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    If the roars break terms of service, such as insults, talking about pedophilia or racism, they should be reported, not ignored.

    To clarify what I mean is that generally Roars aren't something I particulary care and I can easily skip through and ignore just like I rarely block characters unless they're bots - but the fact that Roars aren't something subject to moderation in timely way and everyone server-wide is forced to read dense drama insults that often are also of that kind, is for me the core reason for which I find this suggestion valid because I know people that are genuinely turned off by that.

    This honestly happen quite often on Isya and isn't merely a roar thing, but the simple difference is that you're able to filter literally everything from your chat box exception made fo the Roars texts which really feel like an imposition, as if I am forced to join a drama I am not remotely close with or I have no desire to be part of.


    I'd love to have both options of sort per type or by purchase date!

    This reminds me when my wife took 497459759 hours to pick all the items to fully re-sc his character since everything was spread across different premium pages, untill he later realized that he completely ran out of fire auras.

    It was such a delightful moment of pure rage. playhoney

    Of course the cash shop at that time didn't had them going for sale for quite a while and to be blunly honest sometimes it really feels like the cash shop conspires against you for some reason.

    So yea, anything that could help to keep your inventories (premium or not) tidy and in order, I'm all for it! :thumbup:

    Now that you mention that, you made me realize that I have 42 roars sitting on my main from the blue lucky house capsule and I honestly I have never invested a lot on that type since I am usually more oriented for the other capsules that have a chance to Tear of Legels.

    (If only I could magically turn those Roars into Legels... cryhoney)

    And yep. Roars at the times are extremely obnoxious and have certain contents that honestly should be subject on moderation such as insults that involves racism or pedophilia, personal facts of individuals that should still stay personal, and more in general quarrels between guilds/groups that not everyone want to witness and ton of undesired spam.

    Personally, I can easily skip through these texts and ignore them, but I find understandable that some players might have their gameplay experience affected in a bad way and desire an easy and simple way to self-regulate their own chat box window.

    I do agree with the OP when he/she states that blocking everyone isn't really the ideal solution here, Isya has this sort of drama at times that drags even those who normally are friendly/peaceful into a spiral of toxicity totally circumstantial, hence why I do believe a filter that turns on/off roars at convenience could be more appropriate than aoe-block everyone roaring.

    • The Water Balloon Kingdom Quest has been activated and runs until 07.22.2020

    Water Balloon KQ

    From July 8th, 2020 till July 22nd, 2020

    [Four Round available every 2 hours]


    Item Name Bonus Duration Coins
    Black Swimsuit Top 4% Critical 30 Days 40
    Black Swimsuit Bottom 4% Critical 30 Days 40
    Black Swimsuit Sandals 4% Critical 30 Days 40
    Neo Sunglasses 3% Critical 30 Days 40
    Marine Swimsuit Top 4% Defense 30 Days 40
    Marine Swimsuit Pants 3% Defense 30 Days 40
    Marine Swimsuit Shoes 2% Defense 30 Days 40
    Buggy's Sunglasses 3% Defense 30 Days 40
    Ama Diving Suit 5% Critical 7 Days 40
    Snorkel Mask 4% Aim 7 Days 25
    Peter the starfish +30 to Stats, Dual, PickUp 7 Days 60
    Draotter 200 Speed Permanent 150
    Roumen's Lighthouse +5 vending slots, quicker regen 7 Days 40

    There is new additional Fiesta Wiki created by Roknus, you can find it here:

    If you click the "Alchemy" section you should be able to select all the five productions (stone, scrolls, potions, decompition, composition) and for each one of them you can see the specifics and details of the material needed for every craftable item.

    Only some of the T6 productions are currently available in the game/files so as for now you can only view most of the T6 potions and scrolls but there could be some specifics missing (for example t6 Speed Increase is one of those).

    I love your suggestion!

    I personally would be happy just to have a general way to turn off certin categories of items, (especially cards and socket gems) but if you rather make it very specific and detailed I won't complain! playhoney

    I also really like the idea to include quest drops as items to be looted by mini pets, this is has been highly requested over the years.

    If an individual do not wish to see roars regardless of what can be his/her reasons, by all means why shouldn't he/she be allowed to disable them?

    I don't think Roars should be intended as an imposition towards others but rather as an useful tool to have a message reach multiple people at once regardless of their locations.

