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    Something that might be interesting to some:

    Moin, moin! Wir sind uns durchaus bewusst, dass in der Vergangenheit nicht alles rosig abgelaufen ist und wissen, dass wir es anders angehen wollen. Da wir diese Dinge im Team angesprochen haben, um Klarheit für eine transparentere Kommunikation zu schaffen, sind wir in diesem Punkt auch davon überzeugt, dass es beim nächsten Mal anders ablaufen wird.

    Unser Ziel ist es nicht nur einfach stumpf die Fähigkeiten zu schwächen oder zu verstärken, sondern sie Klassengerecht zu gestalten. Zwar wird das Rebalance nicht vor dem Cap stattfinden, jedoch haben wir für den Cap Content 1 neue Fähigkeit pro Klasse eingeplant.

    Google translation:

    « Good Morning! We are well aware that not everything has gone well in the past and we know that we want to approach it differently. Since we addressed these things in the team in order to create clarity for more transparent communication, we are also convinced on this point that it will be different next time.

    Our goal is not just to just bluntly weaken or strengthen skills, but to make them appropriate for the class. Although the rebalance will not take place before the cap, we have planned 1 new ability per class for the cap content. »

    Perhaps it would have been better to resort to Google Docs or forums DMs as was the case in some previous events to avoid problems and allow people to focus on the challenge without spoilers from other users who submit their own entry.

    Even if I didn't participate in this challenge, I congratulate whoever created it - it is really well structured, there are some details that I had never noticed before and I still struggle to associate them with mobs despite I've been playing this game for so many years.

    I would love to see more events of this type! evilhoney

    Mailbox system FAQ can be seen here

    Additional Notes from German's patchnotes:

    The mailbox system has been completely revised and implemented in the game.

    • The Mailbox NPC (PO Box) is located in Roumen, Elderine and Uruga.
    • It is now possible to send messages with attachments to any player in the game.
    • A fee of 50 silver is charged per message.
    • A message can be sent every 60 seconds.
    • Cannot receive messages from players on the blocklist.

    The premium item "Mailbox Magic Box" has been added.

    • Activate this item and get access to your mailbox from anywhere.

    The premium item "Mailbox Item Slots Crate" has been added.

    • Activate the item and get +3 additional free spaces to attach items to a message.

    The proposal to adapt the Vale Shellas and Vale Beaks mobs in Kahal Canyon has been implemented.

    The default setting for "Name tag change" has been changed. From now on, names are displayed in lower case when you log in for the first time.

    The item aura effect system has been adapted so that it will also support armor in the future. This system is also used for the Level 135 Chaos weapons.

    The basic, premium and deluxe faces have been redistributed. There are now 20 faces in each category.

    • 10 new male and female faces have been added to the deluxe selection in the beauty shop saloon.

    The premium item "Mailbox Magic Box" has been added. Activate this item and get access to your mailbox from anywhere.

    • Mailbox Magic Box (1 day)
    • Mailbox Magic Box (7 days)
    • Mailbox Magic Box (30 days)
    • Mailbox Magic Box (Permanent)

    The premium item "Mailbox Item Slots Crate" has been added. Activate the item and get +3 additional free spaces to attach items to a message.

    • Mailbox Item Slots Crate (1 day)
    • Mailbox Item Slots Crate (7 days)
    • Mailbox Item Slots Crate (30 days)
    • Mailbox Item Slots Crate (Permanent)

    The premium item "Friend List Increase (Permanent)" has been added. These can be used to unlock up to 250 places on a character's friends list.

    • +5 Friend List Increase (Permanent)
    • +10 Friend List Increase (Permanent)
    • +25 Friend List Increase (Permanent)
    • +50 Friend List Increase (Permanent)

    New mini-pets have been added to the game. These will be offered in the item shop at a later time.

    • Azalea (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Hibiscus (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Hara (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Pecko (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Chocaty Puffo (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Blue Puffo (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Blacklotl (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Pinklotl (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Tiny Tadpol (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Grumpy Hopper (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Smiling Lizard (Auto & Pick Up)
    • Tea Olives (Auto & Pick Up)

    Anniversary Related Events

    The Cupcake KQ will remain untill December 2nd, 2020


    Item Name Bonus Duration Coins
    [Pickup] Mini Sunflower +7 to Stats, PickUp 30 Days 45
    [Multi] Conch Mini House +5 vending slots, quicker regen 7 Days 30
    Fiesta Cake House Quicker regen Permanent 105
    Anniversary Crown 4% Damage 30 Days 105
    [Normal] Wonderland Costume Statless 7 Days 45
    Fiesta Birthday Costume 4% Defense 7 Days 45
    Anniversary Costume 6% Damage 30 Days 105
    Pinata Horse Speed 190 (?) 15 Days 30
    Pierrot Weapon Skins [5k Durability] Statless Permanent 75

    Quest chain *** work in progress ***

    [Anniversary] Birthday of Fiesta Online!

