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    Hi, I'll try to answer some of your questions, but your initial feeling of secrecy around this game is correct. The company that runs this game, Gamigo, doesn't deal well with transparency and keeping up with their players' wishes.

    1) Where do Ramy / Samy come from? They are so actively selling that obviously the source is quite affordable.

    First Ramy was being sold in the Slime Coins shop, the webpage where players can buy premium items. These were the first tradable rammies to be sold, so they became very popular. Gamigo eventually noticed how popular they became and decided they wanted to create and sell more of them. They created this thread, [Voting] New looks for Ramy! where they gave a few options for recolored versions to sell.

    These new versions however, weren't sold like the original Rammies, they were being sold in SC bundle purchases. Like for instance:this thread. This was done to stimulate people to keep charging SC (Slime coins), instead of just buying them like usual. They eventually came out with several other Ramy recolors, but if I remember correctly, they were all being "sold" by charging SC.

    2) Why is there no database for the game? Gamigo refuse to share information and support such projects?

    There are a few databases, but they are all created by players. Here are the most common ones: - Database of all the Fiesta Quests - An old Fiesta database containing a lot of game information. This site outdated though, without recent updates. - A database of all Premium items in Fiesta. This website also hasn't been updated in several years.

    3) Do you write somewhere information about technical work or server restarts? Or is the equipment so old that the employees of the company cannot foresee this?

    We don't get any technical information as players, besides the vague "time for a technical update". All the information about work like that that we get, can be found in the Maintenance & Patch notes and the Insider Information thread.

    4) The principle of filling the server - the priority is placed on the distance?

    Are you talking about promoting the game to increase the population? In this case there are very occasional advertisements that can be found on webpages, but these are rare occurrences. I personally don't think this game is being advertised well, but I guess this isn't a priority for Gamigo.

    5) Is there an annual or seasonal sales plan?

    Yes, there are often seasonal sales, like ex. Valentine's sales, Christmas sales, Easter Sales, Veteran's sale, etc..

    6) Tell us how it was necessary to attack monsters in the last event at Easter? Not found with a friend

    I personally can't say much about this, since I didn't participate in the last Easter event.

    7) The formula of crit, as I was told, is a big secret here. According to the costumes, one gets the feeling that this is% of innate crit, and not general or absolute. Am i wrong

    When it comes to numbers and values in this game, it's all rather vague. As far as I'm aware, no one is quite sure how the crit calculations work, but I might be in the wrong here. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to technical stuff like this.

    8 ) Did the administration respond to the topic of the need to correct outdated hint texts in the game? For example, about what to open a guild is only 1 gold?

    The ingame hints and guides have never been updated. This pretty much gets ignored since most players also immediately disable these features. As far as I'm aware, this issue hasn't been addressed at all.

    9) On the high-leveled what source of income? On the low, unfortunately, this is exclusively an academy. Are those packs on sale high or are there more civilized ways? The question is about game mechanics, not social ways of earning.

    The biggest sources of income are farming items by doing instances/raids, gifting (Sending premium items to other players while being paid for it with ingame currency) and selling services like powerleveling.

    10) How vulnerable is the game to -Removed-? -Edited-

    This game has been rather vulnerable to third party programs in the past. Gamigo has slowly been pushing back against these by using programs like Xigncode3 and a recent patch which made it very difficult/impossible to replace files. There are probably still some ways the game can be influenced, but there are also a lot of protections in place.

    11) -Edited-

    12) In the launcher hangs announcement of a set of GMs. Are there any in the game?

    The GMs are mostly active on the forum and the discord server. They do occasionally pop up the game to talk with people and do events, but this is not a regular occurrence.

    13) Combining sled - according to what formula? Do we need the same, or can we mix different ones?

    Only permanent premium mounts can be combined. You can mix different mounts, but the mount that is placed in the lower slot will be dismantled to enhance the mount in the upper slot. The max enhancement is +5, if you keep combining mounts after that, there is a small chance of the original mount to turn into a special Unicorn mount.

    14) Bracelets. I saw them on sale, but I didn’t fully understand where they are taken from and on what basis they improve. Information on the network could not be found.

