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    Nope. I think you're misunderstanding me because you keep coming up with counter-arguments to things I didn't speak a word of. I'd pick examples, but you can re-read them just fine without help surely.

    "I believe their should be a balance of hard work, cash and casual play. I think everything should be achievable by hard work, I think things should be made easier by cash and I believe luck should play some factor as well so casual players can achieve something as well, and I'm not talking about the "luck" you get from getting a perfect drop after 2 years of farming."

    This I fully agree with, hence the already several times stated opinion that changes to drop tables need to be made. And the reason why I stand behind what I said: like you say, cash should make things easier, not allow completely skipping content.

    "Everyone has their own way of having fun, for you it maybe farming, for others it maybe spending their way to being the best and for me it's neither."

    Goes without saying. Also see earlier, "there should be other content that better caters to the variety of players and their varying ideas of enjoyable activities."

    "You say you want people to have choices but you don't think high level gears should be traded or buy-able or hammer-able so you're basically limiting it to being farmed, unless it's luck based which you'll probably argue about rate improvements."

    Not high level, high tier. Again, see "there should be other content that better caters to the variety of players and their varying ideas of enjoyable activities. There should even be other ways to get gear."

    "This is exactly the same attitude as the players arguing P2W. limit the number of players who can achieve things in game and making it a straight but biased path to being the best...I wonder if you actually see that or are just going to argue how you think it's totally different...""

    On the contrary, the goal is to limit the number of whales steamrolling everything to a point nobody else has a chance to even try, so everyone, cashed out or not, would be able to enjoy it.

    "Again did you read my whole post? You cut off my main point."

    I did read it, yeah. Already addressed the other nonsense cash items standing in the way of balance earlier, in a post you already replied to. Ohey, here's a good example of that thing mentioned up top. Even after I was so sure I made it crystal I'm not blaming hammers for any of it. What a shame.

    I honestly feel like we're going in circles now. The entire first argument I made was not that hammers should be just flat out removed, but that instead of introducing them, these issues you and others, including me, mention should've been fixed. AND, that could, and should, still be done. You chose to argue that.

    "You are making these arguments too early, try again after other fixes are made.

    I suspect many players like Charizard77 understand this which is what we're trying to get across to you, no one is saying hammers are perfect but there are very important reasons why they were added and why they are so popular where we are with the game right now."

    You're all fine with multiple people discussing this for several pages, and now decide to bring up a sorry excuse about timing? That's just bad manners. Even more, I haven't been talking solely about this one item for a long time. Why bother, because it's a mere fraction of a whole.

    But if you want to get all on that, then how about let's stop discussing any improvements? They've already said they will not do this, that or any of whatever because they're busy clearing code debt. Any microscopical-effort put into new content they create is just a buffer to keep players from getting real angry. Their real focus is on that one issue, and nothing major will be done before it's dealt with. Please go spread your word of "bad timing" to every thread suggesting changes and features.

    Even more, it's terrible lack of understanding of how development of massive projects like this works. Like I already said (gettingreallytiredofrepeatingmyselfhere), fixing a lot of these issues would not actually take that long, or even be that difficult. Another crucial point to note is that issues, big and small, are worked in tandem. Doesn't mean things aren't prioritized or categorized, but if you only work on issues based on your priority order and in most severe category, you're in for a really bad time. And so are your customers, because the bigger issues in constant development projects will never end. If you only focus on those, the small quick ones never get attention - which is something you can actually see a lot of here.

    Stop acting like talking about things you view as less important is somehow bad, or confuses the company in charge of dealing with them. It most definitely shouldn't.

    Lycaria Are you suggesting that all gear should be bind on equip or perhaps even bind on pickup (original LN)? That would be an incredibly unpopular opinion, one that most people would suggest discourages farming in the first place. I for one think it never should have been implemented and that it was just OOS, not even OS, that wanted to make more money without a care for the players.

    Pretty sure I said high-tier, meaning blues and oranges. What I'm suggesting is that BiS gear of each cap should be BoP. Gears a bit below them in base stats, even if legendaries, BoE. Whites and greens, freely whatever.

