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    Variant 1 allows only 2 groups of players to do the repeatable quest, as there's only 7 Vale Shella's on the south east of the map.
    Variant 2 allows only 2 groups of players also.
    Variant 3 allows up to 3 groups of players to do the repeatable quest.
    I shall vote for Variant 3.

    They should implement a feature where the Guilds are chosen into Guild Tournament based on Academy ranking.
    So only the top 16 Guilds based on their Academy ranking will be selected, able to participate.

    This will be an incentive for higher-tier Guilds to boost their rewards for Academy funds, and run a more active Academy.
    This will boost the economy as it's a slight Gold-sink, and the noobs will have more money to spend.

    Reaper's are the ultimate single-target aggro holding class.
    Welcome, brother.

    Then do 2 seconds instead of 1 second off for the whole 7. I honestly think 5 more souls generated is still a good thing.

    You're missing the point.
    Your Spectre Soul Generation Rotation does NOT rely on Intimidation or Lacerate to gain souls. They are ONLY filler abilities.
    This would only be viable at levels lower than 105, but even then you can use Lvl 55 Compelling Set to make a 1.8 Second CD on Claw Swipe.
    Trickster's are completely overpowered at any perm level range.
    5 souls generated in a 60 second windows is NOTHING considering you can gain 6 Souls in 4.5 seconds with Soul Slash spam as a 105+ Spectre.

    I know how the game works; I completely forgot about the set as I was thinking about it.

    Sounds like an excuse. Completely forgot? Or you didn't know.
    The more we keep going, the more it shows how extremely limited your knowledge is.
    Just because you can google/wiki an answer doesn't make you correct.

    Me making a mistake of putting the skill underneath a different prestige when I meant to put it under something the correct prestige does not has anything to do about my knowledge of the game (Especially while I was cutting and pasting to fit the 10k character limit).

    Anyone who is playing Wizard and Warlock will know not to mistake that Ice Blast does not fall under Wizard.
    It's not a "oops I made a mistake putting it there", it's a "you didn't realise upgrades for that skill were for Warlock's only".

    I already know it is melee range. Flourish is 1.5m. I can understand that me putting down long range means I was attempting to make it long range, which is not the intention and is something I myself have to clarify and fix. As for Force Slash, I already know what it does with the knockback. I put it down due to the casting distance. I know how it works.

    Gladiator's already have Tomahawk as their long-range skill. Why change Flourish to long-range? This makes zero sense considering Gladiator's are a Melee class.
    Even in my opinion, Tomahawk being the only long-range skill is too much.
    If you knew how Force Slash works, why would you suggest for it to hit a Warlock in Metamorphosis? It's not a long-range attack by any means.
    Reaper's already have Binding Blow, which could be used to pull a Warlock out of Metamorphosis. But they would need to be within the casting-distance.

    How the heck can one know if also in-game as well in the new wiki it states that the max limit is 10? I play Warlock and Wizard and me returning reading it would make me think the max limit is 10 instead of 64 and I would legit think about getting 10 together to mob. It is not a play or knowledge issue. It is a text issue that needs to be fixed and addressed. This will also confuse players getting new to the skill as well.

    As I've said from the very beginning, which you refuse to listen to:
    That's how you would know all this stuff.
    Wanna know how I know all this stuff?
    No amount of information provided on any website is better than first-hand experience.

    I did play all of the classes and the only ones where I have not been feeling it has been the fighters (Because that is not my preference) and tricksters (Got rid of it after leveling it high and realized it is not for me).

    You playing/levelling a class to a specific point is not "playing the class".
    Levelling a Fighter to 100 and selecting Gladiator, then proceeding to level to 105 and stop and give up, doesn't mean you know how to play Gladiator.
    It simply means you levelled one.

    I mean, I don't see the reason why the skill would reward bad plays. If the cleric dies, then the party gets more healing in an attempt to stay alive. Would actually be helpful when there's 2 clerics in the party and if there's only a cleric and a Crusader, then the Crusader will be the one ending up doing the main healing in an attempt to keep everyone alive.

