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    Unless you have LN or Malephar set for 105~115 you're pretty much screwed and if you don't have DDF, DQ, OC or SK stuff for 115+ you're pretty much screwed anyways. Since only like 1% of the community has control over the World Boss and Instance dungeons, you're at the their mercy. Regular player might have around 5~10 times less stats than the most godly players in the game and even thoses guys struggle with the end game content and need additional beefing via charms and even then that is still difficult.

    As a result people just feels discourage from PvE content. Not to mention the game isn't meant for free play. Technically it is, but practically it is isn't. With the servers the way it is the need to tone it down or produce a softcore server.

    This is not entirely true at Lvl 135.

    ToG is a 5-man party based Instance, which drops Lvl 130 Blues Gear, Lvl 135 Blue Gear, and Lvl 135 Blue Weapons (3rd best weapons in game).
    Demonic Queen is a 10-man expedition based Instance, which drops Lvl 135 Blue Jewels (non-binding).
    Citadel of Chaos is a 10-man expedition based Instance, which drops Lvl 135 Weapons (2nd best weapons in game).
    Shaman Khazul is a Lvl 130+ World Boss, and only drops Lvl 135 Dark Ritual Weapons (best weapons in game).

    So you could potentially have the best Amor and best Jewels in the game without farming with "the most godly players in game".
    You can't control an Instance. So I'm not sure how you believe "1% of the community has control over the World Boss and Instance dungeons"

    The only benefit for farming the World Boss Shaman Khazul, would be a slight Aim and Damage boost, and very small increase in potential stat boost in RNG stats.
    So from a PvE perspective, using CoC weapons would be perfectly viable. (I myself am using a 3-socket CoC Axe rather than an SK Axe).

    I mean that isn't entirely accurate. My mage and glad are both 115 now and they got there without being full LN or Malephar. My mage had 2 pieces of Ln just for the looks and i never could find a fail 3rd piece. She also had a fail mal hat like +3 str i got for 10g (and i only ever +3 it) sooo thats not out of free to play players price range. My glad on the other hand used greens pretty much and is still in 114 greens.

    Could they carry DDF? no, but thats not the only thing PvE is about. There are quests non dungeon farming, and such things to do.

    I think the point was that you wouldn't survive in the content, not that it's impossible to get to those levels.
    I personally got my Lvl 135 Gladiator and Lvl 135 Reaper capped using Lvl 100 NPC gears of their respective class. But my Warlock was fully geared, SC'd and Charmed, doing all the pulling and killing.

    Do you think your Gladiator or Mage would've survive getting to Lvl 115 without someone else killing or at least carrying the party?
    I don't think your Mage being in unenhanced LN or Malephar gear would survive without charms or SC against the Dark Neps. Neither would your Glad as you would be within the Whirlwind attack which completely drops your HP within seconds.

    If your entire group or DDF run was using average, unenhanced Lvl 114 Greens, without Charms, Extenders, etc, would they be able to survive or even complete the Instance?

    The answer would be no.

    And, thus, I cannot provide you a escape from the way it sounds when you make statements, nor am I trying to accuse you on forums. I just think by that thinking/suggesting ideas) it can lead Guild Tourney systems towards the large guilds owning/abusing the reward system to include a better result for "themselves", thus, may strangle the whole entire guild systems. and we all know what happened on the "original" servers like Bijou...
    So, I advise you to retract your statements, before, other people think your mad. (friends to a Friend) and polish your suggestions before returning to this conversation. all without creating disagreements.

    I don't know how many more times I'm going to repeat this. But this is what the other larger Guilds are currently doing, and for some reason you believe it's also my intention because it's something I mentioned? How does that logic add up?
    Look at the examples that have been provided in this Forum Thread, such as Polaris, NightHawks, BandOfTheHawks. These are other major Guilds who are currently and actively attempting to farm Guild Tournaments WEEKLY.

    How can you still be so oblivious, and continue to believe that this is the intention that I am after? There is not a single OneWingedAngels alt Guild registering for Guild Tournaments because we are not after the prize.

    In regards to the Buffs/Boost ideas for Guild Tournament Winnings? It's actually an incredible idea, you're just not giving an open mind because YOU want the game to be shaped the way YOU WANT. Which is understandable.