    This way in order to "be the best" you'd actually have to go through the content in person, but it'd still yield the kinds of rewards farmers can sell for profit - just not endlessly. Good gear would, at some point, also leave the economy, not just pile up and circulate endlessly unless accidentally NPC:d or lost to inactivity. If you just flat-out don't want to explore the content, you settle for less.

    Do please note that this isn't a simple idea. To properly work, it'd require adjustments to drop tables, enhancement prices and possibly also stats, and most of all, demand farming content to be more inspiring with difficulty adjustments. I didn't mention it to sidetrack the convo, but because the conversation between me and TJL went towards what options are there for hammers, and spread to cover other related problems, including "fun".

    I will agree with you that this game is gear dependent, not skill dependent, but that does not mean that the only way to play the game should be farming, which is what your suggestion would inherently turn into. This would even exacerbate the current Fighter/Glad omnipotence even further since even at lower levels a well-geared Fighter can farm faster than most other classes. Either that, or the entire game would turn into an internal guild point-based system where you have to attend so many farming sessions to be worthy of being given a drop and trust me, even if a guild starts off on the right foot with that it eventually goes downhill.

    You have to be kidding me.

    While yes, hammers do indeed have cons, they also have pros as have been stated many times in this thread. You cannot simply remove hammers at this point without first adjusting drop rates as well as putting some sort of system in place to make sure that that majority of drops are "good." Otherwise you go back to farmers npc'ing 95% of everything since nobody will use them without the chance to make them better.

    No, seriously, didn't we literally just cover this?

    Lets have one conversation at a time. The first one should be about the root, core mechanics of the game. After that is taken care of we can go on to the branches, leaves, and sprinkles.

    Speechless. Just speechless.


    Sorry, been busy for a bit. I don't know why misunderstanding me seems like a current theme here, but let's try it one more time.

    No matter how you look at it, farming is the backbone of the game. Fiesta character progression isn't skill based, it's gear based. For as long as that is the fact, getting better and better gear is majority content. Just because it isn't fun now doesn't mean it couldn't be, just that it's not done right.

    And before you once again argue a point I didn't make; yes, there should be other content that better caters to the variety of players and their varying ideas of enjoyable activities. There should even be other ways to get gear. BUT, in my opinion, BiS gear of each cap should only be achieved through hard work. It should not be buyable, or even tradeable, at all. Yeah it sucks for the blackberry 14's out there, but that's how it is. Reward people who play the game, everything else is shooting yourself in the foot.

    You also shouldn't be able to trade used high-tier gear of any levels. Not even with a premium item. In case it isn't clear: if done right, this would take care of both farmers and mr. moneybags.

    "But not the root cause which is what I'm arguing, again hammers fit a desperate need, it'd be like..."

    When I say hammers are a contributing factor to something, I mean they contribute to exacerbate the effect of those already existing issues mentioned before. They are not to blame for those issues, they just make them worse. I'd draw you a picture with roots, branch and leaves of a plant and hammers being sprinkled on top of the whole thing, but sincerely hope you understand without.

    And for the last time, I have not implied things should just be removed with no adjustments made to the game. Of effing course there should be adjustments. Shouldn't even need saying.

    "Do you disagree? Is farming and being the best more important? Should I be having more fun farming or quit the game if I can't?"

    I don't disagree. I just think it was a failed attempt at a ground-shaking, profound statement, so void of logic it doesn't deserve a thoughtful reply, and as such adds no value to the discussion.

    But yes, quite obviously games (just like any other past-time activity ever) should be mostly about enjoyment - implying I'm of different opinion is a low move. And again just as obviously: just because it isn't enjoyable right now, doesn't mean it couldn't be. Just that it's not done right.

    Adding premium items to bypass boring content fixes nothing and should never be even a temporary option. With the time each company has had to change the course of this game, there is just no excuse for this.


    Riiight. Well as long as the "you" you keep referring to isn't me, ramble away.


    "However I disagree with your feeling that the game would be exactly the same without hammers, hammers fit a desperate need in game which ..."

