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    Now I even uninstalled/reinstalled the game. STILL can't get on!! I was on earlier with 2 of my characters but when I tried to login the 3rd it never connected to the server so I closed the game. Now I can't get back in at all. I know I've said this before, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Same, can't connect to ANY server. I HAVE selected one and waited.....I should think 20 minutes waiting would be long enough, right? I have also tried restarting my PC, still can't connect.

    Best thing to do is to close the client and start again until you login.
    But there are many more issues, even if you do manage to get online... so have fun.

    Oh, trust me, I know! I was on earlier and had "fun" with some of those issues. I was just going to attempt to play again for a little while. Silly me, thinking I could. lol

    • Server Name: Isya, Pagel
    • Map Name: All
    • Character Name: All
    • Server Date and Time: 2/22/20, 18:10
    • More information about the conditions:
    • When I select a character I get "Map under maintenance"

    I had the same problems yesterday and again today. Same login problems mentioned above, then frequent random disconnections, drops disappearing while I try to log back in after disconnect, the auto stack feature for inventory not working properly (have to try 3 or 4 times before it actually works).

    I already lost 1 days attendance because of the not being able to get past the server select screen issue, NOW THIS!! The only way I've found that I can stay connected long enough to get attendance now is to just sit in town & not actually DO anything. Very "fun".

    Hey everyone,

    Our IT department has been informed and they are looking into the technical issues. I do appreciate everyone's patience while they sort this out.

    Thank you for the reply. The problem is still VERY annoying but seeing a response from you makes me feel a little better. At least I know that they're aware of the issue and TRYING to fix it. :)

    Had same issue earlier , but waited for a bit after choosing the server and after like 5 minutes it got me in - like press enter once , or click "Join" and wait.

    Also clicked on the fiesta store in the game, it didn't load right away but after like 10 minutes .

    Thanks, I remember now that some people had said that worked for them before. I'll give it a try.

    Ya, seems like it is happening again. If you click join one time and wait about ten minutes it will finally go through, at least it did for me.

    Thanks, I remember now that some people said that worked for them before. I'll give it a try.

    • Server Name: ALL servers, NA
    • Map Name: ALL maps
    • Character Name: ALL characters
    • Server Date and Time: 2/18/20, I think server time is 9:30 (my time is 12:30pm United States East Coast time)
    • More information about the conditions:
    • I thought the servers were shut down for maintenance earlier today and assumed this issue would be fixed. Guess I was wrong. Once AGAIN I can not get past the server selection screen. Not only can I not get on Isya, I can not get on ANY of the other servers either.

    Are you freaking kidding me!??? I STILL CAN'T GET ON! I STILL can't get past the server selection screen!!!! Not just Isya, but I can't get on ANY of the other servers either. I thought they had another maintenance earlier today and that this issue would be fixed?

    Now I can't even get to the server select screen because I'm getting the authentication timed out error before that. I haven't been able to login at all today. I hope when (if??) they fix this they will give us attendance credit for today. It's not my fault that I can't even get into the game.

    I'm also beginning to think it's time to just give up on this game. I returned after a 2 year absence (because my computer died). I originally started playing in 2009. I've been holding off on investing any money this time around until I thought it might be worth it. I am SO glad that I waited!

    Authentication timed out for me too. I haven't been able to login at all today, on Isya, NA, where ALL of my characters are. Earlier today I was able to select the other servers, but I don't have any characters on those so that doesn't do me any good.

    What about attendance? I haven't missed a single day this month, until today, and that is NOT my fault! I hope we can get attendance credit for today!

    • Server Name: All Servers
    • Map Name: All Maps
    • Character Name: All Characters
    • Server Date and Time: 2/17/20, not sure what server time would be, my time is 13:05 United States Eastern Time Zone
    • More information about the conditions: Once AGAIN, can not get past server selection screen. I am SOOOOOOO sick of this!!!