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    Way back in the day, before the server merge, Weekly rewards consisted of 7 day outfits, wedding apps, 7 day mini pets, 7 day mounts. Monthly rewards consisted of perm mounts and 30 day items. These are what made fiesta worth binge playing for. the satisfaction of logging on every day to receive something worth while was amazing.

    In my opinion, saving the items shop is a greedy way of looking at it, fiesta still makes couple thousand PER DAY from people who gift. Yet all we get for being loyal citizens of fiesta for 30 days straight... is karis? Its absurd. This completely defeats the purpose of the attendance awards, they were originally made to promote active play, now its just garbage.

    I wonder if Kuroneko can give us some insight? Because this just came out of no where and as Xeno said,

    Hope they're able to compensate for all the charms me, my guildies, and everyone else that's farming at this time have wasted

    I myself was only ranted at the time but its still a loss.


    Listed under "Hot offers" was suppoes to be the enhancement stones sale, yet, to my knowledge, it doesnt seem like there's any sale attached to the stones at all. I tried contacting Kuroneko in game about this issue , and I've also contacted many guild mates and I assure you that I am not the only one seeing this.

    Is this just a bug currently and will this get patched by the end of the day?

    Definitely a lot better than last time, however, I just have a couple suggestions:

    1) Use the entire map: this makes it so the mobs arnt catered to AOE users like wizards and mages, it's HIGHLY unfair for people like tricksters,crusaders and clerics to obtain kills when everyone is spamming inferno and nova in one spot and collecting all the kills

    2) I would spread out the levels a liiiiiiiiiiiittttttttleeeeeeeeeeee bit more, seeing as how lvl 80-90s are only able to kill things up to giant caimans ( I know its time consuming to add another, just a suggestion tho, since seeing them get 1 shotted by mal is kind sad)

    and finally,

    3) I know its an event and a special occasion at that, but by chance for next time, maybe spawn mor chief monsters +? Killing slimes at 105 is kind of meh to me and not worth waking up early for :P

    OVERALL though, it was pretty neatly organize and I commend the GMs for giving it another shot. I didn't get to stay til the end because I binned when I died and got sent back to regular roumen but it's whatever, I'm about to catch the second round on my glad C:

    The Woman with a Cold Heart

    this card usually sells for 1.5-2G now. There is no public sources (other than the mentioned discord) , but usually guilds will help out with this type of stuff.

    Unfortunately due to numbers and timeframe, this format of hosting can get incredibly taxing on the health of it's team members.

    Out of curiosity, how would this be taxing on the health of team members? You could do different days for each level event and interchange mods so that not one mod has to do it every day. In my opinion this would be feasible since it would give the previous moderator a break after the first mob spawn.

    I do feel like this is a very viable solution, taking into account that Nennien and yourself actually split up during that last event - meaning that this is something doable as a solo GM.

    I +1 this idea, this would definitely disperse the amount of players, as well as treat each level fairly. In my opinion this wouldn't be too difficult to pull off and everyone would be able to enjoy it.

    Here come the complaints:

    The event ruined the server of Isya, and i'm not even saying that figuratively; nobody can move, everyone was disconnecting, portals broke, dungeons broke ect ect. My guild even had to cancel our DDF plans we planned A WEEK ago due to dungeons lagging out. Poorly thought out event and the fact that we were told to split up and the gm never came to ox field was a low ball move.

    I SCed up for DDF and now its gone to waste, I didnt even get to kill a single mob, no chest spawns and an overall waste of time. All of my vendors disconnected and honestly speaking, just a bad event.

    It was a shame, I was expecting something more pleasant , with multiple GMs you could have split everyone up. You guys got everyones hopes up for an oldie but goodie event and it ended up wrecking the game even more than its broken already.

    I applaud you guys for trying, but I suggest instead of throwing a random event out there without planning, to instead think of how many people play on the epith server before entering. Yea Pagels event went fine, but if you look at the log in screen, it CLEARLY says pagel has a low player count compared to epith.

    Sorry, everytime i said epith , i meant Isya.

    ~~Before you read, this is NOT about the enhancement rates, thats a topic all on it's own~~

    Recently, I've been hearing a lot of speculation that ever since the new update with the enhancement stone slots automatically staying in their slot instead of having to manually add them each time, players have been having their weapons and armour actually BREAK with the stone. Apparently this had happened to a guildie of mine, and he wasn't the only one who had brought this up. I've seen several people shouting about this in Uruga and it makes me worried to enhance some of my own things.

    So, I was wondering, If by chance my item breaks while using enhancement stones and a gather a recording of the matter, will I get a full refund (Armour AND all my stones) or will I just not be compensated?

    Thank you,



    I have made many characters over the years of playing fiesta, all of which are relatively , all of which are appropriate, however, for a meme, I decided to create a character outta sheer luck, expecting fiestas censor system to kick in and tell me I am not allowed to use this characters name, HOWEVER! This did not occur, and now I have a character on my account with a more than questionable name.

    If I were to use this character, would I be sentenced to a ban for that entire account, If so, how long and if not, then thank god. I've been curious about this for a while now!

    In all honesty though, I feel like if it bypasses the system, it should be OK to use in game and no punishments should be dealt due to the fact that it is on fiesta's part for not catching it, but I want to hear everyone elses opinions:

    Regarding the issue with the Sorah KQ's : We are aware of this, and it has been forwarded to the DEV's.

    I've seen this on my forums as well, but I would like to see proof of this is some sort of way. Empty words seem to be a reiterating factor in most of the gamigo staff team, and I just want some reassurance that our suggestions are actually being put through to the developers. Thanks

    Aye awesome list layout! Just curious about a few things:

    ~Why the 2h NQ and not an axe?

    ~What does the LN set provide and how many pieces do i need?

    ~Is there any quick way to switch sets?

    Thanks man!

    Hello Isyans! Recenly, I've been trying to create a perm gladiator lvl 115 for DDF. I have all of my skill points and I have NO CLUE how to distribute them >.< ! I was wondering if any glads out there could share their set, as well as stat points! Thanks!


    To add to this, all of my clients d/ced recently as I was waiting for mal, and I had troubles loading in. I was not the only one with this issue as many people were roaring about it. Inevitably, after waiting hours, I missed the mal raid because of the d.cs......

    Hoping for a server reset to fix this.