    Starting NPC: Alfonso (Roumen)

    Task: Talk quest.

    Reward NPC: Milia (Elderine)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 100 Coppers, 500 Fame

    [Anniversary] In search of the Sugar King!

    Starting NPC: Daria (Elderine)

    Task: Talk quest.

    Reward NPC: Item Merchant Nina (Elderine)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 500 Fame

    [Anniversary] In search of the Sugar King! 2

    Starting NPC: Healer Avon (Elderine)

    Task: Talk quest.

    Reward NPC: Healer Poring (Uruga)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 500 Fame

    [Anniversary] In search of the Sugar King! 3

    Starting NPC: Forniture Shop Owner Forest Tim (Uruga)

    Task: Talk quest.

    Reward NPC: Forniture Shop Owner Forest Tom (Roumen)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 500 Fame

    [Anniversary] Royal pastries

    Starting NPC: Argus Caramel (Roumen)

    Task: 5 Anniversary Token - You can obtain the Anniversary Tokens by partecipating in the Anniversary Cupcake war KQ

    Reward NPC: Argus Caramel (Roumen)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 500 Fame, 1 Gourmet Package (Quest Item)

    [Anniversary] Birthday treat

    Starting NPC: Elethia (Elderine)

    Task: 1 Gourmet Package - (Default reward from previous quest)

    Reward NPC: Elethia (Elderine)

    Rewards: 100 Exp, 500 Fame, 13th Birthday Balloon [+2 to Stats, Dual, Character bound] (Permanent) - Fantastic Birthday Costume [5% Defense] (7 Days) - Anniversary Crown [4% Damage] (7 Days)

    Selective Reward: Fluffy Unicorn Wings [5% Damage, 6% Critical] (7 Days) OR Sparkle Wings [5% Evasion, 5% Damage] (7 Days)

    From the same thread in the german version:

    Google translate version:

    Hello my dears!

    In advance we would like to make it clear that the cap is not planned ON at the end of 2021, but BEFORE the end of 2021. In short, this means that the target is currently mid-2021, but there is no official release date yet. In the 1st quarter of 2021 we will probably have more information for you!

    What can you expect in the upcoming cap?

    In the next story you will immerse yourself as an adventurer in a new world and have the opportunity to climb up 5 levels. Including you will have to face a new world boss who - how should it be otherwise - spreads mischief and wants to attack the Isyans!

    But that's not all, because there will also be a new instance which you can enter with your friends and guild members to get some new equipment.

    Variety is the order of the day!

    Thank you for your feedback at this point. This is all forwarded collectively so that everyone in the team is on the same denominator. It is also important to us that, for example, the quests and repeatable quests offer variety and that you don't just have to collect dull "petals". We will also make sure that repeatable quests can be accepted "automatically" again. It is likely that not all quests will be able to be turned on / off from afar, but we will make sure that it makes sense as to which ones this concerns.

    Some of the points listed have already been addressed in the team and overlap with our planned concepts. We will forward further feedback on certain processes in the game accordingly and address it directly so that every aspect was heard.

    Trading cards

    It is currently planned that this topic will be taken up and tackled with the new Cap Content, but no new trading cards will go live with the Cap Content. We will go into this in more detail in another update post.

    Further topics, which we will deal with at another point in time, are legendary weapons, T6 debinder, as well as the alchemy system and its T6 learning roles. (Attention! Subjects may be subject to change.)

    Your artwork is wonderful, it put me in a good mood slimeblush

    I agree with what The Jumping Lord said, the details are incredible, I love how accurate the in game elements are (the cover of the book that recalls the 'Mage Book' card, the details of the musketeer uniform, the staff with the enchantment aura)... the whole scenery structure is so sophisticated and elegant with a great attention to detail to the point that I spent several minutes admiring all the objects arranged in the showcases!

    I hope that in the future you could feel inspired again to create more artwork of this kind and share them with us, is something really delightful to watch!

    Even if there are many people from outside the US/Canada, this server literally goes by NA time (in-game clock) and was meant to be focused around NA players. I didn't miss it because I'm currently in Asia, but saying "we need to accommodate more people" is a bad argument. World bosses typically spawn unfavorably for NA players, for example.

