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    i think when gamigo were planning on these servers, they said they were making jenira for the purpose of throwing inactive accounts into :/ and some ppl just saw it as an opportunity to not start over, but swap over and claim raids for themselves with the thought of server transfer tool in mind, because gamigo always kept that statement out there until 2018

    Lol I knew some people that had that thought process right after server merge but it there was only a few of them... that's not what happened though. When I was going to Jenira just cause my friends at the time said "didn't want the drama, form our own lil community" 80% of my guild jumped ship to Isya and I wanted to as well LOL. The other 20% dipped on me in Jenira for the people/guilds who had that intention---but then failed hard. hard. At that time I had already cut my losses and started on Isya--then I quit, Fast forward about 5 years to last November when I came back, I see the people who had that exact same plan as you stated from Jenira---on Isya, I check in on Jenira and I see their levels are no higher than 125. I hit up a buddy of mine who was in their lil group still and he was also 125---They hit a wall then they were ditched, so was the server. Upon seeing that---and the new people on the server that I didn't see before-- I decided to play on Jenira while still playing Isya. While Jenira is small and doesn't have an economy the players are friendlier and work out trades without trying to scam you or rip you off--not much merit in it anyways. So I think Jenira chilling. It's a good vibe, ya'll should pull up sometime; As you can see from this thread, Jenira people are are here too :)

    As a Isya/Jenira resident I have to say, I certainly did "abandon" characters I made before merge (except for my previous main) as I wasn't able to gear them on Jenira, I still log in though. The gear that we have is not really game changing and that goes for practically every single Jenira player as most of them who even hit 125 were on lower level gears and quit or went to Isya/Pagel. I personally only have that lv 105 character now and his gears, pots, scrolls, 2 +0 lv 70 emberflame weps and a lv 115 set for a Spectre . Which I might not have in the near future due to another Jenira player being interested in them, yes another Jenira player. Also yes, all my stuff fits in that one character's 2 little inventory bags. Not really much money to be made there. I'd understand if that last statement was made with Pagel players in mind though, as I would agree with that, and there are ways around migration from Pagel however---it's not really fair to generalize us who want a migration function under a single umbrella like that. There's certainly limitations that can be set and trust me, I would love to see it.

    Tear of Legel Bogo Please. As for the following:

    How about an option to trade worthless skins that you don't need for the one you want? I literally have almost every class skin except for the one that I wanted. Honestly really upsetting

    I'v got the same that's why am asking for Specific Lucky Box aint gonna use normal LB

    Please show support in the skin trade-in system link in my signature as well :)

    im lf Glad/Wiz/Reaper gear on isya or anything that'll sell tbh im flat broke lol Hmu on Souryuu (Isya) later today, I should be free. Edit: Appreciate the trade, I'll definitely DM you about the DDF Spec set soon as I hit 105 on my mage and catch up on school work.

    I have a +10 DDF spec set with great stats and other trix grear 7x+ I also play on jenira on my 105 Glad (Archangel) but im definitely looking to trade the stuff I don't use including my rares for stuff on isya.

    Can you give me an example of a game/company dropping lucky boxes and seeing an increase in their sales ?

    The only reason gamigo wouldn’t do something is because it will either a ) upset the consumer or b) upset their sales sheet.

    As someone who has done the lucky box and got their skins in a really selfish way I can see how changing the system could upset some players.

    There's no mention of dropping lucky boxes or making any changes to them at all you may have this thread confused with another. Gamigo used to let their consumers exchange skins at a particular ratio before.

    which they stopped due to a large amount of requests (all of this has been previously talked about on this thread, I recommend you check it out). What's being asked for isn't a never-before-seen change but rather the return of something they offered before but in a "in-game" form so support wouldn't get flooded. Of course this would upset some players (especially some who are breaking rules-very selfish right?). Nothing Gamigo will do will satisfy 100% of the community ever. Which is why a poll was taken for roughly a month (perhaps a bit more) on this thread. 67 participants, 63 (94%) of which are FOR this change and 4 participants (6%) were NOT FOR this change. This is a VERY acceptable sample-figure-- I would like to add that 1 of the participants (Thief) who voted (NOT FOR) changed their mind upon discussion.

    The real question to ask is will this benefit gamigo.

    The short answer is no and that’s probably the answer about this idea going forward.

    It is a nice idea but the current set up benefits gamigo as a company more.

    I disagree. Yes. Gamigo could definitely benefit from this set up. As already outlined in the OG post this would possibly make players who opted to not try lucky box at all for their skin do that now. This also deters the illegal buying/selling of accounts which is another thing that currently affects their sales. I personally don't mind what they used to do (5:1 skin) but if you just want a 1h, mace, or hammer and are still gonna have to roll for a shield, that's a pretty steep price.

    Didn’t want to be the one to fire that shot off :D

    Yes, that's fine and all- but Previous arguments made were based on PVP and PVE. Heightening the defense on top of their blockrate doesn't help the balance not just vs. the physical DDs but the PVE open world/instances as well. We were focusing on the Defense enhancement in the arguments as that's what a heightened enhancement on shields would affect more based on current circumstances--Heightened M.def? not really as important considering mages still hold a mobility advantage over Knights/Clerics amongst the other's listed by Rei.

    I see new faces, while I don't think you guys can vote on my post anymore but you can definitely drop a comment/tag a GM to show support for my suggestion via the link in my signature. This is to make your experiences less like a horror-story. I too haven't had the best of luck with the box, and I hope those who come after us won't have to go through this.

    have your fun;

    That's the most important part. I think it's more constructive to propose a solution that's practical and keeps the company in mind so that it's more feasible vs blindly complaining. You can see me do this in the thread in my signature for a skin trade in system, feel free to take a look. They just recently-- last night actually took a page from my book and added a NPC in-game that lets you return skins to your premium inventory, they're taking steps in the right direction. You honestly just have to point them in a direction that doesn't only benefit the playerbase.