    Consider this;
    Your Guild wins Guild Tournament on Sunday evening. Academy Points Reset on Thursday Evening, and the next Guild Tournament Registrations close on Friday Evening. (All this in NA times).

    Let's say your Guild enters Guild Tournament and gets the following Ranks:

    For Rank #1
    Your Guild and Academy get a 20% EXP and Drop Boost.

    For Rank #2
    Let's say something like 10% EXP and Drop Boost

    For Rank #3
    Let's say 5% EXP and Drop Boost.

    This is an EXTREMELY INSANE INCENTIVE for people to recruit for their Academies and will not just be a cash grab for their Guild Masters (like you continue to assume my intention for).

    Or we could change the buffs to be selective and active for only 24 Hours? And those Buffs need to be purchased via Guild Tokens?

    5% EXP Buff costs 5 Tokens
    10% EXP Buff costs 10 Tokens
    20% EXP Buff costs 30 Tokens

    5% Drop Buff costs 5 Tokens
    10% Drop Buff costs 10 Tokens
    20% Drop Buff costs 30 Tokens

    Both EXP and Drop buffs can be applied simultaneously and are only active for 24 hours, which then need to be reapplied?
    There's other Buffs/Boosts I can recommend but will not go into detail right now, I'm just advocating my suggestion to implement a change where there is no DIRECT MONETARY REWARD from Guild Tournaments, to prevent the Ghost Guilds from farming.

    I've listened to your points about GT in general, and mostly they seem quite one sided. You seem to care not much for the smaller guilds and impose they do "other things" rather than engage in the content you yourself described to enjoy. Are they not entitled to the same content a larger guild is? Ghost guilds are most certainly a problem and I think removing the rewards from the first tier would probably remove that incentive. Adding a guild buff/boost is completely a power grab. How would that be fair to other guilds participating in raids, and how long would that buff last? I totally understand what you mean about the GT being diluted and not as fun as it once was. But for the longevity of the game I think it has to be available to all, whether large or small sized guilds. It's the current system that is flawed which is why it is being farmed. I'd love to see large guilds go at it again, but atleast let the smaller guilds have a chance of advancing a bit and win a small prize as well. That would be incentive to grow as a guild. Coldstoni is making some great points and I think they deserve a bit of reflection. Sorry not trying to ruffle feathers, just trying to keep an open mind.

    You obviously didn't read my points regarding GT in general, and yes I already stated that these were MY SUGGESTIONS based on MY POINTS OF VIEW from MY EXPERIENCE with the game. (although I didn't quote it exactly like this)

    I've already provided examples of the limited number of content a Lvl 135 player has available. I'm not going to list them again.
    And yeah, I have MULTIPLE Lvl 135 Characters.

    In retrospect, you could say I've 'completed' the game.
    I've farmed every dungeon/instance.
    I've broken multiple speed-run records
    I've raided every boss.
    I've completed the card collection (twice).
    I've leveled every class.
    I've permed characters at every notable level range (20, 36, 40, 50, 60, 70, 76, 90, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 135)
    I've beaten every Guild, whether PVP or PVE.

    There really is not much more for me, or my Guild left, where we can truly enjoy the game.
    You want to make Guild Tournaments available for smaller Guilds? How is that gonna be fun for a Guild like mine which can pull 40 active Members for GT.
    With 30+ Capped Characters fully SC'd to Narnia?
    We're just going to 5-flag our opponents, and that will NOT be fun for both teams.

    I think by your lack of participation and knowledge of the game, you forget the true nature of Guild Tournament.
    Quality may have an advantage over Quantity, but that Quantity can really stack up if you have enough relic runners.
    But that doesn't mean having 100 low level players in the enemy Guild will beat 20 capped players. Not a chance.
    You may as well tell those "smaller Guilds" to go into FBZ and start a war vs the people who are in FBZ all day. It's gonna be a SLAUGHTER. And I can guarantee you, they will not enjoy it.

    There's nothing wrong with running, or being a part of a smaller Guild.
    But by nature, the Guild Tournament is not designed for them, and thus, should not revolve around purely allowing them to participate.
    There are plenty of other activities which are available to lower levels, and smaller player-base community driven Guilds.
    If there intention truly is to have fun, it won't be found by losing Guild Tournaments in 2 minutes.

