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    Yup probably better to give up. You and everyone else have tried. They just don't listen or care. They won't even let us request sc items to be put back into premium inventory.

    Not just that..

    I myself and many others have given gamigo easy to implement solutions to many of their issues.

    Yet they refuse to listen to any of these for years until the issue becomes so big they can no longer ignore it.

    Then we get some arrogant GM mail about how we are no longer allowed to have sc items put back into the premium inventory.

    After ignoring every single issue they themselves created in the first place and refusing to implement a long term solution.

    Even If the perfect solution is easy to implement and gets suggested for years.

    Even if 20 posts appear complaining about the problem and I reply on every single one of them the solution and ask why it's not fixed.

    Even if they fuck up, it's still the players fault.

    Even if we give them obvious proof that they themselves fucked up..

    The incompetence and greed of this so called "company" knows no bounds.

    It's clear this is a dictatorship and the company will just suck as much money out as possible until this game dies.

    Delivering a lasting product and statisfying the buyer was never the priority of Gamigo.

    And they will do anything to remove any post that shows the truth or any player that speaks up.

    The GM's are nothing but tools that signed agreements, they have no opinion of their own.

    Time to leave the sinking ship.

    My advice is to quit while you can, not worth it. Massive waste of money. People quitting by the masses and leaving selling their accounts. Gamigo acting like a dictator and pushing hardcore pay to win. Save yourself the money and the time.


    I created a ticket about something MONTHS ago Vera...MONTHS! Didnt get an email about my ticket, didnt get the usual automated response, nothing.

    Yes, I safe-listed Gamigo and Glyph, no it wasnt in my spam, and yes, i mentioned the issue to a PM and CM...nothing.

    So, uhm...?

    Did you mention the issue was money related?

    All this doesn’t matter anyway if gamigo keeps ignoring us. There is plenty of good ideas out there about tons of subjects already that never got implemented.

    Instead they implemented some useless kq.

    Maybe instead of writing more ideas we should be harsher on gamigo and GM’s like honeyteddy for not representing the playerbase. Because honeyteddy, you can say all these things but the bottomline is that gamigo never listens and you don’t represent us or critizize gamigo in the slightest..

    Without change in gamigo nothing will happen with any idea you guys post here.

    Discussing further is useless as long as gamigo refuses to listen. As long as GM do not represent or even try to go against gamigo.

    No point people.

    Many of you have no clue what atrocious things this company does or how stubborn they are even when good people are handing out the key to fixing stuff. They refuse to hire those people. Theyd rather keep their stuff the same and hire GM that do not talk back and are not critical, no improvement.

    It’s sad

    I know what you are talknig about, A few months ago I saw a vendor sell very expensive gear and a guy next to it shouting that someone was selling his gear and nothing was being done about it... It was sold for super cheap too... so very suspicious.

    This has been going on for a while now.

    Also been multiple posts about people losing all their gems and stuff and multiple people shouting in game about it too.

    Doesn't have to do with account sharing ...

    Has been going on for a while now.

    F2PWhale I know sep showed you gamigos internal docs so why even care anymore

    Because im to stubborn, and by banning and silencing me they only prove that I am right.

    People have written to thank me too because I opened their eyes.

    You think it doesn't work but it does I can guarantee you that.

    And every time they silence and not listen to me and call me a troll a whale leaves their game...

    You shouldn't underestimate the power of the player/ custommer.

    Yes. And they made an announcement about this couple days ago. They work really hard to make their playerbase unhappy. Something as simple as that and it gets a no. They don't want to listen for whatever reason.

    I made an angry post about that, but it already got removed lol xD

    It had a lot of views before it got deleted a few minuts later.

    When I suddenly get perma banned, I would not be suprised honestly.

    They wont even put a sc item we paid for back into our premium bag. It was allowed in the past. I guess the CMs and whoever else back then actually cared. Now their excuse is it would flood their ticket system. Even if it could take up to a month I think people would be fine with it. How exactly busy can they be right now? No new content/rebalance/no cap raise/no adjustment to store items/server transfers/etc. If they refuse to do such a simple request of putting sc item back, what else can you expect from them. I guess only new sc items or recolored sc items is what I expect from them now on.

    Even when that sc item appearing into our bags is their own mistake.

    I accidentaly clicked a t5 stack because their t2 bogo bundle glitched and gave 20 separate stones making my accidentaly click a t5 stack.

