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    Spended 40$ to get a staff got axe, blade and mace.

    On other account i have HK needing a mace xD

    I dont play fighter or crusader at all! :(

    So now have 3 skins i never gonna use! :/

    I really hope Gamigo gonna do something about this.

    Add a gift option in the lucky box so i atleast can give the skin away to friends or other characters i have! :D

    I like this i think! I have quit trying to get skins. Right now i need 7-10 skins on my accounts but i dont gonna spend any money on the lucky boxes.

    Spended 100 usd on specific lucky box to get wand for my cc runner but got no skin. I quitted fiesta for 3 months after that. I know 100 usd is not alot for some ppl but for me it is! :(

    I have 20% skins on my wizard, ranger, fighter have axe and 2 hand but not playing fighter same with trickster.

    I really hope they gonna make the way to get a skin different in the future.

    I have got staff skin and crossbow skin long time ago. I spended over 100$ to get the staff.

    Spended 100$ on specific wand box months ago for my cc runner and got nothing. Quitted fiesta for 2 months after that.

    Have not try lucky boxes anymore after that.

    I just gonna skip it until they change the way to get a skin.

    I need skin for new dt runner, 1 ranger and 1 wizard, cc runner and shield skin for 2 HKs

    Can you try it again?

    Demonic (x10) Chances at the Lucky Box! right now! :D

    Not gonna try it cuz i dont support gamble in games! :)