    You misunderstood me. My fault, probably, for trying to cut corners in a hella long post. I don't "feel" the game would be exactly the same. I meant that it seems like you and some others here think the choice is "current server as-is with vs. without hammers", when it actually should be "hammers vs. improving farming in other ways". Meaning, dealing with that desperate need you mention through other ways.

    "I don't necessarily agree that it should have been a cash shop item but I also can't think of a better way it should/could have been implemented without issues"

    May I ask; what, in your opinion, would be wrong with just farming? If drop rates, possibly drop stat rng, and maybe even dungeons were optimized for fun and challenge, would you really need a way on top of that to change stats you don't like? Why?
    (And just as a bonus: it could've been gee iunno, in-game item, worth x gold, working double duty as a gold sink to help economy?)

    "...the scapegoat for such issues, they are separate issues..."

    Not a scapegoat. A contributing factor.

    "...Gamigo can't support themselves on a game that makes 0 money..."

    Nobody is asking them to. Don't say there aren't other ways to make money than this steady flow of items invented to devalue actual gameplay.

    "An issue easily fixed with drop rate increases and player/mob rebalancing"

    Not a separate issue, when hammers are the #1 reason trash is now valuable. But yes, easily fixed.

    "Hammers don't increase/decrease the supply of these..."

    "Class balance and SC item issues..."

    Yep, a contributing factor.

    "You realize we could have a drop rate increase and hammers together right? Hammers make the low drop rate tolerable for now until a rate increase is added."

    Highly doubt such increase is coming. And if so, having both at once would just boost the issue as farmer twinks would be an even more viable moneymaking scheme.

    "No I'm pretty sure that would still be an issue, bad drops would still get NPCed without hammers and the market would be even more swamped with garbage.

    They would get NPCed, but they would also swamp the market? Cool. Also disagree. There are always bad drops. They become an actual PROBLEM only when drops, to begin with, are scarce. Or if there's static % on each stat probabilities, but afaik (might be wrong, pinch of salt) Fiesta doesn't have that.

    Having fun maybe? Being the top tier is great and all but shouldn't you enjoy it instead of working to be the best? If you enjoy farming great but some people don't enjoy it as much after the first 100 dungeon runs/drops.

    ...... I don't have time for this level of profundity, sorry.

    "...more than just being a party dropper for those terrible drop quests..."

    Oh yeah, that practice is running rampant now. Fully agree something should be done about it, but I think it might have to wait 'til they're done with code debt.

    "...what they did is implement a "blast from the past" system that allowed capped players to queue for..."

    ...And the capped players kept overestimating their durability, constantly running into mobs and getting killed?

    "I feel this would be an extremely beneficial system that could be adjusted to fit fiesta and be exactly what fiesta needs."

    Could be. It had issues though, don't remember specifics. Of course there are many features in other games that could, through tailored approach, be applicable and beneficial. If only.

    Where did I say it was good or bad?

    I just outlined what gamigo said the last time this brought up on the forums. Apologies if you want to throw yourself on a sacrificial alter over this. It was n

    Oh sorry, didn't mean you said that. Overall didn't mean to start an argument with you, you just nicely replied to a question. Not sure what the last sentence was supposed to mean, but maybe miscommunication.


    Yeah that's more like it. For clarity, I didn't intend to criticize you for having or stating an opinion, merely the way you did it.

    What I meant with population in terms of gems, laziness and total time played, was that with the way things are now, there are many who would, for different reasons, rather pay for gear than farm it themselves, and only a handful of those who can bother to farm and make money that way. Content is old, there's way too much gems in circulation on Isya, making in-game money with real money is a lazy enabler.

    You seem to be basing this opinion on current conditions, as in whether there should be hammers, or if there should be no hammers, but the game would be exactly as it is now. Like I've said before - and while I can't speak for others, got the impression it's a rather common feeling - the real issue is that when there are changes that could and SHOULD be done by modifying the game, instead of that, there's a new cash item introduced. That's why people oppose hammers and that's one of the reasons people oppose a broken, "new" KQ. But even more importantly, things are opposed because everything discussed here is part of a whole.

