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    My connection is fine. And I'm not sure what you mean by ensuring that my ISP isn't filtering the download game files.

    I've tried reinstalling the game just a few minutes ago because I kept getting "Fiesta Launcher has stopped working". Even though I was playing earlier this morning. I can't even get through the download, which is unusual because it keeps saying: there's a problem with the launcher" or something like that. So the repair tool won't help if I can't even download the game. So...what's your solution for this?

    This is possibly due to the server being full.
    With the entire COVID-19 stuff going around, more people are staying home, and more people are coming online and playing the game.
    So I believe the server is hitting it's capacity with players, which are causing these issues.

    I don't have this issue on other servers.

    I play Isya and Pagel. I have none of these issues on Pagel. But Isya...I just want to hit it with a sledgehammer.

    I'm having a really hard time with this game lately.

    1. I log into the server screen, pick my server (Isya) and click on join. It takes me several frickin times to click on join. Sometimes it doesn't work, other times I have to relog and do it AGAIN.

    2. When I DO get into the character selection screen and click on the character I want to play - it keeps saying "connecting to server". But it doesn't connect. So I have to keep relogging. Which doesn't necessarily help.

    3. I do NOT want to reinstall the game for the millionth time for some issue. This occurrence is getting really, really old.

    Can someone PLEASE fix these issues? Every single dang time I've been playing lately I've had to deal with this. It's old, it's tiresome. Can someone get on the ball and FIX these issues?

    I've been trying to play for the past hour and EVERY 2 frickin minutes I disconnect. Especially when I use the pickup icon. And then when I try to get back on, all I get is "disconnected to world server" or something to that effect. Plus, I've been trying to finish a quest and whenever I disconnect, I have to restart the stupid quest. I'm beyond tired of this problem. Would someone/anyone I don't care who, FIX this issue. Like now please. On a serious note, just take down the game for however long it takes and fix the issues that players are consistently telling them about.

    I played for about an hour very early this morning. Then logged out to take care of some things in the real world. Then decided to play for a while but unfortunately I've been getting what the rest of you are: authentication timed out and connection to servers have failed. These issues are incredibly tiresome.

    Yes, because we should all be forced to make new characters on our accounts over and over just to see if a guild/academy is worth joining.

    This is a super logical solution to the overarching problem, thanks for the input. :rolleyes:

    Actually it takes very *little* time to make up a level 1 character to check out an academy for rewards/activity. It sure beats joining and being disappointed and having to wait an hour. Think about it.

    How would you go about checking? When you're looking through all of the guild academies there's really nothing to indicate level of activity or rewards until you're actually part of the academy. Looking at the number of guild/academy members isn't necessarily a good way to gauge this either.

    Actually there is a way. I have a "system". Whenever I start a new server I usually make up a few level 1 characters. Just to see which is the "highest" paying academy. That way it kills 2 birds w/one stone. You accumulate enough copper to buy your low level skills/armor AND you can see which is the better paying academy. And also see which is the more... active academy. Plus, if you ask for help with something, like a party hold for tower Izyel or help with a quest and no one answers - ever - you know it's a dead academy/guild.

    Someone named Honey Teddy (I think that was her name) stated elsewhere on the forum that it would appear in 51 hours. Which means, it's supposed to be there now. I always check for the loot box after 3:30 pm, and it's 3:45 pm now. So, who knows? They're always flubbing up in one way or another.

    We may have to wait until Monday.