    No, my Guild wants a CHALLENGE. We want OTHER Guilds who have capped characters and 100+ members to join.
    We want to beat them ALL.
    We want honor.
    We want Glory.

    You may not understand it, but I am PASSIONATE about Guild Tournaments, as I am the Guild Master of my own Guild.
    How many of you people here posting are Guild Master's and representatives for your Guilds?
    Just because you're not, doesn't mean you don't deserve to voice your opinion. But because I am the Guild Master, I get a lot of feedback from my community in regards to topics like this. So not everything I state in my posts are my personal opinion, it's a collective opinion between my Guild and myself.

    My suggestion is simple.

    When you build souls on a Trickster, those souls acquired are only against that monster.
    If the Monster dies, you lose any unused souls.
    If you target another monster, and start acquiring new souls from that monster, you will lose any previous unused souls on the the first monster.
    Essentially resetting your possible damage output.

    Souls acquired should be bound to the character/player, and not to the monster/enemy.
    So if the enemy dies, or I swap targets and start acquiring souls, I would still have all my souls from the previous target, and I can use them to dump on my 7-soul abilities.

    This would be a huge quality of life improvement for every level of Trickster, and it helps smoothen the transition between swapping targets in diverse scenarios.

    As you stated, repeatedly. If you are the guild leader of a certain guild and you are not giving out tokens to guild members while getting them to do the work for you... does that mean you are manipulating the "reward" system? YES, quite a bit and does that not fall into cronyism and elitism? YES. according to what you posted here;

    Rei "The reward system ALREADY allows the Guild Master to do what they want with the winnings. ... or keep them for yourself".

    again, I am not accusing you, because this topic is going off the rails;

    You are incoherently implying I am abusing the system because of statements which I have made. Those statements are just the current condition and situation that the game itself allows for Guild's to win Guild Tournaments to earn tokens, but only the Guild Masters may spend those tokens.

    I am not the judge of these problems but the statements you posted are here that I point out. and I am hardly accusing you because, you are the person who wrote the statements entirely...

    Just because I have posted this statement of what can be done, does not mean I am one of those Guild Masters who purely benefits off the Guild Tournament winnings.

    This in fact does not make me an elitist or cronyism at all.

    The underlying fact that OneWingedAngels has ZERO Ghost Guild's registering to Guild Tournaments is proof of this. Unlike the other Guilds and Masters who are obviously abusing the system to generate a cheap revenue for themselves.

    I dare you, no, I CHALLENGE you to find ANY shred of evidence to support that you think I am attempting to manipulate rewards for my own personal benefit.

    You have a personal opinion on me based on misinformation provided to you by the community.
    Does this mean everything you have been told about me is true? NO.
    Does this mean you need to selectively call me an elitist and cronyism over an OPEN DISCUSSION SUGGESTION THREAD? NO.

    My post was made for people with an open mind who are open to suggestions and ideas. I have posted my suggestions. Your comments about me are unwanted, unwarranted, and unnecessary.

    If you wish to continue to imply, yet not directly accuse me or my Guild of such things, I will be required report your posts to the Forum Moderators.

    So please keep the conversation civil, and not biased.

    Never hear music again i suppose. I just turn up the bass and feel the music xD

    would you rather have potatoes in a burrito or pizza for dinner?

    I've had potato on pizza before and it's actually quite good, so I pick this option.

    If it is was possible, would you never eat again, or never drink again?

    As for the point about rei's suggestion, rei is definitely sounding elitist/cronyism if you read it clearly. as examples he says are just that. manipulating the rewards so that it goes directly to the guild leaders who then give those to whom they feel like giving. thus the guild not receiving it. all the while the guild's resources powers it to work. be it raids or it GT. thus this whole suggestion that you suggested is not feasible as the example (theory) is shown.
    Where as, I have said and several others, perhaps we should lightly touch the guilds by thinking of how to implement the changes before it's a bad problem. yes, I agree that there are "ghost" guilds out there. and yes it drags the "competitive" spirit in guild tourneys. but raising the requirements does not comply to the every "active" guilds chances. it basically is handing it to a biggest guilds so they can then abuse the rewards system. and yes the rewards system is the whole enchilada. if GT actually didn't give a reward, then no one be it ghost guild or active guilds would care and sign up for it. thus, perhaps you should take a moment and think before jumping in with both feet saying that "only" big guilds SHOULD be the active ones. yes I agree that we should all have a chance. but when people start being overbearing. I just say hmm...

