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    My proposal is though, that you instead of acquiring a weapon skin, acquire an item/token, which can be turned in for a skin in-game.

    No need to make systems like those for enhancing mounts or cashing in rations, for example. Just a simple 1-1 trade IG, for the SC item.

    Simplifies the SC store(and inv) and opens up greatly for oportunity for choice for the player.

    Staying on topic, as you said after that-- you ripped that idea from somewhere else. The reason why that wouldn't work here is because they would have to rework the way the lucky boxes distributes stuff and add another option for that currency. My proposal takes in the amount of work and the simplicity of the cash shop into consideration VS what would simply be convenient for the players. The skins are the "coins", we already have NPCS that have similar features--especially the mount system, it would be easier for them to refer to that rather than starting from scratch and creating a new currency system in the shop and then making a npc that accepts this currency and still having to put the skins in there for us to choose from (it's NPC coding vs Cashshop coding +NPC Coding). This is what makes my proposal realistic and even then we were told it would still take a while to implement if accepted.

    I've left and came back to this game several times, best advice I can tell you is to throw all assumptions out the window and relearn the game and the market of the game from the ground up as if you're just learning to play again but with a general sense of how the open fiesta market works (can be discussed further but not necessary as you can relearn that too). I recommend attempting a Pure INT Wizard (your cousin-requires a bit of investment.) /pure END HK (You-in case he quits HKs are 1 of the highly sought after classes and on cheaper side, you'll still survive) duo with your cousin. Fastest way you guys will level and make money at different farming stages making your money concerns disappear (for the most part, we always need money lol). Hmu in game or Forum DMs if you have further questions/want me to expand as it's a lot of info for advice on that. The player base is bustling on Isya, there are some new players as well though due to the recent pandemic probably and effort Gamigo has been putting forward with Ads albeit it's older Ads being re-run from 125 cap etc.

    Vday suits shouldn't have gone on sale w/o it being Vday in my opinion. Since it is. This troll of it being in the top 5 is a good and funny tradeoff for the people who wanted it so much and are now asking for another color or another outfit :) More votes on Midnight aura, Aurora Borealis, Fury of Ronin, Flame rock and Red Vday please. slimedevil

    In my opinion, they should make a premium inventory page where all your SC items go which are in a different location to your regular inventory which is where you would keep quest items, pots, scrolls, materials, etc.

    +1 to this. I think we already have enough general inventory capabilities.

    If only gamigo care about their players more than they care about their wallet. Maybe one day this will happen. But I don't hold my breath. Cause you know gamigo. Lol

    That's an understandable opinion. I took the business side into consideration in case the Gamigo team would have to switch a few things around pertaining to the idea as "most do require reworking or redefining as not all suggested ideas are workable in the way they're presented" --previously said by Kuroneko. So hopefully that helps with the viability aspect.