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    hey Cupcake have you already tried to open the Fiesta folder and delete the file

    Hey Enbi, thank you for your suggestion! I've resolved my issue thanks to Akher via Discord since he posted there how to solve the laucher problem and it worked for me! I forgot to update the thread here - but thanks for your kind support!

    As for Nekkame's issue, by reading the Discord (question_and_answers and general_issues channels) it seems like people who had similar issues as yours just end up reinstalling the game and had it fixed, if nothing works I guess that's the ultimate option left.

    (When it comes to launch the game I've always been told to remember to run it ad admin, not sure if you have done that already or not!)



    Karen backpack was given to people who didnt abuse the sorting inventory glitch on vaults and premium items.

    Might want to ask around before popping something like that off again lol.

    Though, is actually true that Gamigo in the past used to be more generous towards players and compensations!

    Even the whole concept of rewarding people for not abusing a bug was quite controversial since technically that's how a player should always behave and not be awarded for.

    Back around October/Novemeber 2014 there were delaying issues affecting the item shop delivery (not even something who affected the game and its stability) and Gamigo gave out a free permanent item (Monster Hat) to everyone who made a purchase into a specific time frame period - the issue wasn't even affecting everyone at the same level since some players didn't experience big delays.

    With that being said, I agree that we shouldn't be entitled to a compensation everytime there are issues affecting the game, but I find reasonable the OP's request of extending the premium items who were active during the critical period when game was unplayable for the large majority of the players due to issues related to Xigncode (7 days).

    The difference is merely on the mobs distribution, the current maps are basically the very first original versions of Sand Hill and Scaffold Execution Ground, with mobs in high quantities and all mixed up together.

    Personally, during my test server experience I strongly hated to quest on those versions of the maps, they're extremely unpractical.

    I do believe the work who was done on NA was truly helpful since it did create particular locations where you could fight specific mobs and you had plenty of space where to afk without worry about dying by an unexpected mob attack unlike now.

    For those who levelled the old fashioned way via questing, it was evident the fact that those maps were modelled according to quests and repeatables' taskes of the level range meant for them.

    I have no clue why EU never received updates for those maps but probably the reason is due to the fact that we had different pubblishers back then.

    Basic descriptions about how our "Scaffold Execution Ground" used to be pre-patch:

    - a nice Mini-lips spot near the gate for Collapsed Prision (fighting those in Goblin Camp for the repetat was really annoying).

    - Specific medium/big areas for: King Coll, Vampire Bat, Lightining Vivi, Sand Ratmans Prisoners, Torturers and Senior Torturers, (all mobs who have a repetable quest associated).

    - the left side of the map fillled with Arch Karasian Templars packed together in trio with the Karasian soldiers.

    - the right side of the map contained some Ogres and the 3 King Call elites packed together.

    Basic descriptions about how our "Sand Hill" used to be pre-patch:

    - Specific areas for: Earth Spiders, Ghosts, Bone Imps, Hobs, Fire Vivis, Wild Desert Archons, Wild Desert Wolves, Wandering Old Trees, Spiders, Secret Society (mage/fighter) mobs.

    - few Fox mobs available without the Bored Foxes.

    - Different level of the same type of mobs (Spiders, Hobs the most noticeable)

    - A bunch of desert mushrooms available you could pick rather easily without risking your life.

    - No marlone's related mobs - there was simply no need to have the map covered with these mobs in such an absurd amount.

    I am probably missing out something but I am going by memory right now.

    Summary of current "Sand Hill" "Scaffold Execution Ground" Maps mobs distibution:


    I've read that it was not an intentional change so I truly hope they will revert back those maps the way they used to be pre-patch.

    Cupcake, seems the server is still down for maintenance.

    I dunno if this could be the problem.

    Wait a bit longer and try to reopen the client, maybe after another download it will be solved.

    I will let you know when i will be able to log in.

    I'm not talking about getting inside the game, but opening the game launcher!

    I've heard there was another patch but I have no chance to download it nor to re-download the previous patches via repair tool due to this problem occurring...

    Restart your computer, many problems can be solved by doing that.

    I've tried this as well, but it was no help sadly

    I guess I'll post here, since it seems to be a more appropriate section/thread:

    I downloaded the patch correctly and after that I closed my client.

    I've tried to re-open it but Fiesta now won't launch no matter what.

    -I've tried to run as admins on both my shortcut on desktop and in the main folder where my Fiesta is installed.

    -I had a friend passing me the "LaunchFiestaOnline.exe" file via Discord, and I've replaced mine, but it won't solve the issue.

    -I tried to rename it "XLaunchFiestaOnline" as someone suggested me on the Discord chat and it didn't work.

    -I know someone who pulled out the whole Fiesta game from one PC where it worked to another by copy-pasting it and couldn't get it to work either.

    -I've rolleback the client to the previous patch (the .195 one) but the launcher won't appear still so is impossible to fix this issue by re-downloading the latest patches.

    -Re-installing the game worked as fix for one person but it didn't for another one...

