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    Does Gamigo somehow believe almost half their player base is not European? They themselves are European e.e So why does every single happy hour/mystery sale happen when all the Europeans are asleep? (this includes events ingame)

    At least change up the times a little lol, this would probably make more Europeans/West Asians spend anyway so I can't see why you have such specific times catered solely for the American playerbase.

    This is a recurrent issue, Gamigo seem to often forget that Outspark had (and still has) an international playerbase.

    Recently there has been an influx from european players from the other Fiesta's versions (German, French, Spanish) so I see no reason for which we are applied the same sale schedule from EU by concentrating everything in 6 hours which isn't just extremely unfair for a big slice of the community but is also detrimental for those NA-players that can't be available in that quarter of the day, can't we have a larger span of time considering that the whole sale is ran by an automated system?

    At the very least the notice could be posted earlier (same time as when is posted on EU) instead of 3 hours before the sale starting which isn't enough warning for some timezones (It was midnight CEST when the notice was posted and the sale ran from 3:00 am till 8:00 am CEST) - I thought with Zao there was an agreement to post the notice at earlier time to at least improve the quality of these time-limited offers.

    Its an North America Server, so they use their Timezone.

    Is actually a worldwide version, is considered NA cause previous publisher was an american company with servers located in San Francisco, as a matter of fact there are still many players that joined Fiesta OS before Gamigo acquired the EU's ip rights.

    I'm fine with this idea as long these titles will not have any bonus stats given to them same way as the "Beta Tester" title, but they will be intended solely for show off and as memento of the long Fiesta's journey

    I would love this!!! honeyhap

    I'd be happy even with the 1 day or 7 days versions available either by direct NPC purchase as chasingsunsets suggests or as additional selective reward from attendance event... this is something that would entice me to spend more time to farm on low levels I often neglect!

    Hi, does anyone know if Talisman enhancement works the same way as other jewels? I'm assuming Elure for +1 to +3, Lix for +4 to +6 and Xir for +7 to +9. Is it also true that the Talisman will not break up until +3 without the use of SC stones? So you can enhance safely until +3 without using SC stones? Thanks a lot to anyone who has any information.

    Yes, you can enhance them same way as the regular jewelry pieces, so by using the elrues, lixs, xirs and the enhacement bundles (tier 5).

    I have asked to Kuroneko via Discord pm if they're safe to enhance till +3 without the premium bundles but I haven't received a reply back yet.

    I've read many players doing the step till +3 without the bundles and so far I haven't heard about a talisman breaking... I guess that is a risk that is enterely up to you if you want to take or not!

    However, I think the overall hope is that since 1 talisman per character, they hope more people will spend money capping new characters to get more talismans, or at least that's how I see it as being more profitable than allowing it to be made repeatable.

    I would agree with you but nowadays you don't really need to spend anything to level since all the way to cap is covered with repeats and you even get some boosts advatanges via KQs, Vault, Attendance, Master-Apprendice sysyem so levelling it's just a matter of time consuming which can be quicker or slower depending if you're solo or if you're powerlevelling yourself.

    The key to become profitable under Gamigo's eyes is if their customers will be investing in those characters (gearing them, playing LB, etcera) which is something that someone that is aiming to "farm" more talismans don't need to do, since all that is needed is to create a character and lead it to the path till level 134 same way as when people create characters just to fill the Arena Kingdom Quests.

    However, if this quest will turned into a repetable or more in general if Gamigo will allow a way to obtain more than one talisman per character, there will be an actual market for these new items, with players spending money to purchase Hammers of Bijou and Bundles in larger quantity than now.

    Personally I like the idea to allow different playstyles by switching different types of talismans depending on the circumstance and I am sure there could be a better and more reasonable compromise than levelling a character all the way to cap for it.

    Thanks so much for detailed info Cupcake. I agree as well, that's why I made the topic just wasn't sure if it's not just my character bugged, so didn't explicated.

    No bug on your end, no worries! honeyhap

    Sorry about my long reply, I thought this thread could be the perfect place where to feedback about this specific quest since I've seen many players (myself included) annoyed by the fact that they had to choose only one talisman although they have the desire to obtain more than one of them.

    Personally I would like the main quest to be made repeatable, so that players can be enticed to collect more than one talisman without necessarily having to rely on secondary characters that not everyone has.

    This will also add variety to the playstyle and a better chance for customization options (which also means more profit for Gamigo since talismans are enhanceable items) and other that, the new Omninous Valley map will be maintained lively since many players will still continue to do dailies in order to gather the crystalize toxins.

    There is also another debatable point, which is the level of the current omamori talismans: level 120.

    Currently a level 120 can't access to the quests related to the talismans, since you have to be 134 in order to obtain all of them (and it make sense given the strenght and the level of the mobs involved in these quests), however a level 120 is allowed to equip the talismans.

