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    Id say its even for mages since one of their weakness is supposed to be aim

    now they get 450 more aim without anyone being able to counter that on eva

    also a mage nerv in pvp was long overdue if were honest

    sleep stifle fear especially with 135 set effects are to strong not even talking about how hard mdmg hits in pvp

    thanks for sharing this

    this clears my 2. and 3. point out

    still the fact remains (if not more then before) that the aim talisman is way out of proportion compared to (m)def/dmg

    also a base eva talisman wouldnt hurt

    I agree to this for the most past but id also like to add that i think glad vs glad is meant to be missing at least 5-10% to add a factor of rng (more exciting) to it

    "GLADS/MAGES > ARCHERS/TRICKSTERS" true, worst part is this being already the case judging by the amount of people playing glad/mage exceeds knight/archer/trickster/crus numbers


    Nerf evasion on every glad gear by 150

    (Hat, top, pants and boots) 600eva altogether, which will balance the gap of 1000

    Nerf Aim tailsman to 500aim

    Add evasion tailsman 500eva

    Everyone will be happy"

    I can get behind this, apart from the fact of high aim beating high eva so in my opinion a nerv of 60-90eva per glad piece would give eva based glads an okay advantage of being missed on without rendering their gear completely worthless

    I'm triggered because you legit seem like a noob in understanding anything. How on earth did you come to the conclusion that eva based classes are more expensive? For jewels, you don't need high aim or at all really, so HP/eva are cheaper than HP/aim. For gears, I have seen archer and trix gears that have godly HP/aim/eva or def instead of aim going for maybe like 25 or 30G a piece. Do you know how much these would go for if they were on glad gears? No you don't because you haven't spent time looking at prices. How is having over 1k bonus aim from my items not having any aim? Idiot.

    DQ frags are obtainable but they are a pain to get 150 frags esp for popular ones like reds or blues. Like I said, the current meta is having defense on gears AND def SC, the latter working as a % so it amplifies more :pepega:. I literally said ML ears show value when your gears and other jewels are godly, so stupid much?

    Stop talking LMAO the fact that you think glads in general are kings of 1v1 PvP show you're clueless about this game. Stop drooling over a select few who spent near 1kG or even more to make your conclusion. I'm done talking with you as I don't wanna lose brain cells. Have fun quitting.

    missed the point of this argument completely once again and all these topics have been discussed before so i dont feel the need to answer this

    Gleeo, not to offend u but to me it looks like all ur doing here is justifying why ur gears arent that bad and how def is important for glad.

    wich is nothing wrong with, it sure is and u wont need cap aim on all for a pve Glad, but if u want to pvp and be able to have a chance to kill maxed-out archers/tricksters/glads u should be able to see that HP and aim are the stats to focus on and get atleast somewhat close to cap on aim

    its 2 stats and a piece of 135 glad armor is 2G (for less popular classes 80g) so mainly the costs is in the Hammers of bijou.

    said cost is the same for all classes so other classes will cost as much as ur beloved glad, and even way more if they need evasion on it too

    Now, if u have an actual argument against the 3 points i stated, AND WHAT THIS DISCUSSION IS ACTUALLY ABOUT

    1. Aim talisman being out of proportion strong compared to the other talisman

    2. Least played classes getting even more useless and removing the strength of the already most played classes

    3. gamigo scamming their truest customers who spent the most on gears ( that goes also for the glads that got that goof hp/def/aim (even tho less for those)) since nobody wont need aim on gears if they can just slap on an aim talisman

    may u please be quiet? u wasted enough pages with obsessing about minor stuff, insulting and completely missing the topic

    None of my or Xeno's arguments are in your favor. Stop being delusional. If you only have eva in your gears, you deserve to be one stacked. Why? Because your gears are crap. Same thing for glads who have only aim in their gears. They're not touching anyone ranged and a knight can probably stack with s/s to end these glads. How many times do I have to say this? Getting 5.5-6k aim on a glad is not basic given the class needs a decent/good HP as well, and if we don't count aim SC/DQ reds/aim scrolls. If we ARE counting DQ reds, like I said, maybe that suggests the stats on these red suits need a nerf.