    My suggestion was actually to reward the entire Guild and/or Academy with Buffs/Boosts to allow better advertisements and incentives for people to join your Guild/Academy.
    I am in no way attempting to manipulate rewards - "manipulating the rewards so that it goes directly to the guild leaders who then give those to whom they feel like giving. "

    You do realize in it's current state, only the Guild Master has access to the Guild Tokens which can be spent on the GT Rings, etc?
    The reward system ALREADY allows the Guild Master to do what they want with the winnings. You could share the items or keep them for yourself.
    I don't understand why are you accusing me of such things where did I specify I wanted to manipulate and be controlled by the Guild Master, it seems like you are directly and selectively trying to single me out here. Because none of the things you stated are things which I have said.

    And yes, even if there were no rewards in GT (like the old days), OneWingedAngels would still participate. This is a promise.
    GT is about PVP - and there are plenty of people and Guilds who would PVP just for the sake of PVP and no rewards, which is why FBZ Wars happen almost DAILY.

    The whole implementation of the original Guild Tournament was for the top Guilds to go ham in a PVP environment with a specific set of rules. It was never intended for the smaller Guilds/Communities to "have a fair chance of participating and having fun".

    If you want to allow for that to happen, make a separate part of the game dedicated for them. Don't disregard and disallow the top Guilds the ability to have fun, because there too many "low level/low populated Guilds" you would be trying to help.
    You're essentially ostracizing the top Guilds from doing what they're running Guilds for, in order to cater for the casual players, and for what benefit? So they have fun? If they're not having fun with the current activities available to them, maybe this isn't the right game for them.

    The Guild/Academy boost reward was just an idea, you may not be fond of it, but there are others who have DM'd me on discord who have quite like the concept. An incentive other than monetary rewards for joining an Academy would completely change the way people decide which Guild's Academy to join.

    You really want to talk about monopolization of the Guild Tournaments and/or it's rewards? There's already proof in this Forum Post that the same Guilds are registering Ghost Guilds and Monopolizing it already. Whether you want to believe it or not.

    Believe it or not, some aspects of the game should be dedicated purely for the hardcore/top players. Whether you wish to believe it or not, THOSE players are the ones who are paying for the game to still be alive. If not for people like me, this game would probably have died a long time ago.

    So excuse me for wanting to participate in a section of the game which means a lot to me, and to my Guild. As we just want to compete against fellow like-minded Guilds who also want to consistently get into the Guild Tournament, but are unable to do so because of the abysmal catering for the casual community of the game, who feel like they deserve to be treated the same as the people who are literally keeping the game alive.

    Here are my current issues with the Guild Tournaments and my proposed changes:

    1) The minimum requirement for participating Guilds, and the selected Guilds out of those participants

    I have seen proposals which completely disregard the EU servers, and the lower populated servers, so I have come up with my own participations requirement.

    - Ghost Guilds prevent Active Guilds from being scheduled. Everyone knows this is the biggest issue with Guild Tournaments.

    What is the actual algorithm to select which Guilds make it into the schedule? Is it purely RNG? If so, this needs to change. I've noticed a "Grade" ranking system for Guilds? What is this? How is a Guild "Graded" is this used for Guild Tournaments? How can we improve this "Grade" system to allow more active Guilds to be scheduled more frequently?

    Maybe change the scheduling system to base it off the number of members in your Guild? The screenshot provided previously with the 9 active Guilds on Isya would be a perfect example for this.

    All 9 Active Guilds would make the schedule (as they had over 100+ members), and the rest of the slots are filled with the "Ghost Guilds" until the rest of the active Guilds also decide they want a piece of the action and register for GT as well. This then would be purely dominated by only active Guilds with an extremely high member count, and then, would finally allow us to watch some good old fashion Guild Tournament every weekend.

    - Increase the cost of the signing up for Guild Tournament - from 10 gold to 50 gold. - This makes Guild Tournaments less profitable for those "Ghost Guilds" who register every week, but won't make it in the schedules, as you will be losing more than you will be making from selling the Rama Potions and GT Rings/Necklaces.

