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    Considering how easy it is to level and cap now, most of the old information is pretty useless. It's all primitive knowledge at this point.

    Most of the maps now are pretty dead/useless.
    Most of the classes now are pretty useless. (unless you're making one for vanity purposes, such as having a Knight for the sake of having that class)

    With the new forums I suppose there hasn't been enough (if any) dedicated players who care enough to make super in-depth guides regarding anything or everything.

    This KQ is a little different than most other KQ's.

    There's different objectives at the first part of the KQ, and it leads to the same objective towards the end.
    There's many different variations with different mob spawns of this KQ (it's kinda randomized I think).

    So you just need to wait for the correct objective to spawn the correct mob for the Quest.
    The problem is, you won't know what the first part will be until you actually get inside the KQ.

    Legendary Weapons are Grade 6/Tier 6.
    There is no Tier 6 Gems/Enchants therefor you can not put anything in the socket.
    You'll be wasting your SC to use the Socket Gem Key unlock thing.

    You could literally just copy and paste the entire Gamigo/Fiesta Online folder to a USB 3.0 Flash Drive, and create a shortcut from the launcher on that Flash drive to your desktop, and this is literally the same thing. Won't affect your regular Desktop Client if you're running the shortcut for the new launcher. Just rename it to something else so you know what it is.

    Flash Drives are also faster than Memory Cards and are more accessible due to their USB port interface.

    Most Modern systems will run multiple drives in their machines so loading Fiesta is no issue.
    Me personally, I have a 512GB Samsung 950 Pro NVMe, 512GB Samsung 960 Pro NVMe, 5120GB Samsung 970 Pro NVMe, 2TB Samsung 860 Evo SATA SSD, and 10TB Seagate Barracuda Pro HDD.

    Storage nor speed is a bottleneck for me. :)

    The guide seems like it is incomplete, as it doesn't tell you where or how to obtain the items which can be combined.
    They assume you already know that.
    And if you already know how to obtain these items, then you probably already know how to combine them.

    There is no "I quit for 2 years and came back" guide.
    You're just gonna have to ask people and browse forums to figure things out.
    Best place would be to join a Guild and ask there. You may get invited to the Guild discord, and then you can spam questions and hopefully someone will be able to give you a relatively decent answer based on facts and not bro-science.

    Yes, because we should all be forced to make new characters on our accounts over and over just to see if a guild/academy is worth joining.

    This is a super logical solution to the overarching problem, thanks for the input. :rolleyes:

    It beats asking on forums for a solution that doesn't exist.
    And if you're planning on permanently joining a Guild/Academy this is literally what most of the players do.
    It's simple.
    It's effective.
    It costs nothing but a little bit of your time.
    It gives you the information you need.

    There is no "overarching problem". You find methods which work, and continue to use those methods.
    It's not rocket science.

    And the people who do not have phones? Or do not have unlimited text? Cannot download phone apps?

    And if you are getting hacked having a code sent to your email, which they probably have as well if they got your login credentials, what is to stop them from hacking the email too?

    i think actual better security to prevent our info from leaking is better, and possibly teaching internet newbies the importance of not giving out their account info, not falling for fake links, and to not trust these random people they meet online with their account stuff.

    Email services like hotmail and gmail have contingency systems when someone tries to login to your account and fails the password 3 or 5 times in a row.
    So trying a password generator is unlikely to hack into your personal (or even alternate) email account to reset/change your Gamigo password.

    Most of the hacks happening right now don't hack your email, only your Fiesta Account username and password.
    Your Gamigo Account password should be different to your Fiesta Account password (surprise they're two separate accounts under the same username).
    This way they can't change the registered email, or the password linked to your account.

    So yes, sending a 2FA code to your email will prevent almost all hacks.
    Unless obviously... you have a keylogger on your computer. Which is an entire issue of itself, but completely on you (and not Gamigo).

    Warlock will be better/easier to level. (if you can get gears and weapons)
    Sharpshooter would be cheaper to level. (you'll mostly only require an enhanced weapon)

    Warlock is not the choice for Raids. Wizards are better suited because they have Blink.
    Sharpshooter also not the best choice for Raids, Ranger's are better suited because they have higher AOE damage from Crossbow.

    Mid game to end game is roughly the same thing.
    Mage needs a lot of gear to not die.
    Archers don't do as much AoE damage than a Mage.

    Warlock is 100% the PVP class of choice over SharpShooter.

    Both a Warlock/SharpShooter can do fine solo as long as you know what you're doing.
    Warlock benefits more than a Sharpshooter in parties. (as you can get heals while casting AoE's, etc)

    Depends on what you're farming.
    At Lvl 135, Wizard is better to farm DQ/CoC than Warlock because of Blink (very useful to keep up with the Glads who Dash).
    SharpShooter would be okay to pull mobs at DQ to the Glads to Whirlwind/Devastate.
    Warlock would be okay to AoE mobs at CoC.

    But neither are better than the other.

    SharpShooter is cheaper to gear than a Warlock, and Warlock requires a lot of Defense to survive while you're casting AoE's.

    The obvious choice for you would be to go SharpShooter until you can afford to gear a Warlock (otherwise you'll be a joke with no gear).

    As a 105 Mage (Warlock or Wizard does not matter), these are your options for money making.

    1) The best and most reliable source of income will be LN PLvls.

    2) The next best thing will be selling DT Runs, if you have your own 3 droppers + your runner will net a decent amount of money.

    3) Farming Magrite in Origin of Life Tree (She drops Lvl 95 and Lvl 110 Blues and Magrite Weapons which are useless)
    While waiting for Magrite spawn you can also pull the big room to try get T5 Additional Damage Gems which will sell for 20g+ each (quite rare)

    You can also join ES and FOS KQ's in your downtime for chest rewards.

    Gamigo needs to start implementing 2 Factor Authentication.
    Whether it's by email, or by text on your phone, or by an app on your phone.

    When a new MAC address (hardware) or IP address (network) location is detected on the account, it should trigger to require to input a code to allow you to login.

    This might take some development time to figure it out but it will prevent over 95% of the current hacks which are happening and will resolve 100% of the tickets.

    Right now if you get hacked, all they say is "You gave your information out, it's your fault."
    But in reality there is no stopping a password generator from spamming random usernames and passwords until it logs into an account.

    If they truly cared about their community, this change needs to be implemented AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    But only time will tell.

    How would you go about checking? When you're looking through all of the guild academies there's really nothing to indicate level of activity or rewards until you're actually part of the academy. Looking at the number of guild/academy members isn't necessarily a good way to gauge this either.

    Make a brand new Level 1 character.
    Join an Academy.
    Check rewards/activity.
    If you're not happy, you can delete the character instead of waiting 1 hour to leave and check a new Academy.

    You just need to play smarter.