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    lots of people come to leech for chest. So no more chest on hc. Its back to who does the most dmg. Now you have to work for your rewards. Can't be a noob on the side and wait for boss to die and run to grab chest. That's a no no. It has nothing to do with pagel dying server.

    But if you can use a credit card, why not a credit gift card? It should work exactly like a credit card. And no, not giving out ANY personal info.

    Gift card don't even have any personal info to give out lmao. Just the numbers in the front and 3 digit code in the back. How is that personal info. Its not like a real credit card that you need the name and address of the card holder. Btw I was kidding relax. Lol

    idk why someone trying compare a diamond to a virtual card. Lmao. They aren't even in the same league. As for title from cards. They are pretty much useless. Unless they make it 10% def or damaged than it ain't worth it. Cause right now the shiny slayer is the best title and everyone used that. So basically ppl trying rip off players with their overpriced card that does nothing but give a lame title. Lol.

    Beside just collecting them what are cards for? I see ppl selling s card for 20gem to 100gem. Seriously? For a card? Lol. Are they really worth that much? Cause I collect lots of cards and get lame wings and mini pet that doesn't even boost anything. Also get lame title i never used. So is card really worth 20 to 100 gems?

    You already sum it up so I don't understand what your question is when you already answered it. Smh.

    Whats more important to you? Higher buff or higher healing and auto revive?

    Hk have higher buff for hp and def

    Guard have high healing and auto rev.

    Nuff said. Question already been answered by op so its his/her choice to choose. We can't choose for you.

    It isn't hard to fix that issue.
    simply remove the sorah chest's regen. by changing it to an Idle period on the "boss" instead of disappearing / reappearing to be another full "boss hp bar". meaning it doesn't heal itself either during that idle period. the rest of it is left alone. because the Sorah "boss" doesn't die. the extra spawns do kill people. and the "fix" should be implemented across the board. not that the first sorah has that issue because it isn't as bad. but come 95-109 and 125-135 sorah KQs we can see that issue so fix it so that everyone can get it done. lol. fixing the situation will completely stop that whole issue (snipping the bud as it were). and people can continue to level.

    I agree the problem is with the chest. Not with the boss or anything else. Even when all players attack the chest, it has so much hp its health doesnt even go to 1/2 before it disappeared and appear with full health. To fix this issue. Either lower the chests health so players can kill it before it disappeared or make chest stop fully heal when it disappeared and appears again. How hard is it to write this into codes? Smh. If it's not making them money, they won't bother.

    well I picked a side. I side with the ones that say gamigo should change their name to scamigo. All they want is to make player spend money to enhance all their gears and weapons. And even when a capped glad with 135 gears max out, +20 def brace, max out 135 weapon. And still struggle with sorah kq. Now they want us to charmed up too. Isn't this game supposed to be f2p? What happen to it. If a fully enhanced glad is struggling. Imagine a f2p player. Lmao.

    Sorah kq for lvl 95. 10 people, 2 full party. Got to boss. Throw everything we had at the chest. Did 1/4 damage to chest before it disappeared. Try again. And again. And again. Didn't even do half of its hp. Everyone eventually got slaughter like pigs in the butcher house. Smh. Do gamigo expect people to charmed up for a kq? Ppl been complaining about it for the past few months now. Then all of a sudden then buff sorah kq for 125. Lmao. Now it takes at least 5 to 6 capped glads with +12 axes to even kill it. With a kq that limit only 10 player, what about the other classes???? Even my capped glad with +12 coc axe, low hp, vit, and t4 +20 dmg brace barely does any damage to it. Gotta be kidding me right...smh... money talks.

    If I remember correctly name change cost like $15. Who would keep buying a virtual item that cost that much multiple times just to scam another player. Wouldnt it be easier to just make a new character and new name? Lol. It would be a lost for the scammer to keep buying name change every time he want to scam a player. The name change item has no really effect other than to scam another player but that is why gamigo make the price so high so people wouldn't abuse it. Limiting it does nothing and makes no sense imo. As for charms, its limits once a week cause they don't want OP players with infinite charms at their disposal. You can't compare the two .

    The sorah kqs were indeed intended to be more difficult. The puzzles plus a harder boss. This was to give players who easily soloed other kqs and such something more challenging. I agree that kqs should not rely on charms and such what I am saying from Gamigos perspective is that the kqs are working as intended now because of the high difficulty.

    I personally think the 125 kq got to be a little too difficult, but I also participated in a lvl 65~79 or whatever level range it is one and while it took several rounds to completely kill the chest, we did do it. I am not certain how many players were in sc or not, but my character had enhanced +11 duals. I felt that difficulty was just about right and would like to see it emulated at the higher levels.

    Mintygreen you must be on drugs. Stop eating those mintygreens cause you seem to be high on dope. Sarah kq was not meant to be this way. Gamigo messed it up in the new patch. The kq itself is not hard. They just raise the chest hp 100x what it was. What that means to the player is. Its impossible to kill the chest before it disappear. Failed kq smh. Greddy company wants the players to spend charms to do a kq? Smh. Even with 135 glads with fully +10 and +12 weapons can not do a dent in the chest.

    damn greddy gamgio. They really fudge this game up. I'm fully geared +10 and coc +12 axe with low hp and vit on my glad. Before I can destroy the chest with 3 hits. Now I'm just tickling the chest...wth??? Gamgio is stupid thinking we need to all charmed up for a kq. No wonder why ppl quit this game. The greddy company want us to spend more money when we already spend hundreds to fully enhance our gears. Now we need to also fully charmed top? Smh.