    Take this farming. What's wrong with it and why are hammers a bad idea? Yes, for one they make farming less necessary. They also make the process easier, but at a cost. They further enable solo farming content originally intended for party play, as a legit moneymaking strategy. With the way sets and such work, as explained by for ex. Yaseeda elsewhere, this all pushes focus towards greed vs. need in certain lower level dungeons. And as Angelic_heal mentioned, due to class imbalance, this moneymaking model favors glads. Then you have the horrible drop rate, the "new" way gear stats are randomized, and EXP accumulation deal the killing blows to the free-to-play experience. Just because farming stays relevant - of course it will, stating otherwise would be crazy - doesn't mean it stays good. Whether you like it or not, in Fiesta farming is main content. Should go without saying that having less people take part in it is not good.

    So what do hammers, specifically, contribute to?
    - Further the gap between free and paying player (and no, a broken KQ with microscopical drop rate does essentially nothing to remedy this in practice)
    - Turn former trash to godlies, or potential godlies, as even unhammered, they can be sold
    - Increase prices of above-mentioned trash, which players with less gems could previously afford to settle for. Now even trash is reserved to people who are already well off
    - Tighten the competition around content where high-demand items drop, in a way it clearly favors cs-buffed glad types above all
    - As a result you have solo glad whale twinks dominating content intended for enjoyable party play/low level story progression

    Let's look at the issues hammers supposedly fix or help with, aka the reasons people state for supporting them.
    - Bad drop rates: could and should be fixed through game files, not like this. Not in any way difficult either
    - Bad stats: correlate with drop rate. If drop rates weren't laughable, this shouldn't be an issue
    - Items with bad stats now have more value: This is actually incredibly dumb. As you said, it floods the market with items, but still in a way that kind of discriminates against casual players, free players and even moderate spenders. Also creates a whole new problem of farming being dictated by even a smaller minority
    - Makes farming less tedious and time-consuming, even allows skipping it altogether if you got the coin: Also dumb. Really think about it - what is this game, or any equipment-centric game for that matter about, if not farming for better and better gear?
    - Enable solo farming as a way to make money: This is merely an opinion, but does someone actually think this is a good idea for the game, in the long run, as a whole? It's a direct opposite of party play, it renders a major aspect of the game that is supposed to be an enjoyable and social part of personal character building for each player, into a repeatable quest for wealthy glads.

    Now take a few steps back to review the bigger picture. What actually should (have) happen(ed)? This part is purely opinions, and due to nature of what's been discussed, in part a lot wider scale than just farming. I think it's all linked though.
    - Adjust drop rates to make actual farming worthwhile, sans gimmicks. Item like the hammer proves gear exclusivity is not a goal, i.e. there's no reason whatsoever to keep players from reasonable drop rates without spending money on rants
    - Adjust content difficulty accordingly. If soloing content is possible even cash shop free, it means it's too easy with cash items
    - Implement ways to emphasize party play, such as through drop boosts as long as party members are not multibox instances of one individual
    - Heavily consider a drop system revision where people would actually get drops, or fractions of drops for their class instead of having several layers of gamble; drop or no drop, which class the drop is for, is it the needed item type, are the stats good or bad. There should be enough luck involved to keep it fun, not so much that it pisses people off
    - Implement actual gold sinks by, among other things, having NPCs sell consumables. Prices or profitability of farming can't possibly be hindered through changes in farming itself, as it is dependent on the amount of money that keeps shifting between players, but never really leaving the server. Giving people MORE ways to make money matching status quo is the exact opposite of what should be done, and just exacerbates the problem. Nina selling T1 mats would be a good example, if she wasn't so horribly outdated and out of touch with today's economy reality
    - On the other side, also revise ways people gain money as that's another big mess with p2w elements
    - Stop handing free cash items to people for merely gaining levels. While I'm sure it's nice, they would better serve their purpose of making people buy items, and stick around to play the game to buy items for, if they were rewards for doing specific things, not solo grinding
    - Completely revise stat effects. When capped players need/seriously benefit from buying/farming and wearing low level gear instead of gear matching their level, should go without saying that there is a problem. When a game puts so much emphasis on gear stats, getting newer, better, higher level gear should be an essential goal of character progression. It is simply not so, when in order to get all out of your 13x char, your best bet is to either buy your gear or make another character to go farm it in a low level dungeon
    - Implement BoE model to all non-white gear across all levels. It would take care of gear leaving circulation after being used, so farming would remain relevant. It'd also have biggest impact on sales of highest value items, so somewhat scaling proportionally to wealth
    - Cut EXP rates
    - Remove some cash items that are either too overprowered in general or enable bypassing content in bulk
    - You compare hammers to pleveling, stating it should be player's choice if they want to go slow or pay and get to goals fast: Should it, though? In the early days devs did their best to prevent pleveling. This was done exactly because of the problems it creates when majority of content is during leveling and end-game is, as described on these forums by various capped people, idle dancing at Eldy stairs or logging in once a week for 15-min raid. While it doesn't affect the game balance specifically, it is a serious problem. You can't possibly not see this, and on that note
    - Put much more emphasis to end-game content. When cap raises are implemented, they should come with max 20% of leveling, 80% further character progression (content to get new, better, stuff). While the current leveling from 1 to like 100 is outdated and boring for veterans, it could hold its job fine with very minor adjustments. Especially with current leveling speeds putting ANY development effort into things targeting pre-cap levels is waste, and even roughly half of content developed and implemented between cap raises should be end-game focused