    They do not care to fix their own mistakes, I have been telling them to make their bundles account bound and stones level neutral for months now. Tons of posts about it lately yet they refuse to make a simple fix. A fix that would prevent any ticket from being send ever again about this issue.

    Simple fixes, yet they refuse and honeyteddy told me it was my fault and didn't help me in the least.

    Got tons of examples ... TONS.

    They do not listen they do not learn, maximum incompetence.

    Its impossible to invest nothing for content and get a good quality. Simple changes wont make a difference. The fact that FO is over 13 years old shows that the technical requirements dont allow severe variations. Also the whole concept doesnt make the game interesting for new/returning players in any shape or form.
    If you are convinced to make a change - go for it but for me and many others its just a waste of time.

    That's exactly what they want, everyone to shut up. Act like nothing is wrong so they don't have to silence us or ban us for a few weeks. You are playing exactly into their cards. That way the small minority can act like gamigo is doing well because all the critical people left are silenced or get banned like myself.

    Easy peasy for gamigo. I am not that easy, I will speak out about every shitty change they make. Every pay to win thing. Unlike osme sheep on here who didn't open their eyes yet and ofcourse never get banned or silenced.

    I think that you and many others are right but there is one thing that bothers me a lot:
    We clearly know that the company does not follow an ethically concept and abuse/manipulate their community with deals that put a huge pressure on the player. I could write endless stories about the tragic implementation but its actually not worth it. Since gamigo took over FO the game has gotten worse with every patch, has less content, and more bugs than ever before.
    To be honest with you: gamigo knows how to act economically and thats just a way to make profit out of it. There is no chance that this game will be balanced or is going to have interesting content thats not gonna happen. People are complaining 24/7 how bad this game is and that the CM does nothing. But what are you expecting? Why should they invest more money and more time into this game? Because the game could be fun? Or the game isnt allowed to go offline because of the nostalgia? They dont care. There are so many players out there, that are still thinking that something is going to change but they are blinded because they hide the truth behind the hope. Those people are the ones that keep this game going and thats an immense mistake. That offers opportunities to keep the game online forever. If everyone would stop spending money the game will be closed immediately but thats not realistic at all. Make a desicion now and leave this game behind. This community is simply hopeless.

    Post deleted in 3...2...1...

    If you payed attention to my post ...You would know am trying to open these peoples eyes...

    And trust me they are People can’t keep excusing shitty management. You might think its useless but I know I am making a change. Even if it is only one person less wasting their money on this pay to win circus.

    But im doing it with reason, facts and dignity and good intent unlike gamigo who is only in it for the money.
    Most ideas here take zero money to implement and could drastically increase revenue at the same time. Thats why I say incompetence and that its perfectly possible to get more money and a quality game. You also use the sheeply and weak argument that somehow it would cost to make simple changes. Meanwhile they waste time on uselss stuff no one asked for like a kq thats already long dead and took way to long.
    This is more then pay to win this is incompetence very severe incompetence.

    Well if you read the quarter term reports you can clearly see Gamigo is not in it to deliver a good game or keep this game for the long run.

    Terms like: organic revenue growth is what they focused on in previous quarter. And they talk about lifespan of +-10 year.

    For people who still believe in gamigo they should read those boring reports.

    You can also read a lot on glassdoor about the amazing company ... lol

    There are even sites dedicated to all the promises broken and all the nasty things gamigo did.

    Gamigo can say what they want ban me and silence me for exposing thier shitty agenda wich they and honeyteddy repeatedly did for weeks sometimes.

    But people here are way to sheepish they are easyer to please than a todler getting candy.
    GM’s also contribute to the shitty management by supporting without critical thinking while throwing legit honest players overboard, labeling them as trolls or silencing banning and removing many posts.

    Nothing is going to change as long as people keep defending gamigo for their shitty management on here and they are not held accountable.

    We should give a clear sign to gamigo that this is unacceptable and the whales should support this because they are going to be hit the hardest eventually.

    I will only lose some time and 50 bucks I used on some prenerf gears.

    Whales will lose 1000s of euros when this game dies... They will be hit the hardest, not the average jou.

    And you can push me away as a troll but go to roumen or any other map and see for yourself. Every day there are less schrooms.

    Time to wake up... time for gamigo to stop playing minecraft and using their whole revenue to make more cash shop or promote cash shop items.

    Gamigo will eventually go bankrupt if they keep up this course with their games. Eventually no one will trust them anymore

    Time for them to act like a real company and take real decisions focusing on the future instead milking games to death as quick as possible.

