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    hmm no, premium roars are already in the game shop. and the idea of text to speech is a rather hard to include system to a video game. unless you're throwing out movies as well as video game services, like that certain video games' graphic arts movie that they had actors voice a few pieces for it. and here and there inside that game. and no massive online video game have used world/server roars as text to speech though. also that idea of premium roars being blocked was the original reason to change roars in general by the community. as for text coloration. that wouldn't be too bad. maybe including a copy text to copy board that a player then can then input to a text to speech voice system on their own may be a possibility but then again text to speech is more about how to help as a aid/tool for the disabled person . either way I'm in the no option for now.

    That was a way to use up the fame that kept going into the millions as it was just for 1 or 2 potions recipes, or alchemy stones (provided you didn't buy them)
    10K capsules can drop Normally: 1 day s.c. items, 1 hour mounts, tier 1 hp/sp potions, pink potions there was no rarity in that level of capsules
    20K capsules can drop Normally: 1 50% charm, 1 20% charm from str/def, 1-7 day suits. and hats.
    there is a super rare chance to get a perm flat hat usually was white but they had black and red.
    30k capsules can drop Normally: 10 (1 stack) of 50% charm, 1 stack of 20% in either str/def category , 7-30 day suits, as well as several t2-3 hp/sp potion and hp/sp extenders for 1-7 hours to days in parts can be 30% to 50%. and a super rare chance to get a perm orange raccoon OR a jaw mask that looks like a anime bleach mask villain grimmjow.
    all three capsules can drop warrants/exp boosts. and they can include other sc premium items like 1 day tank tops to lower the chance at that super rarity in 20k/30k capsules.
    either way you can daily gather fame 1 from KQ 700 fame per run and 1 from dailies from the Town Chief/Chieftain like killing a few runs through a dungeon. like 200 for Levitan nest during the 90-110 levels. at 125-135 levels they too gather fame under the dailies. although i don't know exact the amount is for each one as some of them are rather hard to gather. like golden scale from the golden dragon in Coliseum KQ.

    Here is the 5th set of 2 Truths and a Lie! Are you able to figure out which statement are True and which statements are false?

    1. The Original Four Servers were Apoline, Epith, Teva and Bijou (true)

    2. When you use your account to access EU version of the game, you have access to your Premium storage (false)

    3. Lucky Stones can allow you to enhance your items by 2 (true)

    1. The Name of the previous Developers were called OutSpark (true, Yes they were)

    2. To get to Adelia, you use to fly up on a Griffin (false now after the updates!)

    3. Treasure Chest will spawn periodically across mid to low level areas (True they do still appear)

    IGN: Eventine
    Server: Isya
    Choice of: Points

    At least someone is helping us keep on track of the issues, and it's a bridge between the game players and the staff without being limited by putting down certain rules on a general discussion. while not attacking each other. at least we have our two cents and hopefully we can find a common ground. and thankfully Cupcake is doing that for us. and I go over to this thread before I go throughout all the other posts be it staff/other players in general discussions.

    1. In the past you have to feed your Hobby Horse with carrots (false)

    2. Izyel was the first Instance added into the game that dropped Blue Armour (true)

    3. Khazual Avanas can produce more than 4 laser beams! (true)

    1. The Iron Golem sleeps at the top of Tower of Izyel (true)

    2. To enter Dragon's Tomb you need a Dragon Relic (true)

    3. Knights are able to remain Invincible even whilst they are moving, via their own skill (false)

    IGN: Eventine
    Server: Isya

    Choice of: points.

    those are probably perm outfits/hats and that will be our new "snow" slime mount only it's gold? or a mini pet, provided you can gather enough of those petals throughout the time it starts until later on. it does say that there is a leaderboard so it's probably going to a bit competition between people, like the server crests event, one where you had to buy so many slime coins within the period, in this case it'll be tokens in order for your server to get a perm item, like cypion had an extra crest that was account bound. as well. thus they get a bit extra income for the big TWO OH anniversary, we don't know. but it's probably going to be big and part of it will be the petals collecting for the "normal" part and the crest/minipet/mount will be related to buying tokens.

    well, as a nerf to gladiators, that is a sensible idea. as for "two" handers you can easily just make 1 small change. Knights are not allowed to use a 2 handed item. and that'll fix it, then it's just appearance a cute 2 hander with a lil faster hit rate. or a axe with less aim but critical chances higher or something like that but nothing super high. that will reign in the gladiators in general and we can begin to "buff" the other high damage classes as well.

    originally it was set up to be just 1 defense(s) bracelet that soda a former GM or Kobal got upset and demanded we split the bracelets up so they can add extra enhancing to the "system". they also changed attacker to critical for T1-3, and they also "fixed" it so it doesn't break after the outcry, either way that was a while ago. I believe it's time to merge those two defenses and fix the current over spending issues of how much "chances" are to move even 1 tier upward with game/premium items like fragments of bijou, because they did that exact thing with t5 enhancing tiles too.

    And even now they haven't returned our passives on crusaders/templars. and nerfing their active skills that they nerfed by locking out one whole tier already thus basically leaving the "endgame" skills down to level 120. seriously the whole idea of just nerfing classes so that gladiators/reapers/sharpshooters can be better in pvp and gladiators in pve is just B.S. and they need to nerf those three known classes to bring us all back to actual fixing level-gear gaps rather then trying to "rebalance" something that is already broken.