    Regarding Sacrifice as a whole.
    It might be good for noobs who are levelling.
    But for proper farming/raiding/dungeons, not having it is the more preferred option.
    Gladiators deal more damage as their HP is lowered, so the majority of the time Gladiator's will use their Heat of Fury skill to lower their HP and deal more damage.
    A Cleric doing an 'oopsie' and dying would force all your Gladiator's in your party to be full HP.
    As someone who constantly farms on a Gladiator and extremely strict on "don't heal me I can keep myself alive" mentality, due to my incredible HP Management capabilities, I always get Clerics to delete Sacrifice.
    This is just a small min/max utilisation for end-game content.

    they say that fortunate doesnt favor fools and i was a fool to even charge 50$

    jokes aside, how are you guys so calm about this?

    I thought the quote was "fortune favours the bold/brave" .
    In saying that regarding Lucky Boxes. When I attempted to claim Weapon-Specific Criterion Weapon Skins for my Reaper and Warlock.
    My Reaper got the skin on the 3rd roll.
    And my Warlock cost me almost 700k SC.

    Because you assumed you knew how these classes/jobs/skills etc work, without actually playing the classes.

    The Warlock changes you suggested regarding Inferno, Fire Ball, Mesmerize, and Metamorphosis, would've been easily known if you just played Warlock.
    The Wizard changes you suggested regarding Frost Nova, Ice Blast, Summon, and Deep Fear would've been easily known if you just played Wizard.

    The Spectre changes you suggested regarding Lacerate, Intimidation, and Soul Slash in terms of boosting soul generation would've been easily known if you... once again... just played Spectre. Not to mention the passive doesn't work how you think it works, because the translation is wrong. And anyone who has played Spectre will know this, and also know that critical probability increase is USELESS when you can get Deadly Blessing which again, COMPLETELY negates your passive, rather than boosting it.

    I remember back then some complaints about this but it may have been changed. I listed those two skills because of the casting distance.

    You would've known Flourish is only melee-range if you played a Gladiator or Knight.
    You would've known how Force Slash works if you played Spectre or Reaper.

    The new wiki only states it only hits the max of 10, so I assumed it never did changed at all and I can't find any server maintenance thread that stated the change (I could've overlooked it on accident).

    You would've known that the limit to Frost Nova and Inferno is more than 10 if you played a Mage and just AOE'd more than 10 mobs.

    Accidentally put that one down under Wizards while I was researching.

    Failing to proof read your own suggestions is another reason why you shouldn't be making suggestions.
    Failing to allocate the skill under the Warlock suggestions just shows your limited knowledge on the game.

    Adding an extra layer of flavour to Warlock or Wizard is irrelevant as they've already been split by category, everything else is just pointless.

    My point is, your whole post shows you assumed your suggestions based on misinformation rather than actually playing and learning the game. Like I have told you, countless times in this thread now.

    And that's why I ask you now, to stop making suggestions, play the game first, and then come back to me once you've understood how it currently plays.

    UGH where to begin with Tricksters.
    Get ready to get schooled.

    ANY Trickster who knows what they're doing would put Cooldown on those two skills.
    The way Skill Points CD works for these two skills specifically is, 5 Points CD = 50% Reduction.

    Current CD on the skills are:
    Lacerate - 8 Seconds base, with 4 Seconds on CD
    Intimidation - 7 Seconds base, with 3.5 Seconds on CD.

    Your implemented change would be:
    Lacerate - 7 Seconds base, with 3.5 Seconds on CD.
    Intimidation - 6 Seconds base, with 3 Seconds on CD.

    Now let's calculate them in a 60 second window in terms of soul generation (on a boss mob who won't die in less than 60 seconds obviously)
    Current CD:
    Lacerate - 60 seconds divided by 4 second CD = 15 Skills.
    Intimidation - 60 seconds divided by 3.5 second CD = 17 Skills.