    Again, PLEASE GET THIS TO YOUR BRAIN: DECENT HP/AIM ALONE ARE EXPENSIVE FOR GLADS. The defense bonus on every gear pieces alone doesn't add up a lot, but with defense SC or 3-piece DQ reds, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

    People play glads not because they are kings in 1v1 PvP. I don't know where you got that idea from, but the truth is they get countered by pretty much every class in 1v1. People play glads because they are kings in PvE, meaning that there are more spots for them for raids, especially TOG=more income. If you can't beat an average glad (not the ones with jaw-dropping gears) as an archer, that's seriously on your lack of skills or your gears/SC. Just look at the skills for archers past 100/120 and you'll see how there are multiple ways to counter a glad from even reaching you before they die from dots/bomb/kites. Glads become useful in PvP only in FBZ wars/GT when they're charmed, because their stats go out of control with passive and vit. People play glads because they actually require some skills (especially in glad vs glad fights) with CC, dash, and set switching, so there's more "fun".

    jeez ur like a triggered bot on repeat, not that ive explained that all to you already but here we go again,

    at no point i said archer/trickster/eva glad need only eva on gears,

    ALL those existing eva based classes need to have HP and Aim in their build as well else their eva is useless, even as u stated above

    Thats what makes it even worse, u know those eva based characters cost so much more then the only HP/Aim classes that can counter them already

    now introducing a idiotic high aim talisman will scam those expensive eva based classes even more since now players like u with none to barely any aim on their gear wont miss on them anymore. DQ raids are obtainable by everyone yet barely anyone put the effort to farm them, part of the reason being how well aim sc stacks up with itself, high base aim and ML ears (u wouldnt know)

    Def on gears is a bonus, not the priority. 2k difference (for the example absolute no def vs proper def on all!!!) def is and will stay minor and can be compensated by 1 piece of sc. Also this point has been discussed enough before, do u not even read what i write?

    Glads being the strongest in PVE as well as PVP is a inextinguishable fact due to their highest DMG in game, 2nd highest def in game, Perm vit 70% dmg increase, Cross Counter, Evasion, passive and also when geared properly already absolutely sufficient aim.

    Archers/tricksters are eva dependant which is completely fine. Nobody is complaining about eva on either of those classes. However, glads with the same eva as most tricksters/archers has no place in this game. What are you talking about 20$ glad? I've dumped over 200+ hammers into my glad to have the gear/stats I have. Gamigo's GM's claim the game is not pay to win yet the most geared glads with 6k+ sc have spent thousands of dollars to get the gears they have. I'm not expecting to be able to 1 stack them I'm against the huge p2w BS the game has become. These people don't even farm gear they just buy hundreds of hammers and hope to get lucky. Hell yeah the only ones complaining about eva are poorly geared glads and the only ones defending it are the ones who can't even play mage properly. Foh

    yes but with the 1,5k aim the aim talisman will give literally nothing will miss on anything screwing over the already least played classes

    as i told the first guy, u might be wrong here and want to make a thread to nerv glads eva since that seems to be your major complaint

    Bro, DM me your in-game name LOL. I wanna see what kinda ungeared player you really are. At this point, I think your gears are worth $20. FYI, no capped glad gears/jewels/axe will go for $20. Assuming 2:1 rate, that's 40G, barely enough for a fail axe+12. You're actually stupid and something's wrong in the head if you think a $20 glad can kill a $200 archer/trickster/glad.

    I won't have any problem one stacking those classes if a) they have no idea what they're doing and b) only have eva going for them (no HP/def). I don't know how many times I have to say this, but eva/aim aren't the only stats people strive for, yet you stubbornly believe so. Let me guess, your gears are only filled with eva/aim? Pathetic. A decent archer assuming decent gears can kill most glads (without loaded on def. SC) before they even get in range. SS has been a known counter to glads with knockbacks (just need to time skills right) and rangers can kite for days with entraps, stun, and root. Reaps counter glads, period. Why do you think some glads buy a HG shield or make 90 leg s/s?

    Like I said, going for HP/Aim isn't a problem for most classes, but for glads, those two stats alone are expensive. Looks like you can't get that into your brain because you have no knowledge and have the logic of a 10 year old. Again, let's see your gears and stats.

