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    Don't forget the t2 scrolls showing as T1 scrolls on buffs. I have noticed that for YEAAAAAAAAAAAARS.

    There's quite a few bugged quests at the moment, but they tend to be completed quests that you can't turn in. Did you have space in your inventory when you tried taking this quest? I've accepted quests with no space before now, and you can't receive the item, but the quest gets registered, so perhaps give that a try. Note, you might need 3 spare spaces in order to get 1 item (weird I know, but hey lol).

    I have tons of spaces. Quest is just bugged.

    Following Quest is glitched (NPC didn't give the quest item so you can't turn it in) :

    **Tried doing a full relog, still didn't fix it**

    Lv 113 "Helping Hand


    Lv110 "Passionate Blacksmith"


    Lv113 "The Response"


    Hi! It's been awhile since I have visited the forumn (My last forum post was Outspark Days xD) Well anyways, here are some errors I have noticed that hasn't been fixed in years (I left the game 3 year ago and came back)

    HG/ML Typo


    **Malephar also has this typo on his buffs.

    T5 HP Potions


    T2 Scrolls

    T2 Scrolls when used still show as T1 Scroll on the buff bars.

    *** More to come ***