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    KQ's like KKP, and any mob that has undead/summoned types drop that item both low and High, try Land of Trails or 60 abysses as orcs and pixies and such are summoned/spirit based monsters.

    depending on whether you have been there during the merge to isya/pagel/jenria and the new Enid. then perhaps you need to change your password as there was a slip up a few years ago. if it is the other one, about the merge, then you will need to write a ticket under how to write a ticket and forward the ticket number to the CM/GM's on the forum to help resolve it. also this has been said/done under this technical grouping, so you should probably read previous answers.

    sting that will make the class die because LP is already at the stone refilling rate but only has 400 points (with an extender) and this post was set up for putting the missing passives and the active skill back into the game because their missing. not the problems of the other changes within. we will move on to that after THE COMPANY does the fix to the missing passives because, that is upsetting the entire game play, by not doing a thing for a whole class in general since the 125 cap.

    sometimes those wonder scrolls quests have werid glitches to things that are similar like for instance getting a letter from Edwina in adelalia and it just sticks in the inventory, which then locks off turning in another questline from another npc's line. so you might want to go through all your former quest lines and see if you have an extra "curse" sliver slime or gold slime quest items' in your bag somewhere that is stuck. before going through the issue. or for odd reason the one like a scroll from roumenous to marty which then just sticks there. also, if that quest line has a different part to it like for instance kill 10 mobs or there is two items the bottom one should be done before picking up and finishing the first one because that can glitch out the tip tool and sometimes the item itself.

    I think minty greens' idea is a +1 to everything there. and yes, it would help us to join together without bothering the Staff.

    sorry it's Cupcakes' idea. (derp, can't edit it either. but not trying to double post.)

    can't tell ya about tiers of active skills on other classes. if you need to update those skills to come onto a line with templars Ascension skill, that would be under themselves. what is a big problem is that an entire class was impacted because you can see the compiled picture of MISSING passives. Hide  
    the other classes all have passives up to the 23/22 tiers. and they do not stop at 120. like templars do. and to top it off saviors light only starts at 100 where as in the case of every other one including reapers started earlier and can be found at level 134 again tier [22].
    there is 18 passives tiers as well starting at 58-134 for all the other classes and yet crusaders/templars get 13 passives for learn blade/magic skills passives and then starting at level 100 the passive saviors' light only 6 tiers, while other classes get passive tiers like gladiators have two damaging passives plus a 3rd passive those are one hander sword or two hander sword/axe and bravery skills which running up to 119 at tier [19] for bravery. so clearly something is really bad if those skills are missing on crusaders/templars.

    they already have green fonts, and general knowledge between world raids. so it'd be hard to implement unless it was a KQ system once or twice a day 50-100 ppl and ingame raid weaponry/gear/bracelets/rewards in your "raid KQ" boxes.

    if the issue is that the chest disappears and reappears with a full HP bar again. and every one is 95. and they all died out of the KQ it'd be bad.
    so, just fix that chest so it does not regen itself via turning it into a idle state. (there is several similar situations in Succubus Karen raid and Dark Queen Portal where the "boss" goes idle while the mini boss is killable in fact that was the only way you could continue the "raid" round by killing the non disappearing/reappearing mini bosses. so just do that to Sorah KQ for 95-109 and 125-135 too. that'll be an awesome fix and it's already in the game system so they don't have to fool with it.

    It isn't hard to fix that issue.
    simply remove the sorah chest's regen. by changing it to an Idle period on the "boss" instead of disappearing / reappearing to be another full "boss hp bar". meaning it doesn't heal itself either during that idle period. the rest of it is left alone. because the Sorah "boss" doesn't die. the extra spawns do kill people. and the "fix" should be implemented across the board. not that the first sorah has that issue because it isn't as bad. but come 95-109 and 125-135 sorah KQs we can see that issue so fix it so that everyone can get it done. lol. fixing the situation will completely stop that whole issue (snipping the bud as it were). and people can continue to level.

    Recently, I met GT Seryn in Uruga, during a normal conversation, a month or so ago, and I told them about these issues about the missing passives for Templars, I told her clearly about where these skills should be at, and then I left that up to her to forward the missing passives issue to the Development Team et al. Also, there was some issues with the Active Skill ASCENSION Leveling Requirements. that I told them about as well. Today 7/21/2020 in Elderine I asked them about it again, and they said clearly they do not have a dateline to do anything for the entire class. while Guardians got their updated Active Skills.
    So, What is up here?
    As, the entire Class is being impacted by missing passives and the wrong Requirement Levels and that missing skill tier for Active One named Ascension and that means the entire class is unable to output enough damage to stand on the same levels within both PVE/PVP fields. and this just makes that no sense to level a crusader>templar.
    and as well, not being able to purchase these required passives and the missing Active Skill means that extra Skill points are missing to the class system, there is about 10-12 Skill points missing along with these passives, because those are part of the package as well which allows' active skills to empower/cool down/add buff time etc.