    Implemented Changes to CD:
    Lacerate - 60 seconds divided by 3.5 second CD = 17 Skills. + 2 Skills more in 60 Seconds.
    Intimidation - 60 seconds divided by 3 second CD = 20 Skills. + 3 Skills more in 60 Seconds.

    Now what's the total change we have here. 2 Extra Lacerates and 3 Extra Intimidations used in 60 Seconds.
    That's a whopping 5 Souls generated with your implemented change. Not even enough to get an extra 7-soul Dump Off.
    So in a 60 Second Window your implemented changes add next to zero value. (because you ONLY want to dump at 7-souls for maximum damage)
    And this is assuming the only thing you're doing is spamming Lacerate and Intimidation on Cooldown, which means including weaving skills like, I don't know, your 7-soul dump skills, Lacerate, Venomous Strike, Exhaustion, etc, to boost your DoT/DPS, means your changes have added actually no value... AT ALL.

    Let's also not forget the fact that Intimidation is a dual-sword only ability which makes it useless for Reapers, as you don't wanna be swapping to Dual Swords to use it either for "faster soul generation" because your rotation with Claw Swipe is already extremely fast.

    Spectre Skills

    Shame: Changed to probability of critical blow when you fail at dodging.

    Reasons: It is meant for Tricksters to have high Dex. Spectres not being able to dodge is like a slap in the face for them. This will benefit more for them landing crits. The other passive works against Spectres as they would like to use aim scrolls and have high Dex anyway and with equipment having Dex, they would want to end up avoiding anything Dex-related at all.

    Soul Slash: Cooldown reduced to 40 seconds from 45 seconds.

    Reasons: They want to collect souls and are to kill enemies faster. Reducing this helps them.

    More Trickster stuff oh well let's get to it.

    I'm not even gonna begin with the passive change to Spectre as I believe both ideas are ludicrous. I believe an entirely different idea would be a better proposal rather than an increase in critical probability as this gets completely negated by having a Deadly Blessing buff on you. (therefor making the passive completely useless).

    Soul Slash CD

    This is a Spectre's BREAD AND BUTTER for Soul generation and I highly doubt you know how to maximize it's potential and capability.
    Currently it's on a 45 Second base CD, minus 30 seconds with Skill Points on it, which makes it a 15 Second CD.
    Using 2-piece Lvl 105 Secret Lab Set (Soul Slash Set) changes this CD formula to:
    45 Seconds - 30% - 30 Seconds. Let's do the Math shall we?
    45 Seconds x 0.7 (30% from 2-piece effect) = 31.5 - 30 Seconds Skill Points = 1.5 Second CD.
    So the skills is near damn spammable. (with the exception of interpolation delay AKA your network ping to the Servers and back)

    Your implemented change would be:
    40 Seconds - 30% - 30 Seconds
    40 Seconds x 0.7 = 28 Seconds - 30 Seconds Skill Points = -2 Second CD. - And now the Skill is completely broken because you don't know how the game works.

    So the skill was already on a 1.5 Second CD before (with the set swap and skill points), and your suggestion to reduce the base CD to improve soul generation?
    A Spectre who knows what they're doing can get 7 souls up in approximately 5-6 seconds (3x spam Soul Slash + 1 times single target)

    With the suggestions you made regarding Lacerate and Intimidation CD changes, which were already null as I have pointed out... have become even more null.
    Since Spectre's have Soul Slash spam on 1.5 Second CD, and Reaper's have Claw Swipe spam on 1.8 Second CD (with 2-piece Lvl 55 Compelling Set).

    Do you even know how to play these classes? Making suggestions you literally have zero idea about.

    Auction House

    Allow players to play against each other in different games, betting on their money against each other to win the whole stash that is in the pot for the player.