    - Increase the requirement of minimum players required, and the Lvl limit of those players. - Lvl 100 can take less than 24 hours to level to, and considering you can power level/quest 4 people in your party, this means it will take you approximately 3 days to get 10 x Lvl 100 characters to make a Guild with the minimum requirement fulfilled to register for GT.

    Increase the requirement from 10 to 20 players?

    Increase the requirement from Lvl 100, to Lvl 130?

    You will be required to have 20 x Lvl 130+ players in your Guild in order to participate in Guild Tournaments. Now THIS is a Guild.

    This way, you can't just make a Guild with 190 Lvl 1's, and 10 x Lvl 100's to join the Guild Tournament. This would be abusing the system, and my requirement increases would counter this.

    It will not be cost effective for anyone to abuse the loopholes to register, and nor would it be worth their time, even if it was just to troll.

    2) Relics Relics, these darned Relics

    There have been times where I've gotten transformed into Zombie 3 times within 10 seconds, and considering EVERYONE in your Guild gets transformed, this is a complete disadvantage to the winning team - You're basically spoon feeding the losers to make them win. I can understand giving them a slight edge, but at times this gets ridiculous. (not to mention the Zombie + Tear glitch gets annoying as you literally just stand there to die and get unglitched!)

    Implementing new relics would also change the dynamics of the Guild Tournament, but would require ALL Current Buffs/Debuffs and Relics to be adjusted ACCORDINGLY. And in such a way that wouldn't heavily impact the winning/losing of the Tournament based PURELY on Relics.

    I am satisfied with the point system as it is, but the duration of the buffs and debuffs, and the oppressive frequency of the debuffs against the winning team makes it unsatisfying to play.

    We want to kill players. Like Guild Tournaments were originally intended for.

    This was originally a "Capture the point" game, with 5 points. It required strategy.

    Now it's about how fast you can right-click "Undo Transformation" so you don't get killed in Zombie mode, and glitched.

    3) Guild Tournament Rewards

    The rewards for the Guild Tournament have not been changed or updated for an extremely long time, and considering the cap of the game is Lvl 135 now, I highly recommend rewards system revised (but before this, the Ghost Guilds need to be stopped!)

    Maybe allowing rewards which are only Guild/Academy related?

    Such as EXP/Drop Boost rewards? Buff Rewards?

    This would create an extreme incentive for new players to join Academies from the winning Guilds, rather than people joining an Academy on 20 of their alt characters, and farming their rewards for personal monetary benefits.

    Any kind of reward which can not be directly sold for instant in-game currency would be best to prevent Ghost Guilds from joining/leeching Guild Tournaments. They'll have no reason or incentive to join, make no profit, and eventually, die off completely.

    I highly welcome suggestions, alternatives, constructive criticism, etc.

    I speak only from the point of view in which I currently am in, and have been previously experienced in.

    Most likely there will be people who will dislike my thought process for disregarding the lower levels/smaller Guilds from participating in Guild Tournaments, but you should put yourself in my shoes, where you have 50+ active members who wish to do Guild Tournament, but the game stops you from doing so.

    As the Guild Master of one of the top Guild's on Isya, I would also like to provide my input regarding the Guild Tournament propositions.

    Before I provide my two-cents regarding this matter, allow me a brief introduction for those who are unfamiliar of my stature.

    - I am one of the oldest veterans of this game, have played since Closed Beta. This means I have played this game for well over 12 years.

    - I was running a Guild (OneWingedAngels on Cypion Server, back when OutSpark was running Fiesta Online NA) when Guild Tournaments were first released (before they even had relics). It was literally just a capture the point slaughter-fest with whichever Guild had the most players, and definitely a strategy to outplay your opponents. (I still have the original OWA GT strategy guide, before Relics ruined GT)

    - I am currently the Guild Master of OneWingedAngels on Isya, who attempts to join the Guild Tournament every other week (if I remember to sign up). And this is only the SECOND time this year we have managed to make it into Guild Tournaments. (2 times out of 26 registrations is ridiculous, wouldn't you say?)

    Okay, that's enough about me, on to the quick bits.

    I noticed a lot people stating that we should allow the smaller Guilds, or the lower level players to participate and have fun in Guild Tournament.
    While I don't completely disagree with you, what you need to understand in regards to this game, there are plenty of other things the lower level players, and smaller Guilds, could be doing with their time.

