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    This is so nice of everyone. Have to finish my assignment by the end of oct. So if more people want to answer please do!

    Does anyone have tips for me how to get more information from people to make a good impression in my paper about who the Fiesta community is?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm doing a school assignment where i need to write a paper. I wanted to write it about Fiesta and the online gaming community. I wanted to investigate how many people still play my beloved game, who they are or where they went to if they stopped playing. I hope you all will help me out and get me a good grade :D!

    The questions I thought of and would like to ask you if you want and be so kind to answer the ones u want to answer:

    • How long have you been playing this game?
    • What age did you start join fiesta?
    • How did you find out about fiesta?
    • If you don't play anymore why did you stop playing?
    • If you don't play anymore are you playing any other game(s) atm which ones you play and are they online?
    • What were the things you really loved/love about the game?
    • What were the things you really hated/hate about the game?
    • If you have to chose another game to play what are the things you look at to make sure you think you like the game?
    • Which study do you do or job do you have?

    Some questions might be too personal, idk. But I'm trying to write a paper on what kind of awesome people play my favorit game too or have played.

    Hope you want to help me out, thanks! ;)

    Shirley :3