    Reasons: More activity in there as well as more ways of getting more money off of each other. A "PvP" without the fighting and also a minor way of solving the gem/gold influx.

    The definition of an "Auction House" is buying and selling items. What you're referring to is a Gambling House, in which there is already the Lucky House, just not against other players.

    The reason why they're only to be equipped on one side is to encourage players to purchase SC pets therefore gaining revenue for the game.
    Increasing stats or adding other pets to add stats also detaches the players/community from purchasing SC pets.
    You're trying to give more benefits for free-to-play players, but this is a pay-to-win game. There's a difference between the two.

    Your suggestion to change Council is pretty much what an Admin role is. (with the exception of banning as well as inviting).

    Guild Wars work differently. I don't know how you think they work.
    As a Cleric, you can't heal anyone while someone is in a Guild War. (this strategy was used to prevent Glads from being healed by an enemy team at raids)
    If you are in a Guild war as a Cleric, you CAN heal other players.
    So this suggestion is pretty much null.


    Flame Walker: Tiers for Lv. 132; cooldown reduced to 3 minutes; increase the movement speed and attack rate of the Flame Walkers; casting range increased to 13.5m.

    Reasons: To make the skill more useful and relevant.

    The Pet system in this game is useless because the AI behind it is trash. Reducing the Cooldown, increasing their movement speed and attack rate, and increasing the casting range won't make them any better.
    It will make them just as useless, but more powerful.

    Mesmerize: This skill has been nerfed time and again. Upon original release it had a 30 second Cooldown, and a 32 Second Duration, so you could permanently sleep any single target. With current setup, you have a 30 Second Duration, and a 33 Second Cooldown, giving yourself a 3 second Window to react.
    The only skill this class is viable against is Knights, HolyKnight's, Guardian's, and Spectre's.
    The change you are recommending is purely to prevent people grieving in FBZ - And thus making the skill useless in FBZ Wars, Guild Tournament's, and Guild Wars.
    Against Ranger's who can Stun and DoT a Warlock, and then hide and come out and Stun and DoT a Mage, this change is useless.
    Against SharpShooter's who can Stun, Blind, and a Disarm a Warlock, this change is useless.
    Against Gladaitor's who can use Violence (10hp/sec reduction) completely negates Mesmerize, and also Dash and Concussive Charge (stun) a Warlock, this change is useless.
    Against Reaper's who can use Binding Blow and Sneak Attack combo (pull+stun), this change is useless.
    Against Templar's who can Light Jump (blink) and Advent (jump stun) a Warlock, this change is useless.
    Metamorphosis: This is a unique skill given to Warlock's which has made it EXCEPTIONAL in Guild Tournament's. Changing this to add a speed boost will make them OVERPOWERED. IDK why you think making them targeted by Flourish, and Force Slash? Do you know how these skills work.
    Flourish is a melee-range single target powerful hit.
    Force Slash is a 9m range targetable area your Trickster can jump to, which is used as a gap-closer and a knockback simultaneously.
    Fireball: This skill becomes kiteable after a certain Tier already. The cast time is added for it's immense damage power. Removing this would make it extremely overpowered.
    Inferno: The maximum number of mobs this skill can hit is 64. The maximum number of mobs an Archer AOE can hit is 15. There is no reason to change it to immediate cast, as Mages will be overpowered. Especially considering it's an extremely powerful AOE.

    Ice Blast: This skill is a Warlock only upgrade after Lvl 100, and becomes kiteable after a certain Tier. there is zero reason to provide this to Wizard's.
    Frost Nova: Changing this skill to immediate cast would make Wizard's broken in PVP and PVE as you can slow anyone immediately with no cost. Same as Inferno, the maximum number of enemies the skill can hit is 64.
    Deep Fear: Radius has already been fixed, please go find a patch which mentions this change. :)
    Summons: Again with the Flame Walker suggestion, the Pet AI system is useless in this game, and also your War Rant does not work on your summons, so if you use them and they get last hit, you don't get boost in drop rate. :)

    Regarding the Mage changes...
    Why are you trying to implement Warlock's to Fire Mages, and Wizard's to Frost Mages? This is not how the two classes are separated.
    Warlock's are the superior single-target damage class.
    Wizard's are the superior multi-target damage class.

