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    FAQ: Item Token & Cash Token Feature! available HERE

    Bumping again the neverending request:

    - Arctic Fox Ears (Permanent)

    ...cause I am pretty sure there are a lot of players that has been waiting for this item to be sold to match their artic fox tails... please make it happen! playhoney


    - Burning Halo (Permanent)

    ...for the guy that has been doing a hell of a job on the new Fiesta Wiki.

    My personal permanent items wishlist (fall/winter vibes) evilhoney

    - Shadowflame Wings (Permanent)

    - Nightmare Costume (Permanent)

    - Autumn Harvest (Permanent)

    - Elven Santa Suit (Permanent)

    - Toymaker's Apprentice (Permanent)

    - Reindeer Antlers (Permanent)

    - Tiny Voices (Permanent)

    - Mini Jack (Permanent)

    - Mini Teddy Soldier (Permanent)

    - Mini Cotton Candy (Permanent)

    The whole concept of this 'Ninja Sale' is overly taxing: there are no time frames that can hint when an item will go live or how long it stays (how long is the "short while" duration? Is there a limited stock applied on these items?), there is no esclusivity (nothing that wasn't for sale already once nor an extreme % of discount to justify the "epic" epithet) and it also seems like the quantity is scarce (how many items so far, just the permanent workout suit? There are zero clues about how many items overall we should expect, everything is very vague).

    We do have already sales such as 'Happy hours' and 'Mystery Sale'" that are challenging enough to follow, (especially if we consider the multiple timezones NA's versions has), so I wonder whats the reason to give birth to such time consuming and alienanting type of sale?!

    I can understand to some degree that the sale is meant to entice the playerbase to stay glued on the cash shop page hoping for a great deal, and I can even understand that possibly the non-existent schedule is meant to take advantage of the fact that we're living a very peculiar year where many people are stuck at home, but I feel this sale is too stressful and unpratical for the large majority of people that have a normal real life routine that doesn't involve spending time on Fiesta 24/7.

    I hope the feedbacks on this thread could be heard, I'm definitely interested in an improved more "human" Ninja Sale version. evilhoney

    how do i get "The Woman with a Cold Heart" card? can i just farm Mara at Sea of greed or do i have to farm the mara from the kingdom quest?

    The Sea of Greed's Mara, the Mara from Mara's Pirate Rage KQ and the Mara from King Kong Phino KQ have all a chance to drop the Mara's cards, but the S type is usually rarer than the A type.

    Is really up to you and your farming choices, my personal preference goes for the Sea of Greed's Mara where hopefully you can camp at least one of 4 spots available there.

    How many kills is necessary for acquire the title "Shiny Slayer"?

    Got a lot kills in shinies monsters, but just "Shiny Hunter" until the moment.

    if anyone has this information, I will be grateful ?(

    Shiny Slayer, the last tier of the titles, requires you a total of 50 shiny mobs kills.

    It has become quite a challenge with the current shiny rate... sadhoney


    I can only speak about Pagel as I attended the event only on that server, where it took place regularly with the hosting team composed of [CM]Nennien, [BT]Seryn and [SGM]Kuroneko.

    A total of two world bosses were spawned (Lunatic King Albireo and Hellgate King Helga) along with many other Instance/KQ mobs (Demonic Queen Karen, Temple Guardian, different Eglacks, Depraved Siren's King Freloan, Ancient Dragon Collisio, Hell Dragon, Mini Dragons, Avanas of Khazul, Shaman King Khazul) and few regular mobs types.

    The participation was surprisingly high for the server, during the course of event there has been also an increase of people previously busy at SK raid and the addition of a small audience from Isya server.

    The atmosphere was friendly and peaceful, even the staff themselves took part in the event by offering buffs, tanking and helping with the dps, which is generally rare in these types of events since everything is left to players.

    Few spawn requests were made, some were accommodated and others not: we were denied the spawn of the world boss Shaman Khazul (perhaps also because 2 world bosses had already been spawned) , however the request of a low level player asking for some mobs suitable for low levels was taken into consideration and fulfilled.

    At the end of the event the team thanked us for behaving nicely and there was a spawn of GM treasure chests plus some of those Chaotic Treasure chests that spawn inside the Citadel of Chaos Instance.

    So as for how the event took place in the Pagel server, I personally can't give a negative feedback cause I think the team did their best trying to please everyone, although I felt that the Shaman Khazul request could have been granted since many had a strong desire to fight that boss.

    As for Isya, I read several complaints on Discord due to the fact that the event paralyzed the entire server cause it couldn't handle the massive presence of many players on the same map.

    I can definitely understand the frustration and disappointment of those who expected a possible SK spawn and were looking forward for some competition and extra drops, as as well I perfectly understand the anger of those who, although not participating in the event, had to suffer the side effects of a server too unstable to play.

    I hope that in future there could be a way to host this type of events even on Isya minimizing the impact on the server.

