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    Hello everyone!

    Wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to fix this!

    I have a Logitech G600 mouse wired, with number pad on the side. I currently am unable to click any of the numbers on the mouse and get them to use my skills. This has happened since the update where skills auto upgrade on the skill bar as far as I can tell.

    The mouse numbers will work if I open a word pad/word doc and type with it. (I.E. I hit the 8 button and it types an 8 in the doc.)

    So as far as I can tell it is on Fiestas side where I am having issues. I have looked at all my settings, nothing has changed, the quick bars have not changed.

    I really miss using my mouse for certain skills, so please help!!!

    Seryn perhaps this is a technical issue on Fiestas side?

    ~ Thanks for any advice and help.

    I never said I did it as a lvl 135 cleric :/ in fact I haven't killed it on my cleric since I was like 120 for a friend.

    I meant I killed it in my low lvl 9x as a cleric in +3 greens. It is possible. Even easier when you have a party of people, specially ones who can kite or stun, though not sure on his resist anymore. This was back when he was only in the cave too, so a lot less space to maneuver.

    The point is not to solo the gosh dang monster. Get a party and coordinate. Why should the game have all mobs be balanced for soloing? It should not. Some mobs SHOULD be harder, and SHOULD require a party.

    And I disagree that is should not be a repeat. I do think it is FINE as a repeat and FINE the way it is. I am also fine with people asking for help from killers if they cannot find a group to do it with. Plenty of quests do this, plenty of people do it. It helps with good will and generating a community in this game.

    If someone wants to solo everything, there are other avenues available to them to level and do so. The game is not SOLO-ONLINE it is Fiesta Online, as in fiesta=party. And please don't misconstrue this as well, I like soloing on my own sometimes too, but I don't think the game should be balanced around a solo attitude. There is a difference between when like clerics ask to be able to solo more effectively from demanding every single quest and mob be solo-able. Just look at other games that do that and you see there is no community. Or not much of one. Fiesta offers so many DIFFERENT paths and that is appreciative (though in higher levels there are not as many leveling paths but that is because you are hitting end game content).

    What level are you now?

    So you have the Destruction of Giant Crystal Quest, but it is incomplete and not letting you drop it? If you are lvl 90 or below, complete the quest. (I can potentially help as I have a runner).

    Or will need to send in a ticket to have them delete the quest from your list. It is not really a bug where the NPC does this some quests are just like that, where they take over the NPC chat and you cannot do anything until you complete it however I am not sure why you cannot give it up, that part is the bug...

    Actually the rules now in the ToS on gifting for in game payment is "You do it at your own risk". They will not ban either person for gifting or for paying, which used to be a thing, you could report people for gifting for in game money back in the day. Now its just "Do it at your own risk".

    I don't really think people are getting that lowering Rock stone quest difficulty (which needs 1 kill) is not balance. Or diamond trees or ruby guardian (though granted drop quests always suck, so maybe they should increase the drop rate on those?

    But making these quests LESS difficult defeats the purpose of them being in there. You can kill them as a party if people work together. Can stun effectively or have an archer kite it while others attack plus other tactics. I like the diversity it offers. Telling me that no mobs are meant to be killed by mostly archers is balance is part of why people think archers suck and don't want them for anything. There should be instances where having someone of a certain class in your party pays off, not just a fighter, cleric and mage.

    Increasing the exp for the single turn in quests (so non repeatable) difficult quests I am okay with, but not lowering the difficulty.

    But do not increase the repeat difficult quests exp like rock stone as that would become near abusive. I remember killing rock stone in +3 greens.... took forever but I did it as cleric.

    Turn off auras too, (character effect in graphic settings)

    they even added a feature to turn off skills of other players but i find its more useful to see them so you know where mages aoe and cleric place cross.

    Yeah I think most people thought you were meaning Pets since those are the only ones with AUTO pick up features.

    Smashing your pick up button is all on you. You can manually click the ones you don't want. or dump them when you inventory gets full.... it really is not that big a deal. just don't pick up the cards to begin with if you don't want them.

    Okay. It is supposed to be one of those harder quests? I don't see the problem. The exp killed from killing the stronger mob back in the day was worth it.

    Just do other quests if don't want to worry about that one. The levels are balanced and not every quest should be a walk in the park. If it was a quest for a level that was the only way to effectively level (without grinding or KQ) then I would say that level's quests needed to be looked at, but it just is not a worry. The game is fairly balanced in terms of leveling until about 115 then it starts to become an act of min/maxing to level efficiently.

    Jewel trees are fine all classes can kill them. The diamond tree is supposed to be a party mob and is fine how it is and can be killed by the levels the quest is for if in a party that can work together.

    The Fire Ruby Guardian, also a party mob, it is meant to be taken down in a party and is possible for people of that level range of the quest. Really you just need 1 archer....

    The Geodude... -er Rockstone can also be killed with a party of level questers, just most people get a higher level killers, which in all honesty is no different than people who get higher level characters to kill for them at shellas, neps, shella/beaks, wrenches and so on. Just because no one does it without a killer does not mean it is not possible.

    Don't make these specific party/mini boss mobs easier just because people are lazy.