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    I'm okay with the idea of the shields going up to +12.

    What a lot of people don't understand about the PvP aspect of the game:
    Knights and Clerics aren't "unkillable" because of their defence. They're "unkillable" because of their Blockrate.
    But this obviously only applies vs. Physical DD classes.

    Mages on the other hand (Warlocks specifically) have the potential to destroy Knights and Clerics, due to the sheer number of CC's they have and the damage output they can pump out while their enemy is frozen. (Ice Field + Frost Nova + Chaincast Inferno + Mage stack single-target DPS).

    There are times I've enhanced from +1 to +10 in one bundle.
    There are times I've enhanced from +1 to +10 in three bundles.

    I've used every known Enhancement Bundle ever created on this game.

    All I can tell you is that it is purely luck based. The success rate is definitely increased when using the Gold Nines, but it's not gonna make you succeed every first or second attempt.

    It's not false advertising because it clearly states that there is a "25% success rate" bonus, whether that's based off the the total enhancement rate, or the base enhancement rate does not matter. Fact of the matter is, the figure is still there for the public (+25% success rate). And they are not hiding it.

    Don't go blaming a company because of your misfortune and threaten to sue them over a minor linguistic issue. You need to remember that Gamigo is based in Germany and require translation to English.

    The servers are based in NA but the company is not (it is hosted by another service in America). Which means American specific laws against the company do not apply.

    I'm sorry that you were unlucky, but life is unfair. Just deal with it and move on.

    I've never been a fan of the Mystery sales, either.

    I think their entire Shop Sales Team (or whoever is in charge of organising the sales) needs a complete overhaul.
    There are items which haven't been on sale in months, and other items which go on sale every other week...

    I also don't understand why they can't keep all items in the SC shop but remain non-discounted. This way we don't have to wait for a sale every 2-3 months to buy multiples of the items and stock up to Narnia.

    The guide is up to date. You might not want to put max cool down into chain lighting (110 skill) but just scanned it over everything else is fine.

    Guide is not up-to-date.

    Here are the following changes not in your Guide:

    Lvl 55 Gabriel Set:
    (No longer CD on Drain Mind)
    2-piece effect = Reduce SP of Fire Bolt.
    3-piece effect = Reduce CD of Magic Blast.

    Lvl 110 Hell Fire Set:
    (No longer duration of Inferno)
    2-piece effect = Increase Damage of Fire Ball.
    3-piece effect = Reduce SP of Inferno.
    4-piece effect = Increase Damage of Inferno.

    In my opinion, they should make a premium inventory page where all your SC items go which are in a different location to your regular inventory which is where you would keep quest items, pots, scrolls, materials, etc.

    If you're not Level 60 yet, I would highly recommend to join one of the top Academies (as clearly they probably pay well, that's why they're on the top of the list)..

    My Guild/Academy (OneWingedAngels) doesn't pay the highest rewards on the Server, but we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players in almost every aspect of the game, whether it's Levelling, Raiding, Farming, Stat Maximization, and general tips and tricks to just be a better player and not a Elderine AFK 'XD'er.
    Our discord is open to Academy members as wells, so you may ask for help there whenever you require or just a friendly chat~


    In my experience, leveling is NOT difficult in this game at all, given you have time and patience.

    You barely need gear as there will almost always be a group with a killer doing things, so in other words I'm telling you to just leech the Quests/Repeats.
    I would save as much money as you can until you hit around 120+ that's where the leveling slows down and you may have to find your own killer, or kill for yourself, depending on the class you decided to go with.

    If you've capped a character before, you will know most of the Quest/Repeats haven't changed, but they did add in some new Quests since the release of Ominous Valley.

    When I first came back to the game, my Lvl 120 Warlock had nothing, no gears, weapons, or money.
    So I leveled a couple of alts from 1-60 and made some money from Academy rewards. Bought myself a weapon for my 120 Warlock, enhanced to +12 using the bundles from the store, and then proceeded to get those Lvl 60's I had to Lvl 105 (I got a 105 Warlock and Gladiator now which I use for perms for DT/LN).

    Slime Coins are your best friend. There's literally nothing Slime Coins can't get you.

    Buy SC tradeable items when they are on sale, and try to sell them as cheap as possible compared to market value, and that should at least get you started for Gems.

    Weekly Charms (Enhanced Charms) are also the best thing to gift if you know someone you can trust to pay. As they sell for more than regular rates of SC.

    Try focus on leveling first instead of gearing yourself, gear can always be replaced later, and a lot of people spend too much time trying to find gear that they could've just out-leveled it if they went without it - this is probably the best advice I can give you.


    It's an MMORPG and like every MMORPG ever created, some classes thrive in PvP, some classes thrive in PvE, and some thrive in both. If you don't like how guardians do in PvE, then swap to an HK. There's barely a difference in playing the 2 when it comes to PvE content.