    An optional block function to be included in the "Chat Filter Settings", as Mini Slime mentioned, is the most pratical solution to fix the problem and can easily please everyone: those who don't mind Roars will still continue to see and enjoy them, while those who want them disabled can easily turn them off from the filter options.

    My feedback on the shiny change:

    Given the Indipendence Day event, this week end I felt motivated to play a few hours to take advantage of the sweet extra 50% Exp and Drop Boost.

    I state beforehand that my main server is Pagel, which as everyone knows has a very small population and activity, and on the shiny subject these are key factors that makes these monsters less recurrent in comparison to Isya, hence is more difficult to gain the shiny titles, stack on goods and enjoy that juicy extra exp they carry.

    Saturday, despite having spent several hours grinding, I did not witness a single shiny mob, which left me very perplexed as normally with the same amount of time spent playing, I used to be able to get at least the first tier of the shiny titles, (which means that at least 5 shiny monsters spawned while farming/grinding).

    On Sunday, I challenged myself to explore every map available for a lvl 135 (exception made for dungeons/raid/instance/abyss) in order to find out how many shiny mobs I could find server-wide.

    The result? A total of 4 shiny mobs across all the maps.

    Later in the day, I spent again a couple of hours grinding as the previous day, and with my surprise... FINALLY one shiny mob spawned! One. speechlesshoney

    Overall, I have certainly done more than 6 hours total of grinding time according to my n°6 1 hour rants consumed, however I can't be precise in quantifying how much time I've played, but is definitely enough to discourage me from any shiny's farm, that's for sure.

    Based on my personal experience, which is nothing absolute (it could be just bad luck), If I were a player aiming to collect the shiny's titles, I would probably better off waiting for next maintenance and log-in as soon it's over to roam around the maps and kill every shiny mob available.

    As for now, farming and grinding have become completely redundant in order to hunt shiny mobs, at least from what concern the less populated servers where given the low activity, you have to pretty much generate your own shiny spawn by yourself.

    I sincerely hope that in the future, when applying certain changes to the game, Gamigo could keep in mind that there are also small servers that are already struggling to stay alive and and changes such as this one have a different impact on them: if before wasn't ideal but doable, right now is really disheartening. sadhoney

    Bumping again my list after over a week:

    Got some peeps who would love to have the chance to buy the following:

    - Scaredy Bunny (30 Days)

    - Arctic Fox Ears (Permanent)

    My personal permanent items wishlist:

    - Shadowflame Wings (Permanent)

    - Nightmare Costume (Permanent)

    - Elven Santa Suit (Permanent)

    - Toymaker's Apprentice (Permanent)

    - Reindeer Antlers (Permanent)

    - Tiny Voices (Permanent)

    - Mini Jack (Permanent)

    - Mini Teddy Soldier (Permanent)

    - Mini Cotton Candy (Permanent)

    - Lacey Long-Ear's Coronal (Permanent)

    - Swimsuits (Permanent) sold separately from the packs!

    I haven't been able to log and play much, but as far I've read around on Discord, the biggest issues right now are the large amount of bins (not sure what is causing them specifically), the multiple icons of premium boosts randomly applied to characters and the patch's adjustements on Sorah’s Catacomb [125~135] that seem way too overpowered and make the KQ extremely hard to succeed.

    I hope Gamigo will be able to fix these issues as fast as possible.

    As for the patch, I am entusiast about the little but meaningful change of "Saint’s Protection, this might get things interesting pvp-wise but also pretty useful for pve. I hope slowly more adjustements on skills (for all the classes) could be made to improve balance.

    I'm also happy to see many fixed being addressed and taken care of.

    The guild storage increase item got me curious and I hope that to this storage addition more will follow cause I need desperately a wardrobe storage for permanent premium items! conhoney

    WE DID IT I just bought a bunch of normal +30 pets after months and months of buying the [Auto] pets because I lost faith and NOW it's fixed honeysleep

    aw well, ty gamigo

    I relate to this on so many levels, this is literally me and my miserable shopping life: all the times I decide that I am super-convinced to purchase something and I go for it, the next days usually the same item I bought either goes for sale, drops in price or is part of some deal... cryhoney


    07/03/20 - Maintenance Patchnotes

    Thank you for your reply!

    I guess I'll choose Variant # 3 hoping that Gamigo will consider to keep the areas with the woods safe from the aggro of the surrounding monsters as well as now.