    20$/200$ was clearly a oversimplified argumentation aid (we all know u wont even get ur set +10 with 20$) so stop obsessing about details and argument against the general point i make

    idk why im even arguing with u, u dont have ml ears u clearly have no clue what ur doing. well...

    "I won't have any problem one stacking those classes if a) they have no idea what they're doing and b) only have eva going for them (no HP/def). "

    thanks for arguing in my favor here. Even glads with 4.9k aim say they have no problem 1stacking a ranger/reaper focused on eva

    ----> no reason to introduce an aim talisman

    " I have to say this, but eva/aim aren't the only stats people strive for"

    As an average glad u literally dont have any buisness looking for any stat besides hp/aim so as proven earlier 5,5-6k aim should be basic for this type of glad

    As also discussed earlier the difference between having decent def on every piece of your gear VS no def on gear is ~2k = less then 7% --->Minor

    then theres the glads who go for the best gear off HP/aim/eva (wich im not saying anyone has to go for) wich spent tripple the amount of money then the average glad. Those are the players getting scammed by the introduction of this aim talisman since all their effort is useless now

    "SS has been a known counter to glads with knockbacks (just need to time skills right) and rangers can kite for days with entraps, stun, and root. Reaps counter glads, period. Why do you think some glads buy a HG shield or make 90 leg s/s?"

    ONCE AGAIN (can u guys come up with something new pls im getting bored) first of all if glad is that bad, why is 80% of the player base Glad main??Then, get a buff and rangers/sharpshooters cant kill anyone.

    yes glad cant beat reaper at the moment (partly due to their evasion buff being broken) BUT does the most useful class in PVE as well as PVP(arguably glad or wl) really have to be able to beat every other class??

    save yourself the insults we arent in high school anymore, i wont give u my ingame name im aware of the hate i will generate in 80% of the player base by speaking the uncomfortable truth

    Yeah, and what about my other pieces? My boots alone would probably go for another $30-40. You literally never met a player who doesn't own at least a pair of ml ears? LMAO stop making stuff up. I don't know the exact numbers, but there are a few in Isya. You're seriously saying everyone has something that costs hunderds of gems? Idiot. Stop theory-crafting and go make a capped glad then. Until then, you don't have the resources nor do you have the knowledge to gear up a decent glad, so stop rambling. You probably have no HP or below 10x HP on those jewels :D. Again, jewels with garbage HP but high aim aren't hard to obtain, but balanced ones are. You're probably sitting at around 7-8k w/o extender wondering why you're getting dropped from a single tomahawk with vit.

    well if good gears are that far out of your reality ill give u a different example

    meaning no ml ears, stats far from cap, no eva sc

    Said archer/trickster/glad without these features will have eva around 5,4-5,6K

    u wont have problem 1-stacking those with your 4,9k aim

    so a 20$glad wont have problem killing a 20$ archer/reaper/glad

    the point is that youre ignorant enough to think your 20$ glad is supposed to be able to kill a 200$ archer/trickster/glad

    u already saving enough money by only going for 2 stats (hp/aim) rather then those having to look for 3 good stats

    The most geared glad in the game barely reaches 6.9k aim with full aim sc and you're telling me 6.5k aim is easy for a glad to reach without SK? You haven't met a player that doesn't own at least 1 pair of mal ears? You clearly have no knowledge of this game or glads please just stop embarrassing yourself.

    as u said above those glads reaching 6,9k aim (wich was as i said including aim scroll and buffs) also the ones having 6,4k eva

    going for only hp aim 6,4k aim is achievable without major problems

    If u two have nothing left then insulting me or obsessing about minor details u can stay quiet now

    u two puppets have already done your job proving that the only ones complaining about eva are poorly geared glads

    now dont get to obessed about this since if u can reach 6,0 or 6,5k aim on glad wont matter anymore when in 10 days every glad can reach 7,5k aim NO PROBLEM

    u guys obsessing about 30 aim just shows how disproportionally to much 1,5k aim on talisman is