    Guardian's don't need to spam bash every 2.2 seconds though to apply that PHAT 10 second defense debuff. ;c

    All KIIIIIIINDS OF GAINS in that protein.
    If you're reading this forum reply and haven't joined OneWingedAngels, you too can start your journey to GAINSville at OWA. Again that's O-N-E-W-I-N-G-E-D-A-N-G-E-L-S-----look at that form man. look at that. That's OWA form. Remember this: If you great---then they gonna hate. Hit me up in game or Discord to start. Lets gooo.

    HEY MAN.


    Please no more Hidden Mine KQ's... I'm sick of Hidden Mine KQ...

    I never understood the reason for locking out the winner. GT is some sort of competitive content, like worldboss raids. Imagine the drama if a guild/character will be locked out for a week after getting most damage the other day. To me the current rule is just horseshit.

    I agree, the winner should be allowed to participate weekly.

    For real lol, within his first 4 posts he's already on someone else's forum thread trying to to bring beef in. Sad.

    Beef is a very good source of protein. Free beef is the best kind of beef.

    Random Cocky PvE Player?

    Definitely ain't no Random there, buddy.
    I've been prowling FBZ before 99% of these kids knew this game existed. Remember who you're talking to.

    Any Warlock can win in a 1v1 based on two simple factors.
    Latency, and gear.

    If you knew anything about Warlock PVP, in fact, any kind of 1v1 for that matter - Whoever lands the first Crowd Control skill will win. Simple as that.

    And playing on 300 Ping really doesn't help me with that, but I make-do with extreme skill and strategy I can provide in Wars/FBZ and GT.

    I don't need your recognition.

    I provide all my knowledge in the forum posts regarding Stats, Skills, and Classes whenever I have time, and whenever people decide to make an arguably decent forum thread regarding useful mechanics regarding the game.

    But considering you asked so nicely, I shall provide my "15-minute guild war" that happened.

    I'd be careful of who is who in a pvp forums thread, because a lot of times they're just teaming lower leveled people.
    Like 90% of the time. to gather points off them so they can say their the best on forums.

    This is honestly just a popularity contest and doesn't prove who really is a "PVP God", this is why I'm not too salty that my name isn't on the list. :3

    As the OP stated, it's his opinions for this list, and I guess it shows how limited their PVP knowledge is based on seeing whose names are on the list.

    Kuroneko I honestly was not even aware that there was a trade-in available in the past (then again I was a child/adolescent who couldn't really invest into the game). This suggestion was made without that even in mind--I was primarily thinking about the Mount system, License system, Socket system, Dismantle system, and the Anvil system. I just simply took the essence of each of these systems and applied it to the skins--it would really benefit the community if it were to occur, I don't think there would be a issue waiting at all as long as it's done right. Please discuss it, hoping for good news.

    I think they are referring to when you transfer weapon skins between characters/servers.
    I do believe they did once upon a time offer a 2 skin for 1 skin trade.
    Those were the good old days. :shibacry:

    There are many variables which could cause you to disconnect while trying to load into a Kingdom Quest, it's not exactly simple to determine what's causing it for the Developers to fix.

    Sure NOW they are. do you expect guardians to get gear if they aren't wanted to farm? As a guard (as with most classes) to be good in pvp you need to have gear that will enable you to it won't matter how much you can heal if you die in a couple shots lol. Plus what is the point in hammering and enhancing gear if you most likely won't make the profit back?Guard gear, if it moves, moves very slowly.

    Make a HolyKnight to farm gear for your Guardian. :'D
    Or TBH make a Gladiator. probably the best option.

    Guardian gear is SO CHEAP that it really doesn't require you to farm much AT ALL.

    The goal is to eliminate ghost guilds, not create a gold sink or inflate the prices of GT rewards by adding a 1G fee.

    And even then how many people create lots of alts and plvl them above 100? Some do and will do it to get to a new number of members requirement. This is not the solution as it clearly did not work the LAST time they increased the amount, because even 10 alts to level 10 would discourage MOST people but not the people who are determined to enter in on ghost guilds.

    The reason there are Ghost Guilds in GT is because the requirements to enter are so low.
    The reason they are participating into GT is because they're earning easy GT tokens to spend on GT Jewels/Ramas and to resell for profit.

    Increasing the registration fee to 1 Gem, or let's say 10G for the sake of argument, will minimize the number of Ghost Guilds registering as they would begin to lose profit by entering and not making finals.

    I've tried to join on OneWingedAngels for the past 7 weeks and haven't made it in once. And we are definitely one of the most active Guilds on the Server.
    So this is an insult that this "random selection" never seems to choose us yet some Guilds can make it in every week.

    Tried out another players theory with USB Sticks, and the results are...very viable!

    If your not keen on using a memory stick, stick to the card reader as its flash memory also and is...rather fast...probably faster than the read/write speed of your hard drives (doesn't include new-age tech or solid state drives)

    I always keep Fiesta on a USB drive in case of server crashes. ;)