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    Rei Your entire argument is invalid. My entire point is that there should not be a locked socket on a T6 weapon if there are no T6 enchants. There supposedly used to be T6 enchants in the game but they were removed and Gamigo forgot to do their job. I can own up to unlocking the weapon socket; however, it really should never have been an option when you cannot do anything with it. That is a scam within itself. If you cannot see how this is a problem with the game and not with its users, you should not be posting on this Forum. I sent in my ticket to Gamigo and they told me the Gamigo team could not find an answer to my question basically and the next thing for me to do would be to contact a Forum CM. I just have no idea how to do that. If you want to help me at all with this instead of arguing the validation of your opinion, give me that information! Thank you!

    Uhhh this sounds like you made a mistake and you're blaming Gamigo for it?

    Rei GM did not approve the rest of my post. It was not inherently my fault. It should not be an option to unlock a socket on a leg if the enchantment requirement is Tier 6. It is their fault for not removing this option from the game as they removed Tier 6 enchantments. I am not the only player with this issue. Drop the sass. The GM looked at the message, and instead of answering and coming to a conclusion, they told me not to post private messages on a FORUM. I am being silenced. I was told to post screenshots of the issue and that was removed as well


    • Server Name: Isya
    • Map Name: All of the Game
    • Character Name: Leukos
    • Server Date and Time: All the Time
    • More information about the conditions: I am just going to post screenshots of my conversation with Gamigo Support.


    I noticed I had a locked socket on my 115 Sharpshooter Legendary Weapon so I purchased a "Weapon Socket Key" from the Fiesta Store online only to find out that there are no Tier 6 weapon enchantments in the game. Not only that! But Tier 5 enchantments are not able to be put onto the weapon. I have wasted Slime Coins as well as in-game currency on this and I was mislead by Gamigo. There should not be a locked socket on a Tier 6 weapon if there is no way to apply an enchantment on to the weapon! What can you do for me and how can this wrongdoing be corrected?

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    Can someone please assist me. slimesuperangry

    Hello, slimeghost

    1. Subject: SS Skill Bug
    2. Current situation: In an attempt to use SS/Ranger Skills "Distant Shot" and "Absolute Arrow" the skills do not finish casting. They are interrupted instead.
    3. Expected situation: To be able to use the skills w/o the channel glitching
    4. Client Version: NA / Isya Server / Char name: Leukos 120 SS
    5. Reproduction: Sometimes:

    Step 1) Target an enemy / Step 2) Use D-Shot or Absolute Arrow / If it works, try over and over. Sometimes it glitches, sometimes it works.

    1. Screenshots / Videos: For some reason, I cannot submit my video on this forum. I have sent in the video to the support team who I originally contacted as they told me to post a complaint on here.

    Thank you!