    Although my main server is Pagel, I guess the option that contains multiple areas for the Shella/Beak repeatable is the more convenient pick for densely populated servers like Isya.


    I was wondering, the fact that there are only 7 mobs in the lower area of option 1 is meant to be that way or there was a little mistake and 3 red dots have been forgotten in the mobs' distribution drawing process?

    (I feel that is a bit odd that all the maps have clusters of 10 Shellas and 10 Beaks exception made for that one specific spot!)

    I also have same concern as Snack in regards of the woods' repetable spot, willl the mobs aggro on the option 1 or 2 in the G-5/6 grids?

    Kinda complicated to figure out the mobs aggro range based only on these maps. slimeembarrassed

    Additionally, are we allowed to suggest small tweaks on the given options, such as request certain areas in the maps to be mobs-free?

    Thank you in advance for any clarification!

    Got some peeps who would love to have the chance to buy this:

    - Scaredy Bunny (30 Days)

    - Lacey Long-Ear's Coronal (30 Days)

    - Arctic Fox Ears (Permanent)

    My personal wishlist:

    - Shadowflame Wings (Permanent)

    - Nightmare Costume (Permanent)

    - Elven Santa Suit (Permanent)

    - Toymaker's Apprentice (Permanent)

    - Turquoise Valentine Outfit (Permanent) - (not in the pack!)

    - Reindeer Antlers (Permanent)

    - Tiny Voices (Permanent)

    - Mini Jack (Permanent)

    - Mini Teddy Soldier (Permanent)

    - Mini Cotton Candy (Permanent)

    - Lacey Long-Ear's Coronal (Permanent)

    I believe [GM]Kuroneko has already forwarded the issue, I hope the Gamigo-Team will consider the idea of releasing this item again even for a limited time , I am sure it will make a lot of players happy other than being a lovely gesture since the 'Mystery Sale' is rather infamous for its limited stock that get sold instantly and once in a while it would't hurt to allow players to get an highly desired item without having the anxiety of waking up on a specific time frame to spam the 'Buy Now" button and hoping that Stackpath won't block you for unknown reasons.

    A while ago there was a similar failure during a 'Community Pick Sale' with an item not being purchasable due to techinical problems on Gamigo's end and, as far I recall, that item was placed as 'Item of the Day' shortly after... please kindly consider this option, Gamigo! slimeyes

    It's also worth to mention that the Flu Mask (Permanent) (6:00 PM Mistery sale Item) had a techinical problem that made this item non-giftable due to a messed up level limit restriction.

    I really enjoy these type of threads where community is involved and I'm glad to read that new crowns are coming to Fiesta given how highly requested and popular these items are. honeyhap

    I'm not gonna lie, I've been struggling to pick only 6 out of all these options, the artist who drew them did an amazing job and I feel a bit sad knowing that some of these crowns won't make their appearance in game.

    My only question and concern: will these crowns be placed straight above the head of the character or will be side types?

    Many hairstyles in game have different height and shapes that somehow make a lot of head accessories fit poorly on the characters creating a blank space as if the the item is floating above the head, although when it comes to certain accessories (such as the Little King's Crowns) this flaw is a lot less noticeable.


    I know this might be non relevant to some players, but personally I am a bit picky and I rarely buy head items that have this display problem, especially when it comes to permanent versions that are merely cosmetic show-off items, so I am a bit curious to know more about the outcome of these crowns!

    Easter Event details:


    Item Name Bonus Duration Festival Eggs
    Trendy Bunny Costume 5% Defense, 5% Critical 30 Days 200
    Dini the Bunny Speed 200 Permanent 250
    Trendy Bunny Hat 5% Aim 7 Days 65
    Honeying Shirt 5% Critical 30 Days 150
    Mini Easter Egg +12 to Stats, PickUp, Left Shoulder 7 Days 65
    Lucky Bunny Ears 3% Evasion 7 Days 65
    Chirpy the Chick Speed 200 Permanent 250
    Mini Bunny Brown +15 to Stats, PickUp, Left Shoulder 7 Days 65
    Nature's Beauty Hammer/Mace/One Hand Sword [5k Durability] Statless Permanent 200
    Nature's Beauty Weapon Skins [5k Durability] Statless Permanent 250
    Blossom C/F Shield Skins [5k Durability] Statless Permanent 150