    What I do agree with is the happy hours and mystery sale are inconsistent in how long it takes each sale to reset. It needs to be 60 minutes, nothing more, nothing less (maybe a couple minutes off max), and announcements should be made earlier to actually give time for people to schedule.

    The point is that the offer actually took place on schedule in the NA time zone, simply in this particular circumstance it was decided to make Happy Hours a night offer.

    As I have already written, the exact same proposal also occurred in the european versions, so the sale department probably wanted to test out a different type of marketing proposal.

    I believe they will definitely take the feedback into account, as there have been some negative ones also from the other Fiesta versions.

    As for the inclusion of other time zones I don't see how that can be a 'bad argument', especially in an international version of fact like this: including does not mean taking something away, but simply accommodating other groups as well.

    You have given me world bosses as an example, but in fact it is a side effect to the maintenance system as they are related to server resets: since the Outspark's days, the maintenance has taken place in the late evening precisely to offer a larger gameplay time without downtime interruptions.

    If you think about it, when the maintenaces last hours, for an european time zone half a day has already passed, so it is not so convenient as it seems, as most people are busy with school and work in the morning hours anyway. I guess is impossible to set a time that works for everyone, cause even when its a fixed time like GT, some people can't make it.

    Of course, by moving from an american publisher to a european publisher the raid times have become worse for NA timezone, but in order to release maintenaces patches for all the Fiesta versions together they adjusted the maintenance time taking in account the Gamigo's office schedule time, which is located in Germany.

    An example of inclusivity applied to world bosses to add variety and reduce the stress for NA-timezone players could be reducing the respawn time from 24 hours to 20 hours (could be 20 or less), so during the week the raids will rarely occurr twice at the same time.

    Example: If server is up at 4.00 am PDT, with a 20 hours world boss respawn the next times would be at 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 8:00 pm, 12 am, 4:00 am. Some days will still suck, but during the week there will be eventually more favorable times for NA timezone AND for everyone else.

    I hope I have explained myself properly.

    There are a lot of european, oceanic, south-east asian, middle east players on the NA server. I think if there's any reason they changed the time, it's because it's more convenient for other timezones.

    Thank you for pointing this out, it seems like a lot of people don't seem to realize that there is actually a large variety of players from different timezones playing this version (I'd say that around half of this version playerbase isn't even from NA timezone).

    To those that keep redirecting 'european players' to the Fiesta's EU versions, I'd like to point out that there are many non-NA players that were playing before the Fiesta european versions even existed in the first place and have invested as much as other players so I don't see why they can't have a say on these topics without having their opinion dismissed.

    If we want to insist with this kind of mindset, then techinically no one is forced to follow a sale that was specifically meant to run overnight (hence the "Night" Happy Hours in the title) that DID happen at the correct "NA Timezone" (PDT).

    The other european versions had the exact same sale happening at their night time, so I guess Gamigo wanted to experiment a different schedule for Happy Hours... I suppose there might be players that are more active at night for whatever reason, in the end not everyone has the same routine as the majority of the people, let a alone a different timezone.

    The biggest fallacy here was the incorrect time schedule posted in the annoucement, as the sale was meant to run from 8:00 pm till 8:00 am on the next day - but looking at the same annoucements on FR and ES versions, it seems like they messed with the am/pm and copy/pasted the same erroneus text... mistakes happen.

    They could just have a 24 hour happy hour then no need to worry about time zones.

    Seems like a win-win to me.

    We've suggested it many times before but they always seemed to have excuses. We also suggested having the same happy hour sale duplicated with a 12 hour offset


    It's still a mystery to me why to some players it's so hard to accomodate suggestions that are actually trying to be more inclusive and can make all timezones happy such as the above 24 hours Happy Hour sale suggestion or the 20 hours boss respawn suggestion.

    Something I'd like to see improved about the Happy Hours:

    - Regardless of the time schedule chosen, I'd like the announcement to be posted earlier, so that most players could be aware of the offer and can adjust accordingly.

    Very often this type of offers with time and quantity limitations are published only an hour or few hours before going live, not allowing some players to be aware of the offer that is going to happen... please kindly consider to post the annoucement more ahead of time.

    - Make the Happy Hours more consistent.

    Why they never last an hour? A while ago they used last 40 mins, right now they last over an hour and there are also long span of time without any offer to the point that people wonder if perhaps there is an item that got glitched /misplaced in another cash shop category.

