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    okay my question is on lucky house. ive heard you get perm mounts from blue capsules and 91/105weaps from red capsules. whats the difference between the two blue capsules and the 1k and 5k red capsules. you said they've changed stackable skills? what do you mean how does that affect the classes now?

    Considering how easy it is to level and cap now, most of the old information is pretty useless. It's all primitive knowledge at this point.

    Most of the maps now are pretty dead/useless.
    Most of the classes now are pretty useless.

    i assumed with the raised cap the lower levels are easier but what’s the most efficient way? Just finding a power leveler? Where’s the best mobs for that? Or do dungeons over and over again?

    classes are useless? Does that mean endgame just has a bunch of glads and warlocks? Or which are considered the top classes nowadays

    There is no "I quit for 2 years and came back" guide.
    You're just gonna have to ask people and browse forums to figure things out.
    Best place would be to join a Guild and ask there. You may get invited to the Guild discord, and then you can spam questions and hopefully someone will be able to give you a relatively decent answer based on facts and not bro-science.

    it’s not that I wanna learn everything I’ve missed it’s that back in the day the old forums here used to go pretty in depth about that stuff (used to be a fiesta wiki too that seems to have been purged) was just wondering if there could be a discord or a site that isn’t as well known with all that info. There used to be ultimate knight guides. Or in depth analysis about which mobs dropped what loot that was fairly accurate. Even simple answers to things that I forgot are hard to find lol. Like which set gave you skill CD reduction and that type of stuff.

    joining an active guild is plan B, just wanted to check here too. In case I was able to avoid some of those questions. Any recommendations on top guilds in Isya? (9x mage/8x fighter)

    yeah I played long enough to know how it is. If anything it seems they’ve made it even easier for F2P then it used to be lol. That being said the market is crazy expensive now lol.

    Im coming back after a few years back (pre server merge). is there any place where they got a bunch of guides and tutorials for all the fiesta stuff. I used to come to these forums and i could find guides for every class.(not just wizards and gladiators) I vaguely remember about reapers and now there's crusaders (i have one but have no idea why). i forgot the loot from lucky house. no idea about hammer of bijou or possessed weapon slots, merging movers. just looking for any database that could help me out without having to ask a thousand questions.