    My suggestion to improve and possibly help the situation for overcrowded servers is to offer Monster Fights events based on different level ranges to be hosted into a seperate map with a gate that guarantees the access only to those level ranges.


    - The Monster Invasion event for players of level 130 ~ 135 will take place on day X at Y time on the Isya server on map Z

    - The Monster Invasion event for players of level 120 ~ 130 will take place on day X at Y time on the Isya server on map Z

    - The Monster Invasion event for players of level 110 ~ 120 will take place on day X at Y time on the Isya server on map Z

    - The Monster Invasion event for players of level 100 ~ 110 will take place on day X at Y time on the Isya server on map Z

    - The Monster Invasion event for players of level 70 ~ 100 will take place on day X at Y time on the Isya server on map Z

    - The Monster Invasion event for players of level 1 ~ 70 will take place on day X at Y time on the Isya server on map Z

    I believe this way the the impact of a massive influx of players could be reduced and the event would become an adequate challenge for the level range chosen specificially for the day.

    Another suggestion I'd like to give is to introduce T6 scrolls/potions as random item obtainable from the GM chests, I believe offering up to tier 5 makes these chests outdated for current times.

    Perhaps it could be considered to offer also those special chests such as the Birthday Box, Halloween Cool Box, Halloween Super Cool Box that used to contain 1 day mixed premium items as small "extra" for some lucky players. evilhoney

    Lastly, I'm not sure if thats techinically possible, but it would be really cool if we were given the chance to have the shiny type of mobs to be included in the list of mobs we can request to be spawn, I feel like nowadays it has become really hard to get the titles tied to these mobs so it could be a nice alternative way to help players acquiring them other than boosting the attendance to the event.

    Umm you're missing the point here. So when every perm buys a permanent exp hold then what? Exp holds should be temporary period, and a convenience at best. You can go sacrifice your character over and over if you don't want to purchase the 30 day hold (which I already think is generous). I never said perms never existed before nor will die out so please don't twist my words. I said if you offer your suggested item it would create a bottle neck of perms since the cost is what keeps them from running dungeons 24/7. This idea will never be considered so I'm not debating this further. To think all I have to do is buy a perm exp hold and never have to buy anything ever again except in-game charms and rants... smh..

    Thats your opinion and of course you can think whatever you want, but other people have their own ideas and inputs given from their own gameplay experience that are significant as well.

    For example in my case, the temporary versions never really fit my gameplay style for various reasons, I have avoided to buy them merely cause I can't focus myself in fully playing perms consistently so the options given don't really work for me.

    Others might have other reasons different than mines that I am sure are valid as well.

    Other than that, the concept of "perming" is wide and can apply to whatever level you desire as long you have a reason for it: I have characters created just to farm King Boogy/Mutant Wolf were the "suicide" option doesn't apply because the system was changed years ago to no exp loss from level 1 till level 20.

    So for me the more convenient option is to stick to the "suicide" route or either hope for this idea to be approved and purchase this item on multiple alts, which will also entice me to play them more since I can easily skip the "losing exp" process.

    Since you brought Outspark, even in Outspark times I was more than happy to invest on permanent mounts and permanent Iron Cases on almost all my alt characters (incuding the ones I barely used) - I have never bothered with old bags/boxes and temporary mounts unless they were freebies from events or giveaways.

    As for me "twisting your words", you said that a conseguence of releasing this item would be creating issues on instances being full and an excess of perm characters around, and I simply answered to that that in my opinion I doubt the scenario would be this drastic as you describe, also because this isn't a brand new release, the item has been there for years just with a different duration option and so are perms characters that were there before and will certainly never cease to exist as long there is a valid reason for them to perm at the level they desire.

    What is being suggested here is to introduce a different duration to give a reason to more players to purchase a product that may fits their needs better than the current options or to people like me, to give an actual reason to FINALLY purchase this product.

    Nah there's too many perms ruining low level content as there is. Charge them for it. You seem to forget how Outspark did things. If every perm had permanent exp hold all the instances would be crowded and then you'd have another thread complaining that you want dungeons all to yourselves, imploding the market, You want to limit your level, pay for it.

    I doubt that turning Exp Hold into a permanent version would create a 'boom' of perms and consequently crash the instance system, as this item is nothing but a plus, a benefit you'll probably pay way higher than a temporary version (just like you pay many other items in the cash shop for convenience) - the perms existed before and will continue to exist regardless if this idea will be considered or not!

    +1 this seems to be a fair compromise to make everyone happy! evilhoney

    You can't use the set unless is replenished which gives reasons to people to continue to farm the DQ instance, but at the same time you no longer risk to lose a valuable item you've spent a lot of time and money to obtain.

    I know there are already limited duration ones in the store but I feel like us perm players would be a lot more satisfied if we had a permanent version of it.

    What do you guys think about this idea?

    I'd be willing to pay for a permanent Exp Hold if Gamigo would consider the idea to sell this item, a big YES from me! evilhoney

    I never really bothered with the temporary Exp Hold versions because they're ineffective for the amount of time I would use them, so in my opinion and in my case the benefit isn't worth the amount of money spent.

