I know many who also did. Why do you insist on treating us like this? I know the answer to that question too. Its because of all the whiners on Isya server. Every time I bring this up its the same old song and dance from the top players on Isya scared to lose any control of the popular server. And you are doing a mighty fine job at brown nosing them. I can name hundreds of players that no longer play because of trapped characters stuck on Pagel. You say its not about money yet you still keep on selling your stuff in the stores. Dont you think the old players would want to spend money also if they could play the chars they spent years investing in? Server transfer should be the #1 thing in your meetings at Gamigo on how to revive the game and bring back the JOY of playing for everyone not just the Isya people.

    Merge Pagel server to Isya. No matter what Gamigo says they CAN transfer chars to alt servers. They are only lying and making excuses. I have played for 11 years and you cant just start over and acquire all the rares and perm suits and stuff and endless SC in our bags that we have ALREADY PAID FOR. They did a 1 day transfer and didnt give proper notification for everyone to have a chance to transfer. Not all of us live in game and scour the forums each day we have to work and have lives. STOP STEALING OUR BAGS OF SC GAMIGO. STOP HOLDING OUR ALREADY MADE HIGH LEVEL CHARS IN YOUR PRISON GAMIGO. I WILL SPEND REAL MONEY ON MY OLD CHARS. NOT NEW ONES THAT CANT EVER GET WHAT WAS OFFERED YEARS AGO