    The fact you believe I am new COMPLETELY shows how arrogant, prideful, and how much you truly do not know what you actually think you know. I've been playing this game since Outspark used to be in charge of the game. You don't see me doubting about how new you are regardless of me EVER seeing you around on the forums with Outspark, nor do I want to. What in the world do you contribute besides downgrading and being a big-head? The best thing for you to do is actually having some respect and integrity.

    Just because you played back when OutSpark was in charge of Fiesta Online NA, doesn't mean you know anything or everything about the game.
    You admitted in another forum post you've been back a week or so now.

    There has been countless changes to how the game works, mechanics, skills, mobs, stats, etc.

    You haven't even had enough time to cap a character, test all the dungeons at every level range, play all the Kingdom Quests, or for that fact, do anything notable towards the community.

    I have seen countless people who claim they know a lot about the game come in and make suggestions (such as yourself) in what should be changed and why.

    But in a global aspect, especially towards the community, the way you are looking at the majority of the changes or suggestions in this thread, is for a personal endeavor catered towards your play-style of the game.

    People don't play like you. They don't need your suggestions. Don't claim anything about "ultimate suggestions" if you have come back to the game for less than 2 weeks. You don't know how the game works, you haven't played through the changes Gamigo have made.

    You want to talk about big-head and integrity? Look at yourself first before you judge others.
    You're assuming you know enough about the game to make valid suggestions. You do not.

    I have been back to this game for approximately 16 Months now.
    I've capped multiple characters, made perms in every worthwhile level range, done every raid, KQ, dungeon, played every class, tested every skill, etc etc etc.
    People who know me know I'm a theory-crafter towards game optimization in terms of leveling speed, and overall raid/dungeon speed runs.

    I am a hardcore player, more hardcore than hardcore.

    And you coming here making suggestions like this is disrespectful to other players like me who know the game so well that suggestions in which you have made, could be utterly game breaking, destroy specific skills/classes, or completely break the game/market/community.

    But you wouldn't know that, because you've only been back for 2 weeks.

    The reason this idea hasn't been implemented, is due to it's ability to have an impact with people purchasing SC.

    Why buy a 20% Quest Booster from the shop when you can donate gems to get it?
    Why spend so much on damage SC/charms/rants when you can pay gems to get the bosses to spawn quicker/drop more.

    All this comes down to one thing.


    Yeah I get that Rei, and thats how I hope it is but the 2nd part of the announcement post makes it seem like you will be joining as an observer/spectator only:

    A new feature has been added to the Fields of Glory "View Match/Date" table. If you click on it you will get a pop up window which will ask you to join/re-join the guild tournament as an observer or viewer. The re-join option can be used up to 10 minutes after the guild tournament started.

    So, rather than participating in the Guild Tournament, you can choose to be just an Observer/Viewer from your own Guild.

    This is my reason why I think mages are better in most part it is, because of they ability to kill multiple things at once. I did not say Gladiator are not as good, but when it comes to raids and anything they will involve high Hp opponents, single kill, boss farming nothing beats a glad. At cap glads are king because the content at that level are bias towards it. My rating was based on leveling through the lower range pre-cap level. Cap level is a place where all other class is a support class for Gladiator.

    Did you know Gladiators can get a 3 second cooldown on their Whirlwind ability (AOE) down from 60 seconds, which makes them kills mobs faster than both Mages AND Archers combined?
    The range is obviously not as wide as a Mage or Archer AOE but in terms of leveling/questing, if you're pulling the mobs they'll all be grouped up anyway, right?
    So this evidently makes them better than an Archer or Mage at PVE for levelling.