    As for the on/off toggle I surely don't mind it, but I'd be ok with the option of purchase a separate sc item that undo the exp freeze status in the case I decide to change my mind and level up again.

    Thanks for all the easter items, I know for sure someone that was very happy to stock some of them!

    Bumping again something I'd love to be released cause there some players waiting an eternity to match their arctic fox tail to this:

    - Arctic Fox Ears (Permanent)

    Please make it happen! playhoney

    My personal permanent items wishlist:

    - Shadowflame Wings (Permanent)

    - Nightmare Costume (Permanent)

    - Elven Santa Suit (Permanent)

    - Toymaker's Apprentice (Permanent)

    - Reindeer Antlers (Permanent)

    - Tiny Voices (Permanent)

    - Mini Jack (Permanent)

    - Mini Teddy Soldier (Permanent)

    - Mini Cotton Candy (Permanent)

    - Lacey Long-Ear's Coronal (Permanent)

    - Swimsuits (Permanent) - sold separately from the packs!

    Thanks to both of you for the detailed informations, I am always really curious to know the differences between the versions and get to know how other servers are doing. evilhoney

    Now I understand even more how annoying spam can be in the DE version considering that there is an actual market accessible to everyone with very affordable prices.

    No misunderstandings here, I really like the idea of Roars as tradable elements especially if they can be used to create a small starting income or a long-term form of suistenance for free players... but I can immagine the side effect of this, which is the massive usage of them since they're relatively cheap and with an high supply.

    The price of Roars in the EU's cash shop is pure nonsense: 6000 sc for 1 Roar and 11500 sc for 5 Roars? Why is this even a thing?

    For me this is literally one of the biggest "But why?" on Fiesta.

    I am also sorry to know that in the EU versions you do not have the option to get Tear of Legels via Lucky House's capsules, I think it is extremely unfair considering that there are some dynamics within the game for which these elements are deem necessary (see Shaman Khazul raid or Eglack farms).

    It should be correct and fair to allow players to obtain Tears of Legels within the game even if in a small random chance and I truly hope someday Gamigo will introduce them in the EU's LH capsules.

    For the same reason I find it unfair that in the NA version we still have no chance to get married without having to purchase the wedding application via cash shop (or find a gifter for it)... however, if I have to be honest, the wedding application is an one-time thing with a permanent effect (as long you don't switch partners often), while the Tears of Legels are a consumable item you're often in need, so overall I believe the EU versions are more at disadvantage in that sense. nuuhoney

    I've just realized that patchnotes have been updated with the deadline for the Water Balloon Event:

    • The Water Balloon Kingdom Quest has been activated and runs until 07.22.2020

    I'm not enterely sure why on NA it ends one week earlier considering that event has been activated at the same time in all versions... honeysilent

    Roars are more rarly on NA so most people pay for roars the second reason is that they are not tradeable on NA

    This is really interesting, I didn't know.

    So in the DE version Roars are tradeable? or do you have an additional version of them that can be traded beside the regular type (similar as the tradeable enhacement bundles/tradeable charms etc)?

    Wow is that true? Does it mean you can get All stats +60 for yourself?

    Yes, always been like that:

    My personal preference is to keep my main mount plus 5 (I use a bind on character type) while I have either tradeable mounts or account bound mounts enhanced to plus 4 to share this benefit with my alts whenever I decide to play something different

    There is another thing I'm wondering about... are there any plans regarding the mob "Cold Tyrant Garuda"?

    This monster's peculiarity is to attack both players and other mobs that it encounters in its path in a certain aggro-range.

    On its original course, Garuda was able to roam the map almost completely undisturbed, once in a while you'd see it attack a mob that inevitably ended in defeat, while Garuda was already completely healed from the attack few moments later.

    During late 2015, with the release of the "Waypoint" patches, several mob spawns were added in many regions of Isya including the Kahal Canyon map, which saw an increase in the number of Vale Megantereons, Vale Puggys, Vale Shellas.

    In 2016, the Hunter Mission Quest system was introduced to the game along with new unique mobs tied to these quests, which have a significant attack and defense boost compared to normal monsters.

    To mention those located in Kahal Canyon: Mr. Don, Spirit of the Vale, King of the Vale Apes, Brother Frost, Brother Fury.

    The combination of both patches had as result the fact that Garuda is now easily ended by monsters (mainly hunter mission ones) and is hardly available around the map unless the respawn spot is monitored every 12 minutes.

    I believe this is an unwanted side-effect that hasn't been addressed and fixed yet.


    Considering that with this future upgrade more mobs will be introduced on the right side of the Kahal Canyon map, I was curious if Garuda will stay as it is or if there are plans to either change his route, switch his behaviour to players-only attack, have him stand in a specific spot or perhaps turn him as a neutral monster untill attacked? slimesceptical