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    Every time you level up you get a certain title for your class but there are a few titles that are missing, also there are other titles that you get when you enter guild tournaments with your guild and here they are:

    Level 100 Titles

    (Dmg/M.Dmg +20; HP Recovery +10; SP Recovery +5)

    Supreme Fighter

    Supreme Cleric

    Supreme Archer

    Supreme Mage

    Supreme Trickster

    There's not a title for the crusader class because it didn't exist in that time but I think that there's no problem to make another title.

    Guild titles

    Rookie Guild - Win 3 guild wars in a row. Not working, regardless of being member, admin or master; guard and council untested.

    Reputable Guild - Win 6 guild wars in a row.

    Revered Guild - Win 9 guild wars in a row.

    Matchless Guild - Win 10 guild wars in a row

    Guild War Apprentice - Participate in 5 guild wars.

    Guild War Participant - Participate in 10 guild wars.

    Effort Maker - Participate in 20 guild wars.

    I also think that would be nice to add titles for the lvl 120 and here is my suggestion:

    Almighty Fighter

    Almighty Cleric

    Almighty Mage

    Almighty Archer
    Almighty Trickster

    Almighty Crusader

    Now I want to add this as an extra for the next level cap (140-150) you guys can add the next titles:

    God Fighter
    God Cleric
    God Archer
    God Mage
    God Trickster
    God Crusader

    The stats are up to you guys to choose and I hope you guys like this and thanks in advance. :*


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    I always wondered if they would add some new contend using that ship like they did with roumen recently but it's been almost 11 years and it remains the same so I doubt they will add something but who knows. honeylolslimewink


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    This is for the people that still don't know about this to let them know that now you are able to open more than one account just by using the normal launcher, so now you don't need to use any third party program to multi-log, great right? :)


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    I do not know why but I think it's time to do something with people who come to the KQ to stay afk and earn coins with the hard work of others doing nothing and I think it's something that bothers us and It has affected all of us who played this game for many years now.

    Some solutions that I have in mind:

    1. Add an activity or movement detector in the KQs, so if you are inactive for more than 3 minutes you are removed from the KQ.

    2. Add an option to remove inactive people from the KQ by means of votes but that this can only be activated if the person has more than 3 minutes inactive.

    3. Add a penalty system that does not allow you to enter the KQ if you stayed more than once afk, the first time will be for a week and if you meet your penalty and repeat this again the penalty will be for one month, but if you do it a third time it will result in a permanent ban.

    Well, this is just how I and some people think this afk problem should be fixed now and forever.


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    Hey, now you can open more than one account just using the normal launcher and maybe you know that already but I just wanted to leave this comment here so other people can see it.


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