    LMAO. Ok buddy, you literally have no idea what you're talking about. A pair of ML ears costs what? 200-300G for mediocre/decent stats. No average player will have it. You're stupid if you think jewels and glad gears with DECENT HP and aim (JUST TWO STATS) are cheap as you implied. SK axes aren't even sold, and if wielders right now choose to sell it, they can easily ask for $500. $20? Nah, my items are probably worth 10 times yours judging by your ignorance and stupidity of your statements. I can easily sell my axe alone for $40-50. Again, we're not talking about getting cap aim on items and have like 50 HP per piece, that's stupid. I'm talking having 150-200 HP and 10-15x aim per piece. When you figure out how much these pieces go for, come back and try again. Don't QQ and complain if you have no substantial knowledge of this game.

    i literally have never met a player who doesnt own atleast 1 pair of ml ears (enough for all their chars). u dont own 1 of the most basic pieces of gear and ur complaining about missing?? as shown above u can reach 6.5k aim easily without using sk or dq

    u can sell ur axe pricey cause its actually the best piece of ur gear(as far as u told) and because 80% of the server is glad

    145 aim on each jewel is no problem? You only need Hp/aim on your gear? honeyrofl Please... Any glad that steps into fbz without def in their gear can get 1 stacked by a tog axe unless they're running tons of def sc. And if you did run a ton of def sc you'd be lacking a ton of damage so where do you go from there? As for 145 aim on each jewel... You realize some of the most geared people in the game don't even have 130 aim on their jewels right? High Hp/aim jewels with decent def are worth 300+ G for a reason.

    if u have decent def on every piece u have about 2k more def then a glad that doesnt have any def on his gears

    that can be compromised by 1 piece of def sc and is minor

    i have over 135 aim on every piece of my jewelry and that was not the stat i even focused on nor did i spent a lot of money or effort on them

    Again, post your stats and SC/buff on a 135 glad if you think it's easy or DM me your ingame name to show me your gears. SK users? LMAO and how much do SK axes go for? You're just picking outliers (the top few on the server) to prove imbalance. If a glad with an average of ~11x aim on each piece of jewels and gears and almost 3xx aim on a CoC axe can't get 5k aim, how are you going to say it's easy? Note that I'm just listing the bonus aim on these items, not the bonus HP or other stats that glads would look for.

    Go look at the prices of gears, buddy. Rangers and reapers' gears are 3-5 times cheaper. And what's your point? People use eva SC, so others use aim SC to counter or match, but that means they all sacrifice dmg/def SC, so what's the problem? Like I implied, eva glads should not be a thing and eva/def stats on their gears need a nerf.

    i wont i dont own a glad but i can tell u names if u find a way to dm me in this forum (wont name due to privacy)

    Now u say with the above u have 4.9k aim, ur gear literally needs nothing but Hp and aim so u should be able to be somewhat at cap aim on ur gears without spending alot of money.

    on each jewel reaching 145aim is no problem so we do 145*3=435 + ml ears(wich for me make 400 difference) = 835aim so u have 390aim potential on jewels

    gears cap aim total is 576, lets say 544 is easy to achieve so we got -> 100 potential on gears

    khazul axes cap aim is 309 so u should have no problem getting 30 more out of that (not even goin to calculate with sk/dq)-> 30 more potential

    add mini pets -> 60 more aim

    = 580 more aim u should be able to achieve with minor to none effort

    now ur sitting at 5.5k aim not even having touched aim sc

    add aim sc+dq suit u have 6.5k without any struggle being able to not miss on anyone below 7.4k eva

    and thats for a class thats supposed to miss

    compare your little effort of hammering 2 stats to the money people put in to get Hp/aim/eva

    well now thats all useless due to gamigo listening to the wrong ppl and scamming their true customers

    how much money did u spend on ur glad? 20$? and u demand to not miss on someone who put above 200$?

    You realize glad damage is nothing without vit right? Suppose you increase the dmg of every other class in the game to balance out the dmg in pve between the classes. What happens then to glads in pvp? Glads can already be easily be killed by every class except crusader/clerics. Even knights can beat glads but there aren't any knights in the game with enough skill to actually do so. Also, equally geared glads can't kill equally geared eva based classes like reapers/sharp shooters without vit.

    first of all, if glad is as bad as you described, why 100% of this game based around glads?

    you realize that

    1. It takes less then 0,5sec to vit (after u stun) and give you a dmg increase of 70% -> the decrease in def doesnt matter since nothing in this game can tank a glad stack on highest tier vit

    2. If u were to be hit after u vit u can use a low lvl vitality with mighty set and gain a dmg increase of 30% (WITH NO DOWNSIDE/Permanent!!)

