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    Hey all,

    I'm an old player returning (as are all new players appearantly).

    I played for 7 years on the EU server Bijou about 8 years ago.

    Now that all English servers on EU are gone, my only option to play in English was NA.

    I joined about a month ago, but I feel that the time difference is hurting the social interaction I can have with my guild.

    I'm lvl 94 atm, and most of the time I've been playing alone, which is kinda sad if I compare it with how I played back in the days.

    I also used to raid a bit, even though it was just for fun.

    Anyway, the fact that you say you also have an active community during the EU times is very interesting to me.

    You think your guild would be a good place for me? :-)

    I would love to hear from you.