    I believe it would be the best to increase the level of the current talismans to 130 and offer a similar set of quests/talismans for the levels 120 and below (this could be an idea to revive some maps and promote activity on different level ranges).

    hello guys a question the codes has a time limit to redeem them ?? I ask because I want to enter the code on day 15 and I get it is invalid slimecrycryhoney

    As far I know they're daily codes so they're active for a period lasting about 24 hours which means that unfortunately you won't be able to redeem the previous ones honeysad - the new code is always available starting from midnight CEST / 03:00 pm PDT (game time)

    Of all my characters, only one did not receive the attendance stamp for the day 12/13 (although I'm positive I've earn it).

    I don't know if this might help, but the character that missed it is the very last I usually log during my day, and that's around 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm game time.

    I voted for the first poll option, "I trust Gamigo to pick GM", although I find this definition incorrect as Gamigo does not pick any GM/MOD, but selects the most suitable among those who volunteer for these roles.

    I believe that this community (seen globally), has in no way the maturity to take part in a delicate decision such as judge the work of a GM/MOD - it would not only be impossible as part of the their work is not publicly known for reasons dictated by their NDA, but it would be also extremely rude to judge the work of those who offer their time for free just to help and support this game and its community.

    Cupcake on Isya I kill the same 9 JT's over and over, and every once in a while I get a shiny one. I know Isya is different to the others, but perhaps give it a try? Would be interesting to see what happens!

    I already obtained all the tier of titles on Isya in about 6 different characters during the past week and when I tried to the same thing on Pagel server by farming different mobs and different maps, I noticed an abyssal difference compared to Isya, reason for which I believe there must be a connection with overall server activity and not merely an hardcore farming in a map/area in order to have shiny mobs to spawn

    The best way to get the shiny titles is by killing mobs of monsters. Most people are getting the titles by doing repeats or killing for the repeats.In my experience, most shiny monsters aren't even shiny. You could just be killing what looks like a normal monster and then all of a sudden you see t6 scrolls and crystals of bijous out of no where.

    This only apply to Isya server, where there is a high playerbase that constantly kills mobs in pretty much any available map with the result that shinies (without auras) respawn a lot more in different spots.

    If you're on any other server, you can farm and do repeats as much you wish but that won't get you shiny mobs - i think there is some sort of global number of shinies available and untill the ones that are alive don't get killed, other won't respawn.

    It would be interesting to know more about the way these mobs works since is pratically impossible to get these titles on Pagel/Enid/Jenira (low populated servers) unless you run around all the maps once server maintenance is complete. Veralya  


    Item Name Bonus Duration Coins
    [Pickup] Mini Penguin +7 to Stats, PickUp 7 Days 8
    [Pickup] Polar the Bear +7 to Stats, PickUp 7 Days 8
    Penguin Suit 5% Defense 7 Days 12
    Red Santa Suit 7% Critical 7 Days 12
    Aether the Stag Speed 260 7 Days 12
    Frostbite the Stag Speed 260 7 Days 12
    Red Santa Hat 3% Critical 7 Days 6
    Penguin Head 5% Critical 7 Days 6
    Christmas Pyramid +5 vending slots, quicker regen 7 Days 8
    Wintertide Weapon Skins [25k Durability] Statless Permanent 15

    Daily Quest detail:

    Road to Victory!

    Starting NPC: Winterming, Jr. (Ski Tournament Arena field)

    Task: Talk quest.

    Reward NPC: Winterming, Jr. (Ski Tournament Arena field)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 100 Coppers, 1 Commemorative Christmas Coin

    Note: The NPC Winterming, Jr. is located located at the bottom of the map in the Ski Tournament Arena field (the gate is in the centre of Elderine near Shutian) however the quest can be picked up automatically from the quest list but it needs to be turned in by talking with the Npc.

    You don't need to join the race to turn in the quest, simply go at the bottom of the map and talk with Winterming, Jr.

    Try being on Pagel, where nobody questing or grinding means no new shinies spawning after the initial spawns are killed off after maintenance.


    I've been farming on both Pagel and Isya servers and the difference is blatant, I could get all the title tiers in roughly 2 hours of faming on Isya while on Pagel I have yet to find a shiny mob since the last maintenance.

    My farming on Pagel is absolutely irrilevant towards the respawn of shinies, this was absolutely clear to me when I spent some time grinding in certains maps/areas.

    I feel like the "unknow" shiny monster count and the algorithm that spawns them should be changed in a way that the remaining 3/4 servers that aren't Isya won't get penalized this much: the shiny system should promote questing and farming (or more in general the "activity") rather than turn out to be an "hide & seek" event to be made post-maintenance to catch all the shiny mobs alive.

    It's very disappoiting that most of the recent contents (Onslaught KQ and Shiny system) are not friendly towards low populated servers.

    Perm arctic fox ears

    ↑↑↑ This would be lovely, I know many players that are waiting for this specific item since years

    My personal wishlist:

    - Shadowflame Wings (Permanent)

    - Nightmare Costume (Permanent)

    - Elven Santa Suit (Permanent)

    - Toymaker's Apprentice (Permanent)

    - Turquoise Valentine Outfit (Permanent)

    - Reindeer Antlers (Permanent)

    - Tiny Voices (Permanent)

    - Mini Jack (Permanent)

    - Mini Tedy Soldier (Permanent)

    - Mini Cotton Candy (Permanent)