    Bracelets can be obtained from Kingdom Quest reward boxes:

    T1 braces - Henneath Rebellion War KQ (90-99)
    T2 braces - Emperor Slime KQ (105-115)

    T3 braces - Bijou's Sanctuary KQ (115-129?)

    T4 braces - Sorah's Catacombs KQ (120-135)

    They can be enhanced with Fragments of Bijou, which can be farmed in highlevel abysses and hardcore instances.

    15) T3 recipes scrolls vitality and shield - taken from blue capsules in the casino?

    These recipes are rather elusive, they can be obtained from Lucky House capsules yes, but also Crystal Castle, and Midlevel Abysses.

    16) Is the Trickster an absolutely dead class?

    No, it isn't fully dead. Tricksters aren't very useful in the low- and midlevel range, but at higher levels (115+) they can become very strong. However they are still behind Gladiators in both damage and defense, which makes them not as favored as Gladiators.

    17) Are resources above green sold by the NPC? If so, in which city?

    Not really. The only exception to this are the Arena gears that are sold in Uruga and can be obtained by gathering Arena coins. These are kind of special in the sense that these gears are timelimited (to 90 days, I think?). Therefor the armor sets aren't wanted usually, but the weapons do get bought since they can be combined into Legendary weapons.

    18) Are there any teams in the game? Streamers, guide writers, bloggers, moder? If so, can I ask for a link?

    There are occasionally streamers and people who blog about Fiesta, but these are often smaller creators with not that big of an audience.

    19) I saw the section "guides". Is there a reward for writing articles in this section?

    No, creating and posting guides is purely voluntary and without reward/compensation.

    20) Is there a hot key to select an asist target? And how deep? For example, I treat a team mate who hits a boss. Boss in Target. Can I, in 2 steps, first select the target of my ally, and then its target (for treatment) without using the mouse?

    There is an Assist action in the action menu (Press V ingame), but I'm not familiar with using this action.

    Some hotkeys when it comes to targetting:

    TAB will target the nearest monster on your screen

    F1 will target yourself

    F2 to F5 will target your party members, in the order that they are shown in your party screen. (Very useful for clerics)

    21) Are permanent costumes always without stats?

    All of the permanent costumes that are currently being sold in the SC shop are without stats.

    However, there are a few older costumes that have been around in the game for many years that do have some stats. These costumes were from a time when this game was run by another company (Outspark). Since Gamigo took over the game, I believe no perm items with stats have been sold/given out since.

    22) The formula for sharpening weapons has clearly changed. There was an impression that the old +9 has now become new +12. As a result, the classic +9 has become like the old +7. This is true?

    The way to enhance to +9 hasn't changed, you still have to use Xirs to hit +9, and now you have to use Karis to hit +10/+12. However, I don't recommend enhancing beyond +3 without also using Premium enhancement bundles, otherwise your item will easily break.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    If you have more questions, you can always contact me on Discord: ID: BertIsHere#4405

    Honestly, I think that cleric shouldn't be only walking HP potions, so those changes are welcome. I think that the root should have a slightly longer duration and make it ranged though, to make it a bit viable. Maybe a new skill?

    Moreover, HK shouldn't focus on heal, hence the debuff on cross and those new buffs on attack skills.

    That is just my opinion.

    I get what you mean, but a HKs damage is not significant enough to focus on those skills in a party setting. Also the root debuff is just very stupid for a cleric, cause what purpose does it serve to a melee class?
    Clerics, including HKs, will probably always work best if they focus on their healing/support skills while in parties&expos, and the constant nerfs to our heals are getting very tiring. I'm glad for HKs getting this defense debuff, but can they please stop slowing down our healing skills..

    So I get that Gamigo wanted to "Fix the issue" that is skipping animations... but they have to realize that this has been in the game for many years, if not the entire time this game has existed. The whole game has been developed with this "issue" as a fundamental part of it, meaning that the entire damage dealing balance* has always taken into account the speed at which we can use skills as melee characters.

    "Fixing this issue" isn't just straightening out a simple bug, it actually topples the whole balance* that this game has been built on, changing the entire gameplay, skill rotations and DPS of several classes. This is not something we can just get used to, it changed the entire powerstructure of the 6 classes.

