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    A few minutes ago I opened the Fiesta Online launcher and it downloaded the latest patch (1.02.270) and then when I clicked "Launch Game" it threw an Application Initialize Error, Game Data Initialize Fail.


    To narrow down possibilities I also tried it on my laptop and my brother's laptop which both ran the game perfectly fine previously, however both threw the exact same error so I believe this may be an issue with the new patch.

    Hello everyone,

    I just bought a BOGO: Perfect Enhancement Bundle (Grade 3) from the Fiesta Store, it subtracted the Slime Coins from my balance however the items did not appear in my premium inventory...
    I've tried relogging, restarting my client, switching characters, and still nothing appeared in my premium inventory and my funds were subtracted.
    It worries me because I asked someone in-game how long it takes for the items to appear in the premium inventory after the purchase and they said it should be instant.

    Can someone please help me out Q.Q

    • Grade 1 items will never break up to +5
    • Grade 2 items will never break up to +4
    • Grade 3 items will never break up to +4
    • Grade 4 items will never break up to +3
    • Grade 5 items will never break up to +3

    When you say it will never break up to +3 for example, does this mean up to the enhancement from +2 to +3 won't break or does it include not breaking from +3 to +4?