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    Facts - the only updates Gamigo can provide are item shop updates since they are not capable of doing anything else. sad story

    will we ever get this merge? or some sort of opportunity to bring our characters over?? I asked the same question 3 years ago before I quit AGAIN for 3 long years, and now im back to only find that nothing has changed at all. this game is all about money now. the item shop has daily updates and so much dedication put into it. Yet the rest of the game remains the same, no new classes and same old maps.

    Since its all about money why not sell us a transfer tool to reset server for character? I feel like we are just waiting and waiting and nothing is happening. its so frustrating to have characters and items paid for on servers that are completely dead. I have started over on 2 servers first pagel then Isya because all my friends went to pagel originally but then pagel died and I had no choice but to start over to Isya again. I deserve to have my characters and items I paid for with me.

    Time to give up. They are obviously not capable of transferring Characters for what ever reason (Probably too lazy - but there will be an excuse that it's not possible, while they can make GM-Chars that have any possible EQ. Since we are peasants and not GM's it will not happen for the playerbase)