    Could this be improved to avoid players wasting so much time looking at the store waiting the next item going live? And would it be possible to have some sort of schedule similar as Mystery Sale?

    I was kicked in a mass exodus of the members list, and the Guild Master decided to blame it on me, when I was not an admin in game nor in discord. Whether or not he believes the truth I do not know. We haven't spoken since I told him to stop spreading lies about me.

    But since I am no longer apart of the guild, would be weird for me to run a forum thread for them.

    Random uneeded opinion, but honestly judging by your long time forum activity I don't really believe you can be a person who would do such a thing, at least according to the impression I have of you, there is an abyss between you and the type of drama/toxic/scammers people I've often seen around Isya.

    Not that you need any support to your innocence, but when I read that you were blamed it seem to me not only a ridiculous accusation to make, but also an excuse meant to find a scapegoat to blame for a bad managing choice made in choosing whoever had access to admins powers in the guild.

    I believe the guild master took a giant blunder and I'm sorry to read that he gave you this unfair and infamous treatment, hopefully you're now in a guild/group that can appreciate and support you. happyhoney

    Bumping again:

    - Arctic Fox Ears (Permanent)

    - Burning Halo (Permanent)

    My permanent items wishlist (fall/winter vibes) evilhoney

    - Shadowflame Wings (Permanent)

    - Nightmare Costume (Permanent)

    - Autumn Harvest (Permanent)

    - Fungal Matters (Permanent)

    - Elven Santa Suit (Permanent)

    - Toymaker's Apprentice (Permanent)

    - Reindeer Antlers (Permanent)

    More variety for permanent minipets and minihouses:

    - Tiny Voices (Permanent)

    - Mini Jack (Permanent)

    - Mini Teddy Soldier (Permanent)

    - Mini Cotton Candy (Permanent)

    - Sweet Mushroom House (Permanent)

    - Spring Garden House (Permanent)

    - Casa Pina (Permanent)

    I think I'm missing something, what are the crowns selected by the community?

    I think it's referring to the "Community Vote" thread in which we were asked to pick few crowns designs choices from a selection of art concepts.

    You can find the thread HERE

    Down below a resume of the options and the top voted choices that probably are the ones that made it to the game:



    Copy-Pasted from last year, the event and the rewards haven't changed, but perhaps you might notice something new in the Maze... evilhoney


    Item Name Bonus Duration Coins
    Wicked Jack Weapons/Shields [5k Durability] Statless Permanent 15
    Dark Goth 5% Damage, 5% Evasion 30 Days 20
    Headless Rider Costume 5% Defense, 3% Evasion 7 Days 7
    Minimuru of Fire +30 to STR/DEX/END, Dual, PickUp 7 Days 10
    Minimuru of Storm +30 to DEX/END/SPR, Dual, PickUp 7 Days 10
    Minimuru of Ice +30 to DEX/END/INT, Dual, PickUp 7 Days 10
    Pumpkin Head Stateless? (No bonus specified) 30 Days 8
    Ghost Mask 3% Critical 7 Days 4
    Hell Rider 280 Speed 7 Days 8
    Mechanical mount of JackO 280 Speed, Double seat 7 Days 12
    Zombie Shuffle - 7 Days 8
    Zombie Shuffle 2 - 7 Days 8

    Event Quests' Details - (both are daily type quests)

    Please Find My Candy 1 (Event Quest)

    Starting NPC: Margret (Elderine)

    Task: 30 Stolen Candy

    The drops can be obtained by defeating ghostly slimes and ghostly honeyings (which are nothing but the regular slimes and honeyings who became spooky-looking)

    Reward NPC: Margret (Elderine)

    100 Exp, 100 Coppers, Transformation Candy [10], Halloween Fireworks [10], 1 Halloween Coin

    In order to complete the second daily event quest, to enter inside the Temple of Mystery you need to use one trasformation candy and warp inside the gate map.

    Please Find My Candy 2 (Event Quest)

    Starting NPC: Margret (Elderine)

    Task: 10 Stolen Candy Corn

    You need to complete sucessfully the Temple of Mystery, at the end of the labirynth you should find some chests that contains the drops required to complete this quest.

    Reward NPC: Margret (Elderine)

    100 Exp, 100 Coppers, Mysterious Transformation Candy [10], Halloween Fireworks [10], 1 Halloween Coin

    Titles' Memo


    Note: In order to get the Helga, Malephar and Jack O' Latern transformations you must use the "Mysterious Transformation Candy"