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    well they can update the PVP systems, by saying only certain skills can be used in PVP areas. it takes a bit extra work but lots of other games have created it so doing the same works fine. as well as only PVP skills from the NPC for each class giving a better playing field. there will still be potions/scrolls/charms added to the mix but those two systems added (aka can't be set switching) could make the PVP more interesting.

    There are missing Passives Savior Light, Light Blade skill, Light Magic skill, 125, 130, 135, and some fixes to the current Ascension level numbering it jumped to 116 instead of 115 thus removing one final tier for 135 active skill. so if you could please immediately fix that for the entire class it would help.

    well the idea of "merging" falls into the category of all at once or splitting the communities. yes I understand that heavy traffic to other dead servers would be a great way to transfer out of the melding pot but. in this single case, we'd be just splitting the population out again. and after the current real time world issues are finished many people will return to their own life and step away from fiesta community. so being together on 1 single layered server would make this easier to deal with. AS long as there isn't any issues with the server itself. AKA not having enough space to log in et el.
    and not to say it but those is possible because other "games" have done this already. it should be do able provided it is found in help from another field. it's just got to be paid ahead as this isn't a charity case in it, it is within the games choices to rise or fall. the merge idea was to split up a bigger population to extra server slots then over populating it and that is why the "community" decided at their own time to move out of their servers into one or the other. and that "backlash" was because of friends and guilders not having friends/guild members/in game marriages to stand together. as well as thousands of other things like name issues. but those will be dealt with in a single server idea. as I have said several times at some point. it will not plummet the server population because it is only 1 server. and that is that, can't tell people that is their friends/guilders because they split the servers etc.
    and in that thought of it all being in 1 place. it means all gear/items/gems etc. goes back to the owners of said. yes there will be drama in game but that is normal to life in general.
    if we recall as some of us do. this game started with 1 single server during the open beta then two extra came online and then the rest added their times too because of population rise. it should be seen as this being possible to rebuild it's image of starting again together by new players and the "veterans" who are still here. asking for merging et el. and there can't be any backlash from being left out in another "dead" server. because they are all there.

    well. it would take some work but it can be done. to just having 1 single server. (with extra instances as it were to make the layered server) possible. that way the map Uruga isn't full all the time because map Uruga becomes instance 1-3 and you can jump via the teleportation gate... that would support it. and the community would be able to grow with it. (i'm sure we'll come up with an idea of saying Instance 3 Uruga is often vendor city.) but that is up to game company's decision. either way it keeps us all together. moving forward and putting us in line with events et el.

    I'd go for a million dollars and throw a long life friendship out (marriage included) as it's basically how life changes over time. but family will be with you forever. and plus I could always fly to a vacation with my family after the win. haha.

    if you had to be transformed into something, would you be a bug or a snake?

    limiting to gifting was so that scammers couldn't immediately get a level one character. and supposedly "gift" everything to other players. although it is rather higher, that limit isn't a problem to legit people who don't really need to gift anyone anything. jeraldlimty
    as for managing this "thread" on our forums, it isn't hard to do here then ask the community to leave this site to gather on another platform for ideas/posting glitches/bugs. as for a bug thread on this forum, right now, it should be easier to track by players and the administration, and it won't be one of those issues of what you are often saying, what is actually happening to the game? Shawn_V01 . that is why I think we should begin to create a thread with just active ones. and "pool" the resources we got to fix issues. quickly as possible. and the administration and oversight it and help. but it's up US to do it. feel free to add your two cents or not. but it's a good idea in my thinking at least.

    that one might have been an event? (remind myself but I don't think it was part of the normal selling) and as such they won't be put into the cash shop again etc. although Cap that mozilla looking one has been sold in the other item shop to clear the code debt several times so far since they've been adding it every so often.

    I did the citeron lucky box just recently, and 10x to DB is on atm. so I don't know why people are upset. I put thousands in during the "original" lucky boxes were added with Demon Bone and didn't win a blade from there. so when ever it comes out with just Demon Bone in the shop (yes statted ones in the cash shop. like they did with Mini Dragon skins) or a single type lucky box with class weapons for each. then I might try it out like that. until than I used the Nature Beauty lucky box for it.

    that depends on KQ levels. KKP/Mini Dragon/Hennath and a bunch of other level ranged KQ are often filled (now). and the issue with "leeching", that does appear recently, in high populated server(s) is because of those KQ's being full. so I don't think people should be too upset over afkers etc. (because this can be a simple "fix", by just logging in and getting ready to join that KQ thus 1-2 less AFK-ed player couldn't be added to the mix.) as for the rest of the story. tank(s) etc that are active inside a KQ often does "carry" the KQ through. so why is people getting bend out of shape over leeching/afking? I'm sure 90% of that is just "guild" drama or in-game drama spilling into the forums. and I wouldn't add my two cents over trying to implement more jail issues etc. because that doesn't mean helping the community.