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    I heard about tradeable kimonos think I saw one once, maybe...I did not know there are tradeable menians too. I just remember they used to sell perm menians then stopped selling them for so many years ;o;

    Nifty, thanks <3

    yeah i cant quite remember the name of it but its along the lines of

    traditional costume or

    tradition roumen costume or

    tradition warrior costume

    its a tradeable 3 piece costume boots/shorts/shirt

    yes, like menian/japanese kimono, both of which were permanent tradeable items in game, from the very beginning, but permanent menian/kimono are also sold in store now as well

    id also like to say that even with them being sold, the tradeable versions are still extremely rare/expensive, so i dont think selling a non-tradeable permanent version of v-day suit blue/pink would hinder those prices

    definitely consider it, because myself and many other players have requested them for years, and would be willing to drop the cash to have them :thumbup:

    permanent scarlet assassin costume

    permanent blue/pink valentine costumes

    permanent arctic fox ears

    shield lucky box x15 chance

    natures beauty class lucky box

    permanent wind/water crystal

    criterion shield LB x2 chance ~

    weapon socket key discount

    permanent lantern costume

    permanent witch hat

    lantern weapon skin lucky box + lantern shield lucky box (halloween skins NOT wicked jack ~)

    just curious if we'll ever be seeing these?

    GM's wear them all the time, so i know the files already exist

    would be nice if clerics/knights could match their +12 weapons with shields, after all these years :saint:


    -add a debuff to "dispel purge" which cancels all newly added/attempted buffs on the target for 10 seconds

    -so it removes all buffs, and prevents new buffs from being added for a 10 second duration

    -make "wall" passive increase duration of deadly blessing

    -increase entangle duration on "mighty chop" from 1 second, to 3 and let it be empowerable

    -increase bleed damage on "bleed" skill

    -reduce cast time of god's benevolence from 3 seconds, to 2


    -add a slow debuff to "trip" ability

    -add a 3 second stun to "mighty punch" ability

    -add sp recovery over time buff to "rejuvenate" (100+)

    -add a buff to "dispel pillar" which removes all removable debuffs, for 10 seconds

    -so removes all debuffs, and then clears fresh debuffs for 10 seconds

    -change the heal over time on "saints protection" to heal SP instead of HP

    -make rebirth automatically restore hp upon reaching 0% (prevents death) by 20/35/50/60% and then remove the buff when the hp is restored

    -this will prevent scrolls from being lost/ no idle time, which will make it more desirable to use by damage dealing classes (who as of now, ask you to not put it on them so they can use tears faster)

    both holyknight and guardian

    add a heal block debuff to "benediction" that last for 5-8 seconds

    let holyknights/guardians share endure/heal upgrades, both will still specialize in healing/buffing thanks to their passives

    -holyknights keep bash/protect upgrades/ guardians keep rejuvenate upgrades

    revert the heal CD nerf or increase the CD reduction via empowerment (saying clerics can keep someone alive by pressing 1 button, is a garbage statement, and untrue)

    add silence upgrades with +1 second increments

    silence [95] 3 seconds +2 empowerment (5 points)

    silence [115] 4 seconds +2 empowerment(5 points)

    silence [135] 5 seconds +2 empowerment(5 points)

    OR make silence strictly a debuff with no damage, and make it unable to miss and keep it [95] duration 3+2

    increase STR debuff further on "extinguish" skill

    lastly add a shared passive with guardians/holyknights

    "smite" by un-equiping their shield, they boost their damage significantly (damage is removed when shield is re-equipped)

    shields are rarely needed in solo environments for clerics, which would let them actually have a chance to level solo 100+ if no parties are available, also adds options to holyknights, who are up close and bashing bosses now to achieve fair damage output on top of the defence debuff passive

    if the idea seems overpowered please remember that clerics "attack" abilities have a cooldown of 4 seconds/8 seconds/10 seconds/30 seconds/2 minutes and thats all of them so this will in no way be overpowered for damage output vs other classes, and they have to sacrifice their defence/block rate to achieve this damage boost

    closing words

    i know there is a lot of changes, to both guardians and holyknights (more so guardians as they have been untouched by rebalance thus far aside from their heal CD being nerfed) but as it stands, this class is passed over heavily, in parties, and dungeons especially near cap (most dont want anymore than 1 HK in expo), they rely heavily on others, to the point that they cant do anything for themselves if no one is around, which frankly isnt fair

    if this thread needs to be moved feel free, just wanted to put my ideas into writing

    if you have any suggestions feel free to throw em here too

    i cant agree on ascension/savior light unless the other classes are getting upgrades to their 110 skill/passives as well

    as it stands all other classes only get 100/105/110/115 passive upgrade, and 110/116/122 (110)skill upgrades and no others

    if you add upgrades to all classes, ill be on board with this ~

    id also point out, that if you enjoy healing, HK is not for you, as youll only be bashing at cap with crit buff

    so if healing is what youre looking to do, and not be attacking stuff, go guardian

    if you wanna be up close and attacking monsters, go HK

    as someone who has HK and guard (several for that matter)

    im down with sharing heal with HK, in exchange for sharing endure with guardians

    and guardians can keep rejuv upgrades as exclusives as is now

    hk's would still be better with the longer passive, as would guardians heal with their passive, sounds fine to me

    well you can farm giant harpy/sorah kq/KKP at your level range, you could also make new chars and farm academy gold, or SC, or lower area for cards

    most of the "easier" money right now comes from secret lab/burning adealia, and cap dungeons

    although youll still probably need to charm for these to be worthwhile on the time department

    if youre looking for an "interesting" build for HK try out 50end/rest STR or 33dex/50END/rest STR

    this way if you DO wanna be in the front lines, youll still have your HP/block rate as backup your str will help you kill things faster, and you can avoid SPR because of crit buff

    you can also do a glass cannon HK, which isnt so glass if you invest in gears/SC which is 33/50 DEX rest str or pure STR(with aim scrolls of course) this is a more viable build for PvE

    as others have said, if youre looking for full support, full END is the way to go and just use aim scrolls for bashing if youre a HK

    all of this being said, i have never personally felt saved in PvE by pure END, pure END is most definitely a saving grace in pvp situations though

    at the end of the day, give whatever you want a try, and if you end up hating it, you can always reset your stats and try again

    TLDR :

    PvE builds : pure STR - 33/50dex rest STR - 50END rest STR - 33dex 50 END rest str

    full support PvE/PvP builds : full END

    damage PvP builds : 50END/rest STR or pure STR/ 33dex/str if youre heavily SC'd

    also to answer the question about dex, for pve its not "needed" as aim scrolls can make up for aim easily, however for pvp with the EVA based cap we have right now, it cant hurt to have it if youre fighting:thumbup: