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    Ok guys. Just bought a few mega bundles. Each is 13k. Its on bogo so got 20 each. I tested it out and each bundle (10), will get 2 to 3 success out of 10 tires. What the heck...I was expecting more success since normal bundle 10k also get me the same rate. With normal bundle i would get 2 to 3 success. Sometime 4. But with this mega bundle I'm only getting 3 success max out of a bundle. Are we being rip off? Paying 3000sc more. I would expect 4 to 5 success but Hell to the No. I feel we are being cheated. Why pay 3000sc more if they have the same freaking rates. Could save that 3000 sc toward another normal bundle bogo and get 20 more tires. Mega bogo been on bogo for 2 straight row. And I haven't seen normal bundle go on bogo for over a month now. What the heck gamigo. Put normal bundle back on bogo. We don't wanna pay 3000 more for the same success. Smh talk about being greedy.

    only buy the 15% ones xd you dont get true 15%

    you get +15% from the org. rate

    when the rate is 1% then you have with 15% 1,15% success not 16%

    the 3k more are useless