    Organic revenue growth is going to turn in an organic bankrupcy.

    There will not be any growth if you milk every game to literal death.

    And that is seperate from the horrible management and custommer support, the GM’s that support gamigo instead of the community they are supposed to represent... falsely banning people and many other atrocious acts including the support of loot boxes.

    Or gambling for kids wich they claim is so importnant as they want to be childfriendly. Yet they promote literal gambling in game for example lucky house and the enchantment system.

    Wake up gamigo, fix your company. And wake up GM’s stop being mindless sheep you should represent the player not gamigo.

    This is something they have to thank fully to themselves bending their custommers over at any possible moment until most of them quit.

    With horendous management blunders and incompetence being their key components of managing this game into the depths of failure.

    I love these people talking about how they would make less profit and forget that tons of people quit because of the decisions and pay to win enforced by gamigo.

    They have bugs in this game that are easy to fix in a few minuts that have been in the game for years.

    People telling them literally how to fix stuff and bring new players or cash in yet they ignore them.

    Whole ticket system is a joke pissing of many players.

    No need to feel bad about gamigo employees, most of them are actively searching for other jobs ( glassdoor )

    And doing nothing will only make this game die even quicker as people leave daily and this game has like one server left on the brink of death.

    they never invested much in this game anyway do not worry...

    Companies die if they treat there custommers like seahorsecrep....

    can’t keep upping the prices forever.

    If everybody leaves, who will they force their daily sales upon or horrid new pay to win features no one asked for.

    keep in mind if f2p players like me leave aswell this also has a massive impact as we buy from slime coin sellers in game or perform importnant services and other stuff.

    Stuff that contributes often just as much as whales.

    No whale can show of their fancy pay to win in a dead game.

    Who is going to sell the cheap stuffs like scrolls we use daily?

    People need to understand f2p players contribute often times just as much as whales but in other ways.

    Cut it out with that crep.

    Many people don’t buy because of the ridiculous prices including myself. Theres more then enough demand to cover up for lower prices.

    no need to force the burden onto whales any more since they already quitting by the dozens

    some people on here have no clue how economics work or how to run a business just like gamigo

    who ran this game into oblivion but refuses to make changes despite 1 server hanging on for dear life.

    Lol did they just remove my post about their premium item hypocrasy?! And how they refuse to fix easy issues that should have been fixed long ago despite all the community input.

    like making enchant bundles account bound and stones level neutral. Despite 5 post complaining about it.

    It’s a disgrace GM’s dare to even make such posts or support them.

    They probably removed it again...

    Gamigo seems to be going to ban or silence me again and others...

    Sigh, will they ever learn that these people on here pay them?! It’s not gamigo who should make the rules...

    It’s us the customer. And gamigo is only showing their bias and inability to listen or take criticism fr their custommers.

    That’s not how you run a company.

    no wonder we got 1 server left...

    From the point of view for someone who works in a corporate office, unless there's a truly critical issue then business priorities aren't going to change just like that. Even one business quarter might not be enough time if they already have their sprints and budgets planned out for the year. Just saying~

    It’s not like they had multiple years to fix these issues and tons of input already. Cough.

    1. Pay to Win

    Let's focus on that since it had the most votes in the poll.

    Baby steps with gamigo, can't overload their skeleton crew.

    Give em some time and if by the next quarter it's not prioritzed more reason to bring it up.

    And that will open more eyes, as some people still have full faith in GM's and Gamigo.

    Focus on that for now.

    They can't even implement the simplest of things.

    Gem Sellers that will make the game currencies inflated

    Lol what? You realize they don’t hack currency right? They buy it from others from money or other methods... they dont make gems appear out of thin air. Nothing changes but a redistribution of gems that where already in the system.
    Inflation only happens if gems are added to the system lol... Not if people redistribute gems...

    ~choosing to say that dropping T6 items (which isn't creatable/producible via recipes) is hurting the other Tiers. is just silly, because, higher than 125 to cap characters doesn't buy T1-T5's anyways, after they hit 125.

    Indeed they do not need to because they all get free ones from shinies.. including expensive ass purple pots fat stacks of them too.

    Others will have to buy theirs mainly poor players and lower level players will be hit. Since those players can now no longer sell their scrolls because you just made the most expensive time consuming ingredient an item they can buy in stacks. Sellers are hit very hard because of the shiny mobs taking away the t6 oppertunity and creating abundance of free scrolls and purple pots. Removing the need for anyone to make any using ingredients or spend money on your gold sink to do so. Also a lot cheaper than making them would be.

