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    Yeah it seemed that way! the characters I played for years were only at level 22, 39, and 50 respectively. I was young and not as efficient or productive but still it took a looong time to get there.

    Last night when I restarted however I got my new character to level fifteen in a hour or so!

    I guess I'll just grind and see if I can get back there relatively quick. I really missed this game!

    Hey everyone, I used to play Fiesta back in the day for a few years and I recently re-downloaded it for the nostalgia.

    I noticed that Isya seems to be the only server with players, I don't really have any good characters on Isya so I was wondering if you guys have any advice or knowledge on how this game has changed in the last few years and if there is a solid way to catch back up to level 50-60 quickly.

    also, have they added a way to move characters between servers yet? Seems like a good idea since there's only one active server anymore