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    No, I was referring to this:

    10. Accounts

    • 10a. Asking other players for their account details (usernames and/or passwords) or sharing your account details with anyone else is prohibited. Gamigo staff will never ask you for your account password. This includes allowing other players to use or have access to your account.

    However, if no login information is exchanged, then's an 'at your own risk' kind of situation.

    Alright, no one posted anything about accessing each others account (login usernames/passwords) or exchanging accounts. Now that you're aware of your own ToS, thanks for informing all of us. :)

    Nobody said anything about a ban.

    Please read In-Game Rules section 10

    If no login information is exchanged, then there is no violation.

    Buying and selling of ingame names and/or accounts is against Gamigo's Terms of Service.

    You specifically said, "buying and selling of ingame names AND/or accounts" is against ToS. I never mentioned I'm accessing their account to obtain a name or buying an account. It is names that are unused. Apparently you came to this thread to say its against ToS and I want to know where it says that. A link or quote if its on forums would be nice.

    Are you referring to this:

    10 User obligations and responsibilities

    10.1 The user shall be obliged to keep the login data required for accessing the games (usernames, passwords etc.) secret and shall not disclose them to any third-parties unless the provider agrees, in writing, to the account or game registration being transferred, in advance.

    10.2 As a rule, the provider will communicate with users by email, unless anything else has been determined to the contrary in these terms of use or in any other agreement. Subsequently, the latter must ensure that the emails sent from the provider to the email address provided by the user either during registration or at a later date are able to reach them. They will ensure this by, for example, checking the necessary setting in the spam filter and by regularly checking the email address. Furthermore, the provider reserves the right to choose another suitable means of corresponding.

    10.3 Players’ characters (“games characters”) cannot be deleted. It is subsequently the user’s responsibility to choose names for the characters that do not allow his/her identity or real name to be inferred.

    Reading that I still don't see anything about it being against ToS to trade and/or buy ingame names. And I'm not accessing their account so I don't know how that's relevant.

    If I gift them the name change and pay in gems for a name they no longer want or have use of, I don't see how that's any different than people gifting or enhancing someone's weapon/hammering for gold/gems. Its not an account I'm buying. If a person has a name on a level 1 and they choose to delete to give to me while in exchange I give them some gems, I dont see how that's an issue. I see nothing about buying/trading names being against TOS, forum post only says all names should be appropriate, non offensive. Not accessing their account (username/password) either.

    As for things like selling/enhancing/gifting for gold - it says: "do so at your own risk". I would assume name selling/trading for gold is the same? Or can you clarify and outline where it says in ToS.

    Not sure why you want to make it an issue. Shouldn't your main focus right now be on bracelet enhancing. 80 tries for one +1. People are still waiting on an answer for that.

    Some people took it to the next level and traded the level up vaults on mass. So those who took the exploit to the extreme would have faced an infraction.

    However, those who just did skins/cash shop items got away with it. I’ll openly admit on EU EN bijou this was used by almost everyone In our guild to get us the required skins we needed. None us got banned. We lived without our mini roary/Karen back pack - happily (eu voted for the perm +2 auto pick pet)

    Honestly the Karen back packs should have been given some form of stat boost associated with them ie hp/def/mdef @3% but that ship has set sail.


    Oh yeah I guess.. don't remember much people abusing it that way on my server. Mainly just skins and perm items.