    LF a fix since i basically can't start the game without a launcher appearing slimeembarrassed  Veralya Akher  

    As said previously, by clicking the check mark ✓ "Mark all forum read" you will automatically clear all those red notifications! honeyhap


    If you have a specific section of the forum you don't really care to follow/read, for example the "World Cup Event" mentioned earlier, you can simply click on "Forums On / Off" and remove the mark on the forum section you don't have interests to read and submit your preference.

    At that point the section excuded should not longer appear!



    I'd really love this suggestion to happen, doesn't matter if you unlock all the bags, you will still lack space somehow... slimebigeyes

    To be honest I'd be happy even if the stack were just doubled, really!

    I wouldn't mind if the stack-increase could be an option purchasable as item from an npc for an accessible price just to have a small gold sink.

    @ hello and @ cupcakes. Sure, like the people are saying post the pics of all the perm items in ur inv and premium inv and count them and post the total tally of items in inv and tally of items in premium inv. You don;t pay me anything if you lose. Lets just do that. And after you do so I will post mine.

    You have today to post hello and cupcake, can;t be taking days.

    As I said, I've not purchased certain items and packs, so I am not really feeling confident, since the list of permanent items can be really huge! honeysilent

    I really can't provide all the screenshots in the short amount of time you've given due to irl and the fact that I have items scattered across different pages/ inventories not counting that due to the last patch I am not very stable in game. I will provide them as soon I can.

    In the meanwhile I've made a list (of shame):

    I believe it automatically outlink the picture if the signature exceed the maximum size, though I am not 100% sure.

    I've uploaded mine on imgur (but I don't think it's relevant the host) but before doing that I've first resized my image according to the new parameters (who are posted in the Forum's rules thread)


    There is something incorrect about those numbers though, since I've tested myself and the max Height is 150, not 125 as stated, i don't know about the Width.

    Maybe try to tweak a bit the dimensions and see if it works! honeyhap

    @ cupcake, even though premium inv wasn't in my included challenge I'll take on that challenge too. I pay you 3G if you win, you give me 1G if you lose, do you accept those conditions?

    I'm tempted, though I did not purchase literally every single permanent costume/item/mount/dance available because I'm rather picky and that doesn't make me feel confident toward the challenege, especially because I decided to not purchase those big packs such as the permanent swimsuits one.

    Though, I am very curious to know the amount of perms you do own on your character/account, also to know how far we've went through with the overall permanent items obtainaible on Fiesta to this day honeylol

    I got you guys!

    this little thing will turn off everything!


    I've also disabled pretty much everything in Settings>Notifications and also in Settings>General I've disabled the following option:


    Don't :(

    Old Fiesta vids/pics are genuinely so upsetting. I'd do ANYTHING to go back to the old days.

    We need to build Stewie Griffin's time machine!

    Now you made me go back to her Youtube...

    As much as her content would count as "bland" nowdays, I really miss the simplicity and personality she'd bring.

    I've been lurking too on youtube thesedays haha, so many memories... old days were amazing!

    Throwing few videos and memories again:

    The Player Spotlight interview of Andiii from December 2014.

    He was the first player to hit the level 125 cap with his warlock on the NA version and the first player to hit the level 135 cap (with gladiator this time) on both NA and EU versions.

    Despite the fact this is special to me for other reasons, I still laugh to this day when I re-watch this video due to those part of the interview where no one really understood what he was trying to say and the 'yeah' meme parts!

    Once I asked him what he meant to say and I remember he answered me that he had no idea either LOL! Basically this video contains a cryptic sentence no human will be ever able to translate.

    Do you guys remember the "Walking dead" first part of the level 60 job change? That one who teleported you in the old Roumen and after a bit of talking with Roumenous, every npc and random nubs characters turned into pinkish zombies to kill? I still remember that I always used to forget the zombie near the lighthouse...

    The way people used to level during the 105 cap as mages, and the old Gargoyles mega-spot on Swamp of Dawn... the grinding days...

    Not really relevant but EU always allowed multiple clients. Found it well weird when I moved to NA and had to sandbox LMAO


    I am in favor to remove sandboxie and add the multi-client allowance same way as EU without the limit of 3 accounts per user at same time because we never had the same account restriction EU has.

    In a way I don't disagree with youdontknowme1 when he states that we shouldn't use third party programs, techinically speaking sandboxie allows only one extra client unless you purchase the license.

    Now, let's pretend for a moment that the large majority of the players aren't using a cracked version of sandboxie with keygen... we should be actually pay a license of sandboxie only to multi-log more than one Fiesta client, this alone should be an issue conflicting with the Gamigo "3 client per user" rule since not everyone owns an extra pc and and eventual restriction would create an unfair disadvantage towards those who are limited to one pc.

    I do believe Gamigo should just consider the idea of making this game more player-friendly and remove all those non-sense barriers who end up making more damage than benefit to their incomes.

    I would quote you Cupcake, but that post is huge! I do remember the majority of them videos and the randomness ones will always be with my soul <3 I miss these days. We need great content creators like them to come back and pump some laughter/joy back into the game.