    I have also seen suggestions for PVP outside of FBZ and Guild Tournaments (in the name of Guild Wars). But obviously these people have never been griefed by what we call a "War-lock", where you get warred multiple times consecutively by random Guilds which will force your Guild Members to want to leave as they are unable to play the game. There may be "rules" in place to prevent players killing players while they're AFK/Vendor, or while they're doing Quests, etc. But trolls will be trolls.

    The majority of the capped content is extremely limited by the number of times, or length of time, that it can be farmed, I will provide examples below:

    For capped players this is our current situation:
    World Boss (Shaman Khazul) - is a 2 minute Tank and Spank. I've done it so many times that I can actually do it with my eyes closed and sounds enabled.
    Temple of Gods - farming is limited to only 4 times per day, or 28 times per week if you save up your keys (which is the more ideal option as the farm itself barely takes 2 minutes a run - Server Record 2:08 by OneWingedAngels)
    Demonic Queen - farming is limited to only 1 hour per day, and the droprate and frag drops doesn't make it viable for everyone in the expedition (10 players max) to benefit from the farm. Most of the time you pray you have good RNG for the Frag drops (1-3), or the DQ Jewel drops. In which case, there will be times where some people will farm for a whole week without a single benefit.
    Citadel of Chaos - Well let's just say the droprate is bad enough that the top Guilds only farm this dungeon for Speed Runs, and not the drops itself. A lot of people join other farm groups and leech for easy "souls" which can be traded to claim a 1 socket Weapon (requires 200 Souls).

    This is a joke compared to what was available at:
    105 Cap and above - Helga, Malephar, Hardcore Malephar, Hardcore Helga, Leviathan's Nest, Secret Lab.
    115 Cap and above - Chimera, Karen, Hardcore Malephar, Hardcore Helga, Burning Adealia, Seized Adealia, Devildom Fortress.
    Not to mention the available Arena KQ's and PVP KQ's, and other PvE KQ's at the lower levels.
    While it's completely dead content at Lvl 135 (as there is little to no benefit or reward)

    Besides the World Bosses stated, none of the instances mentioned have a limit to the number of times you could farm it per day. And the drop-rate is/was consistent enough that you could farm it daily and profit well enough. That's why everyone has perms at Lvl 115. It's the best level to perm and farm. So much to do, so little time!

    Guild Tournaments are NOT made for lower level players and smaller Guilds.
    If you have a smaller Guild, maybe you should consider working on your Academy to grow your Guild? Maybe work on recruiting for your Guild?
    If you have lower level players, maybe you should consider farming or leveling with those lower levels, teaching them new and exciting things about the game, and letting them know what mysteries await them at the higher levels.
    Join KQ's and do Quests, etc. There are plenty of things you can do as a low level in this game (trust me I know, I have perm characters at almost every notable level)

    5v5 on a Guild Tournament? Considering the size of the map? Considering the actual objective of the Tournament? This is would extremely boring to spectate.
    5 people isn't a Guild, it's a party. I'm sorry if anyone disagrees with me, or sees my comments as being harsh, but truth of the matter is, 5v5 in Guild Tournament is a joke.
    And it's disrespectful to the top Guilds who are ready to showdown with 20+ members to make an ACTIVELY SCHEDULED GUILD TOURNAMENT.

    Yes, there are more to Guild Tournaments than just the Guild vs Guild. There's also the spectator aspect of it.
    Can't participate in the Guild Tournament because your Guild is too small? How about pick your favourite Guild and watch them duke out against another Guild!
    Kind of like sports...

    ...went a little off topic, due to my own personal dilemma with the development of the game.

    I'm okay with the idea of the shields going up to +12.

    What a lot of people don't understand about the PvP aspect of the game:
    Knights and Clerics aren't "unkillable" because of their defence. They're "unkillable" because of their Blockrate.
    But this obviously only applies vs. Physical DD classes.

    Mages on the other hand (Warlocks specifically) have the potential to destroy Knights and Clerics, due to the sheer number of CC's they have and the damage output they can pump out while their enemy is frozen. (Ice Field + Frost Nova + Chaincast Inferno + Mage stack single-target DPS).

    There are times I've enhanced from +1 to +10 in one bundle.
    There are times I've enhanced from +1 to +10 in three bundles.

