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    Curious about this one, can anyone give specifics please?

    I updated fiesta-wiki with the new quests and it looks like they increased all the quests 1-10 to be doable until level 10 in case you level too fast are are not able to pick up the quests (which you outleveled during xp boost or if you did the tutorial I guess?)

    Also the drop rate of the Mud repeat seems to be 70% now instead of 10% which is great because now people will more likely party and share the drops but it wont be too OP since we still need the 30 lizards kills.

    Hello McLovinIt !

    If you want to participate to the project and have some ideas you would like to see added to the wiki feel free to DM me, I usually focus on things requested by the community :)

    Right now I'm working on improving the quests pages by displaying quest items drop rates and from which mobs they drops (something someone suggested and that is actually pretty cool)

    Here is some sneak peek on what should be released soon (feedback is welcomed)


    I don't really have a fixed roadmap on what will come next but I think I will add these thing (maybe not in that order):

    - Mob pages (will probably need some help with the screenshots for that ^^)

    - Kingdom Quest

    - Attendance Reward

    - Fame Lucky Capsule drops (the ones with sc items in them)

    And I'm waiting for a Gamigo response on some files that are not up to date in the client to get Monster XP (currently only mobs lvl 125- are listed idk why ;()

    In a second time when all the database stuff is done I will get started with guides which is something many people requested.

    how do you use the skills view? I try to use it but it doesn't load anything ;(;(;(

    Once you have selected your class you can click on the skills icons to make the list appear ! :)

    I had to log on to briefly say; you are doing a really great job on your website.

    The only thing I would change personally is: complete redesign of the homepage. Seeing as you have all of your most important categories and links at the top. This gives you options on the creation of a homepage that is beautiful. However, if you wish to keep it this way it works just the same.

    Great work. Hope to see more from you!

    You have a point but the top bar is not indefinitely extensible and it start to get pretty crowded (I just added a new page with lucky capsules btw :D ) I will have to redesign the navigation menus at some points in the near future and I feel like the main page is the most natural way to look for info when there is a lot of content. (One could say its what we are used to because most wikis are designed this way)

    Anyway if you have some cool ideas to revamp the main page I would gladly hear them.

    Thank you for this guide, I hope you continue to work on it! It's very neat.

    Glad you enjoy it :D !

    I've been working for the last month on the much requested "Wardrobe" that's why I didn't update the wiki that much ^^

    But after many (so many x.x) screenshots the wardrobe is finally up. I hope everyone enjoy it

    And I've also added some nice info in the skill section with some "hidden" info that not always appeared in the tooltip


    some sites put links into the pictures and titles of each item they provide, to see more details. even trivia stuff gets special attention, so if you're looking for the origin of some flavor text meme, link it ^^

    tool tips including where to find an item and or what it is found in can be done through both tool tips and tabbed comment sections below the item description. i think some folks who have played certain other games will know what i'm talking about.

    "found in, similar to...etc"

    Tips on where to find some quest drops too for newbies, because I've had players ask me in the past about a drop, checked the quest on an alt and lo and behold the quest details don't tell you anything!!

    I really like both ideas and I definitely want to add these kind of info but keep in mind that these data are not present in client game files and that it will require a lot of work to add them manually which means it will probably take quite some time. Right now I'm trying to release content by quick iteration which means I'm mainly using what is available in files (for example adding all the random stats obtainable on gears which give a lot of interesting content without too much work).

    The guides and helpful infos like LH capsule drops, stats infos, drop location, etc... will come later for sure !

    I thought of something to add to that site

    Buffs, they come in several forms. My thought is to list them according to duration, strengths, and most importantly, range (radius of proximity). where you can find them, what they drop from, AND, if you use certain buffs, what other buffs become unavailable.

    some buffs like titles at attribute points, are active as long as you use them.

    This is interesting but could be hard to display. There is a lot of different buffs in the game... A LOT. I think what could be done instead is doing that for a couple of stats that people are interested in maxing like HP, def or dmg with the list of all skills/scroll/pot/gears... that can increase them.

    Thanks for the ideas guys, this is much appreciated.

    hi! i noticed the lvl 110 and 115 HK sets have the pictures for the guardians gears not holyknight

    and double check the 125/130/135 sets

    After some investigation actually everything looks correct (kinda) !

    But you are right that some sets are swapped. That's a game bug (I had to check ^^) it's actually the arena sets that are glitched (or on purpose idk) and have swapped icons for clerics sets lvl 110 & 115.


    Could be worth reporting? (or you could try to look like a guard :P )

    Thank you all for the support and the feedback !

    This is cool! The UI is a little confusing on your landing page (so many links it's overwhelming!) but looking at the individual pages about each topic is very helpful. I think you have a wonderful start.

    Thanks for your hard work!

    The UI definitely need some improvement, I'm not a very good UX designer so if anyone has some idea to improve that part feel free to share.

    I have seen people asking about something like this for awhile.

    Some ideas:

    -leveling guide (not just quests themselves)

    -money making ideas/guide

    -Lucky House overview and list of rewards from capsules (i get asked this sooo many times i start getting confused)

    Right now I'm focusing on the game data I can extract from the game since I already have a workflow that allow me to release new content quickly (I'm currently working on adding cards and titles and next will probably be sc items)

    That said, guides should also be added some time later but that require a lot more time and I will definitely ask people who already wrote great guide like those already existing on the forum to reuse them.

    Hello everyone,

    I've been working on a wiki for the last couple months and I would like to share it with the community

    This is still in early stage of development but there is still some nice data you can find and I could use some feedback :).

    I'm also looking for people who may be interested in participating in this project to help the community have a better understanding of the game. Feel free to pm me if you are interested!