    Right? Sometimes I feel like I am playing a completely different game compared to what I used to play back in those years.

    It seems like everything end up being raid-centred, pvp-centred, sc-centred, drama-centred x100 times more than what it used to be.

    With the last boss addition to game we've touched some extremes in my opinion.

    I'd like to name another person that I am sure many still remembers, and maybe she is still around playing secretly: FatalLace.

    As for posting videos from YT, you don't even need the HTML part, just copy and past the link on your post and sumbit it, and ta-dah!

    So what is this Likes function about?
    I can see on a member's profile than they can have given or received likes..

    But I can't find any 'like'-function anywhere??

    Just got a little bit off the sides, gotta keep it clean, you know?

    Welcome back btw

    Absolutely clueless as well, I don't even get what follows does, I just see a block of red notifications everywhere regardless.

    Actually I'm taking the whole 'follow' thing as it was the old "add a friend" thing.


    I've noticed also that the number of threads in each sections are counted as comulative for the overall sub-forums parts (EN-US/ES/FR/DE), even though I am not sure if it makes any sense. honeysilent

    I wish there could be an option to have a different coloring for the forum this one is so bright.. TOO BRIGHT.

    Me yesterday lurking this forum at late hours:


    Gamigo I want my diopters back

    Sylvia (aka Qkrwogud) reaching the level 79 cap on Bijou by hitting slimes. He was the first player to hit the level 59 cap and level 79 cap, and the second to reach the level 89 cap, leader of Aoi_No_Kaze guild.

    This video was quite popular back in the times, I personally remember this since forever.

    The very first sucessful Succubus Queen Karen Raid (Bijou server).

    As far I rememeber this raid took roughly 6 hours to be completeled and the DPS was enterely made by mages' AOE since at 105 cap all the skills missed.

    Warlocks' Mesmerize and Stifle were crucial to keep Karen under control and to save lives also the support of clerics' revs/buffs.

    This raid was planned for a while with different failed attempts, from Ryekarayn guild (leaded by StormyRain), mainly to ruin all the Outspark's planned events around the Karen new boss (true story).

    I don't think I can describe with words what was that group skype call and the excitement we all felt when Karen was taken down.

    A video made by Centrix from censtudios, who alwayas fascinated me.

    Personally it is a good memory due to the appearance of one of the most popular GMs, known as Dakkon.

    He always used to wear the Sensei suit (who was originally named "Dakkon suit") and a blue level 70 2H. I think it was one - if not the most - loved GM in whole Fiesta's history for what does concern this version.

    Mewaki's videos, she has such a great talent and made a lot of people smile with her "Fiesta Randomness" videos made in collaboration with Censtudios.

    I've already commented on this whole multi-account issue both on Discord and on the old forum.

    I've tested the XignCode system during the challenge period and I've noticed and reported most of the issues related to stability and sanboxie, but on that test server (who is EU's based) I was able to log as many clients I desired just by clicking the launcher, there was not any limit of clients.

    I think having our version working like that would be the ideal solution, since as many do know, sometimes the windows updates have the tendency to mess up with sandboxie, and in general I don't see any reason for which we should be rely on a third part program to allow ourself to multi-client when it should be on Gamigo's duties to allow us such possibility since according to their ToS is perfectly fine to do so.

    I strongly disagree with the limit of 3 clients for many reasons, on-top the fact that NA version, aka ex-Outspark, never had restrictions in creating accounts, therefore if we got allowed to keep them all, I don't see what kind of problem there is for Gamigo if I want to use them on one single PC.

    So is fine keeping all the old accounts but is not fine using the amount of them I do want simultaneously? Why just 3 though, doesn't make any sense to me.

    I debated this with the kind GM Kuroneko, but it seemed to me that she had the tendency to protect the limit of 3 per "user" (not like there could ever be an evidence for those people who use an extra PC to log up to 6 or more accounts, and in this case this would just create a unfair limit for those who have only one PC to use).

    I would also like to remind to whoever will take the future decision on that regard, that a lot of people use the multi-account not just for powerlevelling reasons, but mostly to vend their items while they play, to afk in order to help their friends/guild mates to level on some repetables, to trade themselves some items from one account to another since the game doesn't provide any feature unless we exploit the guild storages for this purpose.

    In a way, multi-accounting supplied for the lack of features this game has.

    Lastly, since nothing effective was done in regard to server suffering from the low population (and in all honestly I don't think there could be anything who might work), let at least people do enjoy their experience there for what does concern the Kingdom Quests part.

    Some people use the multi-client to allow themselves to get inside some KQ who otherwise would never start because we lack the minimal partecipant requirement.

    Dear Gamigo, I hope you would consider the status of your game and the way your costumers actually do play this game before taking actions who can be detrimental to your community.

    Keep your protection, remove the block for NA and remove any limitation such as the number of accounts per user.

    In the end, if you think carefully, the multi-clienting allowance would benefit more Gamigo than players.