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    Put Designer Shirt perm in the item shop or make it a bonus from purchasing the slimecoin packs like the ramies. It can be from the $50, $100, or $200 since it’s a limited or compensation item or whatever.

    I always suggest it on the your voice counts thread but it’s never in the store, plus I sent a ticket asking how to get it so if any GM could respond to this as seen please?

    I’m only playing and spending money on this game so I can have this tank top

    Well in general, democracy still stands as innocent until proven guilty so it does make sense to require concrete proof in the forms the GM listed in order to take action.

    I think roaring that so and so is a scammer is still considered harassment. If you want to have the odds in your favour, best just see the gifter's/seller's vouchers.

    Some games do have a marketplace system where basically everything in the "cash" shop could be tradable via the marketplace but idk

    May I have some information on the differences between these 2 prestige classes? What content does each class specialize in?

    I would like to know how much more damage a Wizard can do with Nova/Inferno compared to a Warlock since Warlocks have the higher damaging weapon. Are the upgrades for Nova/Inferno significant boosts? For example, Rangers have the higher damaging weapon with a slower attack speed and aim, but mages do not use attack speed. Their AoE ticks do not miss either.

    Also, what are considered optimal builds for Wizards/Warlocks?

    This is my first mage past 70+ so if there's any additional information about this class, please advise me on such.

    I fed a +4 mount to a+0 mount the other week and ended up with a +5 one

    I know it used to not work like that, and I only found out it worked anyway, because I liked my new mount way more than the one I already had, so I did it thinking it'd only be a +1, but no it came out +5

    Wow if that's not a bug and Gamigo purposely changed it so that we get +'s based on how enhanced our fodder mount is then I'm genuinely shocked.

    So let me get this straight - there is no way to convert a non-tradeable mount (eg. cash shop mount) to become tradeable by fusing with a tradeable one like ramy/tamy/almy? I really like the design of the non-tradeable ones, even the perm ones from the attendance event

    How often do these bonus tradeable mounts from purchasing SC come? Maybe I should hold out for one?I

    As far as I know, no there is no way you can convert a non-tradeable cash shop mount to tradeable by fusion. I like the cash shop mounts's aesthetic more too but I guess we're stuck with rammies if we want a tradable mount or until Gamigo revamps the item shop to have more customizations.

    if I merge 2 mounts, is it guaranteed to level up (ie. +1) or is it chance? Also is the cash shop perm mounts all tradeable?

    it's always a guaranteed level up. just keep in mind for future references; if you have a +2 mount, you cannot use that to upgrade a +0 mount to +2. each mount just adds +1 no matter its enhancement. that's why i always only upgrade dual mounts or mounts i really like.

    for example, you upgrade a +2 mount with a +4 mount. that +2 mount will only become +3. only after +5, there is a CHANCE that your mount will transform into the celestial unicorn mount when you continue to fuse it.

    also none of the cash shop mounts are tradable. only the ramy's, blamy's, malmy's etc are tradable but they only show up in lucky boxes or as bonuses for purchasing slime coin packs once in a while.

    Have any of you guys ever had a day where you just browsed through the entirety of the notes you took on your phone?

    Like you just looked back at all the random or strangely insightful notes you took in the past?

    How did it feel for you guys? What emotions were running through your mind? How often do you look back at your notes? Once a week? Every year? Only once on a full moon?

    Do you keep your notes? Does your notes app pile up with random ideas? Do you delete them after you’re done with them? Have you showed them to anyone else?

    What kind of notes do you take? Your daily reminders? Random thoughts you have during the day? Lyrics of songs you hear in public? Anything you can think of?

    I would like to know. Thank you all

    There are cash cows that main clerics, just not nearly as much as glads. The cash clerics invest in apparel tho.

    I think the problem is just that most clerics(not all) are new players or aren’t that familiar with the game, which is also the game’s fault

    The game doesn’t reward cash clerics to excel in this game as opposed to cash glads or any other class.

    I’m not saying that we should all spend money to play the class we want, but the “skill ceiling” for clerics is not equivalent to the effort cleric mains put in. Even the most skilled clerics are better off using their knowledge of this games mechanics into playing other classes.

    It may be because of all these problems that clerics are overshadowed because the reputation that comes with it as of now is: pick this class if you want to play casual or lack investments(either time or money) in this game. Again I’m not saying ALL clerics are of this sort.

    I know I will get a lot of hate for this suggestion, but what would happen if we made it so that instead of protect/resist granting a flat number added to damage/defence, it would now grant a set percentage of the cleric’s damage/defence to the party. But the flat numbers would be granted to the cleric himself. Just buff this number a lot higher so these buffs can still function effectively as solo clerics.

    More reason to try to find and farm better gears for clerics. Of course this would hinder new clerics while benefitting veteran clerics, but veteran clerics do deserve better, no?

    I also would like to see Rebirth given way more duration and function like a tear.

    Heal for guardians can also stack a Defense buff on the ally similar to how HKs stack a Defense debuff on the enemy.

    Someone's salty. Though you aren't really wrong about them not really listening to what we suggest. Just the other week I mentioned a White Tiger Set (Permanent), and what did they put up for sale the next week? A White Tiger Set 30Day. Such a dissappointment..

    Yeah it’s a trend for them to put up 30 day versions of the perm items we suggest

    I know Gamigo did a server wide name wipe a couple years ago, but are they doing one every few years? I’m sure there’s some inactive accounts holding some good names and I’m just tired of making chars with unoriginal names.