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    The reason gear is so over priced (and has been for years) is the horrible drop rate. It is the old formula of "supply and demand". The drop rate of gear is kept horribly low so as not to compete with SC items. This is also why enhancement rates are so bad.

    Just imagine if 50 blue weapons dropped every other time that a boss monster was killed. It would glut the market with 50 blue weapons. Also, most of them would be still be trash.

    However with the current drop rate, you still get the same percentage of trash weapons but the drop rate is so bad you are luck to get a trash level 50 blue weapon.

    The same is true for all drops. Most of what you get is trash. But the drop rate is so bad that you're extremely lucky just to get that.

    Then it cost a small fortune in real cash to enhance these drops. I'm lucky enough to have a full Point and Strike jewelry set. But there is no way I'd ever sell it now. There is no chance to ever get one again.

    See, the problem is that over level 110, Fiesta is just a grind. And if you want to grind quickly, you need to pour out you money.

    Maybe WarCry and MythicBliss members had "fun" but those guilds antics were hardly "fun" to non-WarCry and non-MythicBliss players. So yes, I can be very negative and blame the power guilds. All of my unpleasant memories were linked to members of them and thinking they were better because the "paid to win". The power guilds also spot claimed, boss claimed, harassed people in FBZ, and basically violated many of the terms of service.

    The reason was that because the drops were so bad and the bosses took so long to spawn, the good drops were few and far between. So the power guilds forced normal player to compete with them.

    I will stay on Pagel because the way you describe Isya is everything I hated about Bijou. Forcing everyone else to "conform" to the way they think you should play. Pagel is better because there is no one trying to force you to play their way.

    I guess I wasn't quite clear. I said that:

    "These guild died out because promises made were never kept. Bugs were still rampant and the rebalancing never happened."

    In that I meant the promises made by Gamigo. It is had to keep such large guild alive an active in the end game when the end game is not very good or engaging. Add in the uncorrected bugs and you have more reasons to be excited o play.

    Now I was told and it might be totally wrong but I knew people that said some of the strife involved the distribution of raid drops. I sure that the horrible drop rates would cause internal strife between people fighting the gear.

    I experienced something similar myself running Secret Lab. The fighter opened the finial chest and wanted to keep the blue Cleric Shield for his guild.

    I never had a guild, but was briefly a member of several other people's guild.

    The Family was keeper09's guild.

    100%_Holy was keeper09's alt guild. She made me guild master before she quit but it is still hers.

    KnightOfTheWolf was Alpha1TheWolf's and Wolfs_Whiteliter's guild.

    Howling_Moon was a joint guild formed from Blue Moon and KnightOfTheWolf and run but their respective guild masters.

    I only joined these guilds because Keeper and Alpha would wouldn't stop inviting me.

    I'm a solo player.

    Pagel failed for the same reason Bijou was failing before the merger. The big super guild were out to dominate the server. However: after they big guilds drove away many smaller guild by their actions, they self destructed because they were playing favorites among their guild members. That is how even the once might War Cry (a 99 person guild over half capped) the terror of PVP was beaten by Howling_Moon a (40 person guild). Also, Howling_Moon almost beat _MythicBliss_ which was the number 2 guild. These guild died out because promises made were never kept. Bugs were still rampant and the rebalancing never happened.

    Additionally, the ever rising cost of "pay to win" is what is really killed Fiesta. That and the ridiculous increases in the experience needed to level.

    How about fixing all production?

    There are many items that are not currently available for the lower productions tiers. For example:

    1) Release all levels of production materials. Low quality, normal quality, high quality and highest quality.

    Some material do not have all levels release like gems (3 levels), ghost slimes (2 levels), etc.

    2) Release the recipes for the Blessed and Lucky enhancement stones.

    3) Release the recipes for Critical scrolls.

    4) Allow the recipes scrolls for the immunity potions to work.

    5) Release the remaining recipes for Composition/Decomposition of all materials (like ghost slimes).

    Just wondering, what constitutes "proof" that someone is not "account sharing"?

    And to prove someone is cheating, you seem to imply that a video is required vs a simple screen shot. A recording may not be possible for everyone.