    Missing Passives
    Learn Blade Skill [14] Level Requirement 125 <-- bought from NPC Skill Master Hal in the city Bera
    Learn Blade Skill [15] Level Requirement 130 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Mora in village Island of Eya
    Learn Blade Skill [16] Level Requirement 135 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Mora in the village of Island of Eya

    Learn Magic Skill [14] Level Requirement 125 <-- bought from NPC Skill Master Hal in the city Bera
    Learn Magic Skill [15] Level Requirement130 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Mora in village Island of Eya
    Learn Magic Skill [16] Level Requirement 135 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Mora in village Island of Eya

    Saviors Light [7] Level requirement 125 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Hal in the city of Bera
    Saviors Light [8] Level Requirement 130 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Mora in village Island of Eya
    Saviors Light [9] Level Requirement 135 <--- bought from NPC Skill Master Mora in village Island of Eya
                                                                    Active Skill(s) + Skill Points added
    Level requirement 116 should be 115. (purchasable already) bought from NPC Skill Master Hal
    Level requirement 121 should be 120 (purchasable already) bought from NPC Skill Master Hal
    ASCENSION [4] Level requirement126 should be 125 (purchasable already) bought from NPC Mora
    ASCENSION [5] Level requirement 131 should be 130 (purchasable already) bought from NPC Mora
    ASCENSION [6]  Level requirement 135 (IS MISSING should be bought from NPC Skill Master Mora)
    I ask that we get those things done very soon please.
    as, the Guardians' class has had their fixes done before the templars' class and the population of templars' have quietly passed the issue through a Formal employee channel and it still didn't arrive before these guardians. so. we ask that we get this done.
    below is pictures of ascension's issue and the missing passives from the island of eya/the city of bera

    the screen shots I compiled for recording the issue are here as well. and yes I redacted the name as it is my own character etc.
    feel free to vote and help the cause, by posting about this issue. !!!!

    devaluing a product? by having a freedom to turn off roars entirely? hmm that's kind of up to the character/player who chooses upon their own will.
    it does not stop you the other side of the coin as it were, from buying anything that is up to you too.
    nor is it up to the game community because they can choose upon their actions/freedoms/liberties/et al.
    nor is it bothering the game companies game shop because there will always be someone who will be hearing/reading an advertisement from vendors or perhaps going to find certain things and thus use their 'roar' system to work. by buying from the game shop, and there are plenty of other sources to get roars right now, so, if a individual wanted to turn off roars globally then again it's up to the players' choices.
    so what else are we talking about? why derail the conversation or debate in a thread of suggestions?

    but it belongs to the individual who doesn't want to listen to roars?
    simple fix 1. block or 2. change the filter for the INDIVIDUALS' Choice.
    it does not stop the game company because they sell a advertising tool.
    nor does it stop the "seller" to buy from the game shop.
    and it does not impede the entire community.
    nothing to debate. because it's giving a freedom from long drama filled conversations.

    T4 immunity potions, T6 purple potions, are not made. T6 scrolls recipes are possible but they are locked out because they didn't update the recipes saying t5 items HHQ Leather instead of dark leather. etc. thus a higher idea would be putting extra rates of those "shinies" spawning again. the charm 4 hour one was fixed a while ago, so it's not really a huge problem. perhaps lowering the rate of those elrue-xir t5 recipes but that's just a off chance because they can be npc'd.
    As for the hidden nerf of sticking t6 hp/sp potions into Arkroute and other 115-120 maps instead of the T5 drop rate is just B.S., be that a change to help mediate the Magic Potion income or listening to someone else's rant about T5 is just silly though. T5 tiered items sell rate was not bothered. so those should have been updated so that HP potions T5s would drop normally because there is plenty of players in those long ranges without having the time to deal with making potions. and the shiny rate was all for t6's so doesn't impede the t5 production/selling rates either.
    so lets' all gather together for returning that rate of shinies. (because t6's are needed)
    also band together to force their hands on t5 hp potions drop tables.
    and then we can squabble over 4 hour charms. because really i'm fine with those being slowed, because the company needs to sell charms somehow.

    a change to filter will work easier then worrying over it and it belongs to the individual. instead of having to block certain people it will be the same on the filter chats. as for the roars idea of spamming etc. that is under the cost of whom ever buys from the game shop. so it's fine to either block or update the filter system.

    mmm the whole reason GT was set up was because the champions shouldn't be at the spot all the time, thus making it easier to compete and the rest of the guilds could be having fun too. that is why it a whole 2 weeks rather then every week or even other week. meaning they are put in the registration every third time.
    in the case of "ghost" guild the best way relay the message down to everyone in all servers is by changing the start notice box to the guilds in that match, thus making this a moot issue. course It shouldn't just be 1 Guild Leader, I think it should be at least 5 people to start the tournament or they all get removed from the lists like they do to the champion spot too. thus lowering the chances to create a glitch or abuse the system of rewards. and leave the competition alone. and then current active guilds can be put into the rolls instead of ghost guilds.