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    Spectre's and Reapers do a lot more single target damage than people give them credit for.
    Most of the time they don't is because they are too busy holding agro and don't take advantage of the 25% back-damage that the other players are doing on single-target boss/mini bosses at raids.

    The fact you don't rate them that highly as well, shows you also don't know much about the full mechanics of end-game, either.

    Me coming back a week ago has nothing to do about me having suggestions and asking for input. Also, not once did I state I know better (Then again, you go around prideful self-acclaiming yourself as one of the best players). It doesn't matter about whether or not "good" or "great" player uses the forum. It's all about all of the players coming together to give something to Gamigo because a lot of us grew up with the game since the era of Outspark. If you can't even see that, then why in the world are you even commenting? It's one thing to feel as though the staff ignores our responses but it's another thing when people like you do not even contribute anything beneficial.

    There's plenty of suggestion threads out there. Some exceptionally more detailed than this one.

    Please go and find one that has actually implemented changes requested by the community that weren't either a bug, glitch, or broken aspect of the game.

    To somebody new like yourself, the best thing for you to do is to play the game more before requesting and suggesting ANY changes in ANY aspect of the game.

    I'm sorry, didn't I just read on another forum post that you've been back what, a week or so?

    And you believe you know the game better than most people in order to recommend these 'ultimate changes'?

    Not every good, or great player uses the forums, and asking these people usually nets you in diminishing returns in responses and comments.

    Gavin you know you're my boy. but for the love of everyone. can you please call them SPECTRE's and not LUNATIC's. LMAO.

    There nothing wrong or right about this cos it is a subjective opinion based on one perception. So every player has their own idea what they think and want.

    The information is wrong because of your limited capability and knowledge of the game, limited playtime and theory-crafting in mechanics, and general understanding of each class/role.
    It's "subjective" because it's your opinion. Limited information provided by limited knowledge.

    What makes you think Wizard/Warlock's are better than Glads at PVE?
    Instantly kill when mobbing? Please tell me how that works on bosses and mini-bosses at DQ/TOG/COC/SK/HG/ML/Chimera/DDF/LN/SL/ etc etc etc.

    Your input and recommendation list seems like you're only comparing classes for levelling purposes in regards to PVE and not farming/raiding.

    Why do you rank Warlock 5th for PVP and Reaper as 3rd?
    Any good Warlock would NOT get touched by a Reaper, because of the sheer amount of crowd controls you have.

    Also this list is graded by what, 1v1 capability? What about FBZ Wars, Guild Tournament's and Guild Wars?
    What class is the best in that aspect?

    These are just a few examples of why the "subjective list of your opinion" is wrong.
    I could go and nit pick every single aspect of this, which would prove every decision you made absolutely wrong.

    Sure to some people there might be "no right or wrong answer".
    But to people with a lot of experience in every aspect of the game (PVP and PVE), high calibre mechanics and an insane amount of game knowledge, the answer is... WRONG.

    Only thing I can think of is you have bad ping so the pc game sees you cast but the server isn’t registering it as quickly as it should. This results in you being stuck till the server has deemed you’ve performed your 2 sec cast time ( but in actuality it’s 4 secs cus the net you are using is slow ie taking 2 secs to send the file )

    At an educated guess this could be something to do with skill stacking/skill casting revamp from a few months back.

    though as minty said I’ve never experience this unless my net was being very bad or someone was on the toilet with their iPhone connected to the Internet box. iPhones and my old internet made my ping go up to 400+

    Yep this is called interpolation delay, the time it takes for your game to ping the server and back to you to dictate where or not your Frost Nova has cast yet. :)

    The problem with suggestion threads like this, is that people seem to assume they know how to play the classes exceptionally well.

    A lot of people don't realise this but there is a huge difference between the two support Classes.

    HolyKnight's were built more towards PVE.
    Guardian's were built more towards PVP.

    And obviously by every Guardian's (or HolyKnight's) suggestions here, they're not utilizing the PVP aspect of their class. Which I might add, Guardian's are the required support class in PVP such as FBZ Wars, Guild Wars, and Guild Tournaments. At least they are for the top Guilds of Isya.


    If a player pulls mobs with the intention to kill them, then you attack/mock for agro and kill those mobs, you are kill stealing. And you can be reported.

    If a player pulls mobs with no intention to kill them (such as GravesDisease), that is considered grieving (harassment), and can be reported.

    The rules aren't specific with the details, but it's common sense for the most part, at least it is to me. ;0

    Reading through this entire suggestion list tells me two things.

    1) You do not play every class to it's maximum potential. (which includes set switches and point allocation on skills).

    2) You are requesting changes which make zero difference in the game.

    MintyGreens has definitely made some prominent notes regarding your suggestions, which to the most part I agree with.
    So I won't bother adding my own notes to each suggestion.

    Thank you for the response,

    1. Was this because of animation glitching or another reason? I can still move when casting skills on my fighter so were ranged classes the only ones affected?

    It only affected specific skills from specific classes which had a cast bar.

    Lamb I think we should get some clarity or a test on the GT thing still because it sounds like we will be added back as an observer which we already could do before this patch, so I am not certain. I hope its to rejoin the fight like it was initially stated. :(

    Kuroneko Do you think we can get some clarification on the meaning of the GT add?

    In regards to the GT notes, basically what it means is, if you disconnect while trying to load the map after accepting the call, you may rejoin by going to the schedule and selecting your Guild and clicking on to participate.
    You have this option up to 10mins of the GT starting, not 10mins of the when the the first call happened.

    Check your inventory bags first (even the greyed out ones).

    Then check your Rewards inventory (the button above the SC/Premium inventory, under the auto-sort).
    Most items were moved to there.

    If you have nothing else, then there's no way to recover any lost items.

    Simple solution to this problem would be to change the rewards given from KQ's.

    MDHC is very coveted for the Lvl 60 Orange Jewels.
    If they removed that, and added maybe a higher EXP reward, along with a Drop and EXP % boost for 1 hour like other KQ's offer, then you would get a lot less leechers.

    People need to understand that Fiesta is NOT a modern MMORPG.

    There's no reason to allow people to walk into houses to speak to NPC's or traverse on top of Buildings.

    It's a waste of R&D which could be spent on either fixing the current truck load of bugs with the game, or work on cap raise so the high-end community finally have something to look forward to.