    You kind of defending my whole point there...

    selling Tier 1-5's. which is constantly in place at 100s-600s a piece

    Lets not get lost in your fantasy world.

    T3 scrolls sell for 50-100s
    T4 scrolls will be like 80 - 140s
    T5 I would have to check if anyone could give me a price range That be appreciated

    scroll market price inflation

    Uhm thats not how it works, not how inflation works ... the scroll market prices are currently going down, not up. Few days ago I bought 300 t3 scrolls for 50s a piece... thats almost half of what I used to buy em (90s)
    Thats dirtcheap, if I would do that myself .would take time .. I would probably make 10x the money doing anything else in that time...

    Do you even know what inflation is?

    by allowing the producer to use the Harvested items like Slimes etc. to make income to themselves and they can pay for other things like more "harvested" items from the NPC's.

    How exactly, slimes are used to make speed scrolls.. If you are going to sell them in stacks for peanuts they become worthless instantly just like all gathering will become absolete if you sell the items cheap in an npc by the stacks. They are only expensive because they take time to get.

    that is why this idea is one of the Gold Sinks that would work.

    Yeah sure, people lose their way to make money ...And 90% of playerbase unafected except low level including mostly poor and new players. Wich scrolls are already going down in price.

    the npc's are important as the in game currency collectors

    No they are importnant to sell usefull and interesting items to players that they can trade for in game currency.
    Not as a sole purpose gold sink.

    as for your thinking, buying cash shop "gifts" is actually hurtful to the in game currency

    Are you going to put words in my mouth I did never even say?
    Do I have to explain every single thing...

    The price of cash shop gifts influences the price of all items in game directly. It does not have any effect on the currency as I am talking about buying power.
    A gifting rate of 1-1 would immediately drop all prices from gears and items that are enchanced. The biggest contributing factor to enchanced gear price is in fact the pay to win element of expensive enchantment. The cheaper that becomes . The cheaper the price of those items will become.

    The gifting rate is an expression of how expensive cash shop items are compared to gems. Imagine if you have a 1-2 rate and the price of slime coins would be halved. That would mean the rate would quickly drop to 1-1. As the cash shop seller makes the same money but by selling twice as much. The cash shop rate can change if gems become more abundant. That,s inflation. If a cap raise comes around the corner with quests giving 10x as much the rate would probably change to 1-20. Does that mean you can buy less? No because there will be more money into circulation and prices will go up to make up for the fact theres now 10x more currency coming in from npcing drops and quests. By that time your scrolls will be the cheapest of the cheapest since everyone has 10x as much money.

    In the real world inflation is caused by printing extra money wich devalues the currency, that is why bitcoins are so expensive or gold.. it is a limited currency...

    Capping the Market Price sold by the player

    Doesnt work in fiesta or the real world.
    If you destroy the scroll market by doing that no one will make money because scrolls will become abundant and so cheap people no longer make any profits and stop selling them. Just like in the real world people would rather be paid a decent loan than minimum wage chinese sweatchop worker wages... they will just switch to something profitable instead. Demand of scrolls is limited, you have to sell a crapton more to make even a peny in this system.. but there is no demand yet limitless supply. Thats why bijjou stones now cost 30 silver... Insane supply and no demand for it.

    This took way too long to answere...

    I agree with most points except gold sinks.

    I would agree however with selling usefull items for players without the focus on being a gold sink but being usefull to players overall.

    But this has to go hand in hand with a serious rework on how much golds items of cap levels and quests give because next cap is going to be the end of this game for many if this issue is never adressed. Especially if it’s another pay to win cookiefest.

    That is also why I dont support the scroll idea, it’s a forced idea that very few people would want with sole purpose being gold sink while destroying other content and peoples way of making money even more so in the process (scroll making). While hitting poor and low level people and new players even harder in the process because there already are almost no ways to make money right now (efficiently).

    Unless you are going to suggest every new players buys a gaming pc and runs 20 alts on acads.

    If this is where you see the direction of the game going.

    better would be something like:

    Selling exp wipes, i would pay for that.

    Selling other usefull items for gold without the focus being to sink gold but to benefit players.

    I think this pay to win circus at cap levels is already a hassel enough and doesn’t need to be even more pay to win and annoying.