    So Gamigo, please do not treat this as a simple bug that got fixed, which is a temporary inconvenience to the players.. No, it's a fully gamechanging issue and I'd like to see Gamigo take this seriously.

    (* I use the word "balance" lightly)

    If you hide while wearing an aura, that aura will also show transparent… Maybe the current aura you are wearing hasn't been optimized to look somewhat decent to be shown as transparent? Which aura are you wearing in this screenshot?

    I can't say much for PvP, Reapers or cap content, but my full STR 115 spectre is not a glass cannon.. He has tanked Lava Avanas a few times with no problem even while using BotS.

    If you're planning on doing mostly PvE stuff, my recommendation is to go full STR Spectre. Their DPS is very high, they have decent survivability and the gears are relatively affordable.

    This is a great idea! I really like your ideas for how to make them difficult to obtain, it makes a lot of sense.

    I'm curious though, do you feel that if you get a wildcard you should literally have a 1/334 chance of getting ANY card, or would the chance on opening be weighted RNG where something like an Eglack card would be MUCH less chance to obtain than a honeying card, for instance?

    I would like them to just have a 1 in 334 chance for everything. If these cards are properly rare, there's still a very low chance of getting a valuable card, seeing as there a hundreds of common cards it could open to.

    Yes, I like this idea.

    At level 60 I don't have some cards from level 20-30 monters. How should I gem them ? Buying them from other players with 5-10 golds ? To much for me... Start another character to farm for them ? To much time.

    Yea I'd suggest getting them with another character. However for some cards you can also get them of a similar higher level monster, for instance if you still need the mushroom cards, you could also kill King Mushrooms in Uruga, or Greedy Lizardmen in FoS for the lizardmen cards (not to be confused for Lizard Knights)… I get it takes some time, but card collection is kind of a lot of work to do, so it does take effort.

    A few years ago they did some kind of pricing system where it wasn't only based on the item, but also on the stats of that item since usually a stat like dmg or crit is more wanted than a stat like evasion or aim. And I kind of agree, I don't think a hat that gives 3%aim should be priced the same as a hat that give 3%dmg & 3%def (I'm making this up as an example), seeing as the latter is usually more useful.

    However, this previous system didn't last that long since new and stronger items were being introduced to the shop and they were being priced higher than this previous system would normally let them be… However, they got away with it because they knew people would still buy them..

    Collecting cards is not an easy job, there are some cards which are very hard to obtain. So here is an idea which could make this is a little bit easier but also more fun:

    These are cards that, when unopened, don't belong to a special kind of monster, but they can open randomly into any of the 334 currently available cards.

    I know what you're thinking, "No, this will just ruin farming hard-to-get cards and flood the market with them", "It's way too easy", "Now everyone will be able to get an Eglack card" etc... I get that, but that is why I'd want them to be very rare and elusive to get.

    Some suggestions about how we could obtain these "Wildcards":

    - Treasure chests: If these chests had a VERY LOW rate of dropping these wildcards, it would be available for everyone to try their luck since these spawn in the lower level maps. I think this would create an exciting hunt for people who want to farm these, bringing new life into these chests which have been a staple to the older and now-lesser-used maps.

    - Fame capsules: Not a lot of people pay attention to these capsules. Bringing a new incentive to these capsules would also stimulate people to do the daily fame quests. It takes a long time to get enough fame to open these capsules, so I don't think there's any risk of flooding the market with this option

    - Lucky House capsules: Again, with a VERY LOW rate, this could bring another incentive into bringing people into Lucky House.

    This suggestion is open to criticism and more ideas on how to obtain these wildcards!

    Thanks to Cupcake and SonGokuCZ for helping with this suggestion already.

    Just a small thing about this new Mail system:
    Once you've received mail and read it, everytime you switch maps, it'll come up with a small notice saying you have new mail:


    This will show everytime you switch maps, even if all the mail in your inbox has already been read.

    That aside, this mail system is pretty neat and I'm happy with that Aura toggle option

    Looking forward to more requested features to make an appearance in the game!