    I've used every known Enhancement Bundle ever created on this game.

    All I can tell you is that it is purely luck based. The success rate is definitely increased when using the Gold Nines, but it's not gonna make you succeed every first or second attempt.

    It's not false advertising because it clearly states that there is a "25% success rate" bonus, whether that's based off the the total enhancement rate, or the base enhancement rate does not matter. Fact of the matter is, the figure is still there for the public (+25% success rate). And they are not hiding it.

    Don't go blaming a company because of your misfortune and threaten to sue them over a minor linguistic issue. You need to remember that Gamigo is based in Germany and require translation to English.

    The servers are based in NA but the company is not (it is hosted by another service in America). Which means American specific laws against the company do not apply.

    I'm sorry that you were unlucky, but life is unfair. Just deal with it and move on.

    I've never been a fan of the Mystery sales, either.

    I think their entire Shop Sales Team (or whoever is in charge of organising the sales) needs a complete overhaul.
    There are items which haven't been on sale in months, and other items which go on sale every other week...

    I also don't understand why they can't keep all items in the SC shop but remain non-discounted. This way we don't have to wait for a sale every 2-3 months to buy multiples of the items and stock up to Narnia.

    The guide is up to date. You might not want to put max cool down into chain lighting (110 skill) but just scanned it over everything else is fine.

    Guide is not up-to-date.

    Here are the following changes not in your Guide:

    Lvl 55 Gabriel Set:
    (No longer CD on Drain Mind)
    2-piece effect = Reduce SP of Fire Bolt.
    3-piece effect = Reduce CD of Magic Blast.

    Lvl 110 Hell Fire Set:
    (No longer duration of Inferno)
    2-piece effect = Increase Damage of Fire Ball.
    3-piece effect = Reduce SP of Inferno.
    4-piece effect = Increase Damage of Inferno.

    In my opinion, they should make a premium inventory page where all your SC items go which are in a different location to your regular inventory which is where you would keep quest items, pots, scrolls, materials, etc.

    If you're not Level 60 yet, I would highly recommend to join one of the top Academies (as clearly they probably pay well, that's why they're on the top of the list)..

    My Guild/Academy (OneWingedAngels) doesn't pay the highest rewards on the Server, but we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players in almost every aspect of the game, whether it's Levelling, Raiding, Farming, Stat Maximization, and general tips and tricks to just be a better player and not a Elderine AFK 'XD'er.
    Our discord is open to Academy members as wells, so you may ask for help there whenever you require or just a friendly chat~


    In my experience, leveling is NOT difficult in this game at all, given you have time and patience.

    You barely need gear as there will almost always be a group with a killer doing things, so in other words I'm telling you to just leech the Quests/Repeats.
    I would save as much money as you can until you hit around 120+ that's where the leveling slows down and you may have to find your own killer, or kill for yourself, depending on the class you decided to go with.

    If you've capped a character before, you will know most of the Quest/Repeats haven't changed, but they did add in some new Quests since the release of Ominous Valley.

    When I first came back to the game, my Lvl 120 Warlock had nothing, no gears, weapons, or money.
    So I leveled a couple of alts from 1-60 and made some money from Academy rewards. Bought myself a weapon for my 120 Warlock, enhanced to +12 using the bundles from the store, and then proceeded to get those Lvl 60's I had to Lvl 105 (I got a 105 Warlock and Gladiator now which I use for perms for DT/LN).

    Slime Coins are your best friend. There's literally nothing Slime Coins can't get you.

    Buy SC tradeable items when they are on sale, and try to sell them as cheap as possible compared to market value, and that should at least get you started for Gems.

    Weekly Charms (Enhanced Charms) are also the best thing to gift if you know someone you can trust to pay. As they sell for more than regular rates of SC.

    Try focus on leveling first instead of gearing yourself, gear can always be replaced later, and a lot of people spend too much time trying to find gear that they could've just out-leveled it if they went without it - this is probably the best advice I can give you.


    It's an MMORPG and like every MMORPG ever created, some classes thrive in PvP, some classes thrive in PvE, and some thrive in both. If you don't like how guardians do in PvE, then swap to an HK. There's barely a difference in playing the 2 when it comes to PvE content.

    Guardian's don't need to spam bash every 2.2 seconds though to apply that PHAT 10 second defense debuff. ;c