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    So i just found this out recently but if you die right when the timer ends and the little win message appears, you won't get the coins, apparently this has been going on for a while, are you guys planning on fixing it or just don't give a single fuck? it's frustrating working for the win then don't get the coins, also the arena afks, please add the afk system from others kqs to this one aswell.

    Now you only receive exp equal to how much dmg you did to the snakes hp, rather than receiving all of it, when people shout “Selling ln runs, 2hours 6G full 10” means a 105-110 killer will continuously kill snakes every 1 minute so the person getting plvl will receive exp, snakes stop spawning after 3.5 hours of entering LN , not when the snakes initially spawn. You can still solo it, but you won’t get full exp from the snakes unless someone afks for you nearby inside the instance

    Just logged on to confirm, maxed Mez has a 30 second duration with a 33 second cooldown. A single Warlock cannot perm sleep someone. You need to be prepared to counter during the gap time. 3 seconds is plenty of time for any class besides a Cleric to jump onto a Warlock since they don't have any mobility besides bird (which doesn't work in half the pvp maps), but you can still track them in bird and jump on them the instant they come down.

    then you get stiffle or fear 1 second before sleeps end and be slept again.

    Shawn_V01 do you realize skeletons are useless right? a single mage it’s incapable of perma slowing you or fear you, like I stated before, takes a single warlock to perma sleep someone and still help their team, what I’m asking is for gamigo to nerf the skill so you cannot permanently sleep another player and the warlock still be able to help their team, doesn’t take a set change, doesn’t take the right gear like crusader, all it takes it’s a single warlock and a button press. And judging by your post, yeah, you do are a “idiot noob” who’s been playing since open beta.

    as you may or may not know, even after you fear or stifle someone, sleep still goes off, regardless of range, and yes, you can still perma sleep someone, there is literally no counter play, you get perma sleep and that's hit, what im asking is for gamigo to nerf sleep so a warlock can't perm sleep someone and leave it out of the picture, doesn't take a group of any class, just takes 1 warlock to block a player completely and still help their team

    Is there any ways you guys can nerf warlocks sleep skill? people are abusing it on arena kqs and pvp kqs, some are even selling coins by doing multi account with 3 warlocks and sleep 6 people to score on arena, it is becoming so frustrating to deal with, you can't do anything against it becoming a warlock yourself and start abusing it back.

    I just got hacked a few weeks ago, gems stolen and gear along with selective t6 buffs , and sadly my tradable Rammy, It was at morning , about 3 am then, when I got off work and logged back in , around 8 am (in game time) LITERALLY all my stolen stuff was being sold in Uruga and for cheap too. I emailed gamigo stating that I never share any personal information with anyone at all, they replied with “ we can’t confirm the hack in our site “ and suggested to file a police report lmao. This is a joke, gamigo is ignoring the facts and tickets , if it’s been going on for almost a year now, they simply do not care and Honey Teddy just confirmed it by not addressing the issue but forwarding it to increase your security and not share any personal data, NO SHIT MAN you think so? Accounts are legit being hack , it’s only a matter of time until the person behind all this decides to bring the economy down or even empty out the active raiding guilds and bring fiesta to a much quicker death. Oh, ign : HierophantGreen in case you guys wanna help out the poor xD

    so i just logged in today and both my gems and weapons were gone, also some of my t6 buffs from my storage character, did i just got hack or somebody else experienced this?