    3. combine those points with the fastest stun in the game/low hp there is nothing that can tank a glad whatsover unless there is a great eva difference (wich is supposed to be removed now)

    It's not very easy. I can speak from experience. My jewels have +446 aim in total, CoC axe has +268 aim, gears have +446 aim total, and I'm sitting slightly under 4.9k with skin, without aim sc, and no SC minipets. If aim is the only stat that glads go for (stupid thing to do), then yes, hitting even 5k aim is easy. But everyone knows HP is the most prioritized stat at cap. If you have a capped glad, post your stats and SC because it sounds like you either don't have one or just basing off of others who spent quite a lot of gems. You seem to not realize that glads who have 7k aim are also the ones with one of the best gears on the server. They aren't just going for aim, like I said, so they spend a lot getting HP/aim/Def or HP/aim/Eva or all four stats. Also, I have yet to see a glad have 7k aim without DQ reds, aim SC, and/or scroll, in which case suggests the stats on DQ reds should be nerfed (they should).

    I was one of the people who (as a glad) advocated they nerf glads, because they have all these "compensations" that make them broken. But seeing as how eva/aim is still RNG in the end as these stats can vary A LOT at cap, I advocate that they nerf defense/eva stats on their gears, so they can be taken down quicker. That way, they can land a hit on anyone they want, but they're likely dead by the time they reach archers in range, and they're going to get slaughtered by a trix (make disadvantage vs trix even more distinguishable).

    135 Glad ungeared has 500 Aim with my 26 DEX and 3k Aim only with Fake Khazul Wep (+300 Aim Stat)

    So my Glad full geared has 4,2k Aim with OK Stats on my Gear. (No SC, only Wep Cover)

    So with very good Gear 5k would be possible and 6k with Buffs, but 7k Aim on glad? Pls show me that ...

    thanks you three for proving my point that main group saying 'eva is broken' are poorly geared glads as u just described yourself (xeno included wich is well known and stated plenty by himself)

    there are glads wich showed screenshots of their aim being 7,2k+ (especially sk users)

    subtract possible aim scroll and archer buff makes their base aim 6,5k

    6,5k aim is enough to barely miss on evasion up to 7,4k wich is as much as average rangers/reapers and godliest glads can achieve

    "You seem to not realize that glads who have 7k aim are also the ones with one of the best gears on the server. They aren't just going for aim, like I said, so they spend a lot getting HP/aim/Def or HP/aim/Eva or all four stats. Also, I have yet to see a glad have 7k aim without DQ reds, aim SC[...]"

    First of all thanks for strengthening to my point that this is scamming all players who spend good money on their gear and hammers since this talisman will render those completely worthless

    You do realize the same goes for the rangers/reapers/glads they are missing on? Those people spent just as much if not more to get their godly eva

    same for the SC they use, they sacrifice dmg/def SC for their eva, so people have to sacrifice dmg/def SC for their aim SC to hit them

    4,8 aim is very easy for glads to achieve and as even u admitted u can achieve 7k aim on glads (wich is stupid that thats even possible)

    with 7k aim as the aim/eva sytem the way it works now u WILL NOT MISS on evasions up to 8k.

    much more then 8k can not be reached by any class (except reapers with broken buff)

    So if anything we need a nerv to aim rather then remove eva from the game.

    people even having the audacity to complain about aim weakness of glad is unbelievable to me

    if u have a problem with missing make a sharpshooter/knight/reaper/crusader but oh wait, u wont have the same stupid OP stats as u have on glad

    because they have been fooled by ppl like u, literally most players in the game are gladiators with mediocre gears crying if they miss once (on their poor gears wich cost them 5 hammers each) even tho they have far more dmg then any other class and still the 2nd best def

    the reason i made this post is that im scared the diversity in the game will completely faint (if its not yet already)

    also i think ur arguments misplaced in here u might want to make a different thread to nerv glads eva