    If nothing else, there are two main things, economy and content, which one should be really careful with. I'm sure everyone at some point in their years of gaming has wished they could just do or gain something with less or no effort at all. But where's the real fun in that? How long can you really expect to enjoy a game that way? With every single game coming out there are people complaining loudly that some things are too hard to achieve, demanding buffs to abilities, nerfs to content difficulty, and pay-to-win/pay-to-go-fast elements. Companies act upon it, and amazingly, it. Never. Works. Those people will have their quick fun, pay, play, get bored and leave, and people who want to actually work on their progression and be challenged in a fun way, leave already before when things get baby's first MMO- tier.

    No matter if it's through streamlining and exp boosts, enabling powerleveling or selling cash items for the purpose, making content easier also makes it boring. It significantly cuts the duration people enjoy it. If content isn't enjoyable, then it needs to be improved, instead of implementing ways to bypass it. It's not bad to have options, but it is bad when your options are two: do, or skip with haste.

    Basically it removed all traffic and reason to log into the game. People logging vendors makes the game seem active etc

    Honestly with that explanation, it's even more perplexing how people would choose to blame any part of that on AH. Sure if you intend to run a buying and selling simulator, this however is an actual game supposedly intended to have much more going for it than shrooming.

    But yeah in all fairness, that would probably be what happens when you first run your interesting content to the ground, to a point people only log in to merchant, and then choose to prioritize changes as suggested here instead of actual playable content. Which is exactly why it shouldn't ever be the approach taken.

    Auction house was what killed the Korean version of the game iirc. I remember Kobal basically posting they would not be looking to implement this.

    There is a search option will do I guess

    Do pray tell how auction house killed the game. Sincere interest.

    You believe so, yet you somehow really don't seem to. It does seem like you really like stating your opinion on things nobody asked for, though.

    Nevermind the fact that your reply has nearly nothing to do with the post you replied to, Angelic_heal already well explained how hammers discourage farming. You're even highlighting that point in your examples.

    Each one item is now equivalent of 11, you say. So instead of having to farm for 10, even 30 pieces to get one with good stats, you need one, maybe two. That's tens of rounds less of farming for you.

    Then add that while farming for that specific piece, you easily accumulate ten, twenty, or more of other pieces for varying classes. Previously you would've fed most of them to an NPC, maybe kept some for alts. But now you can sell each to other people who needed exactly those ones. Now those people don't need to farm for those gears at all, just hammer away.

    Finally, scale this, taking into consideration the population in terms of gems, laziness, total time played.

    When you reply to this, please address the point stated above specifically.

    So you are arguing that;

    If a person A farms 100 pieces of gear, the resulting amount of good statted ones for sale or use, as is, is the same as if

    person B farms 100 pieces of gear, 10 hammers each, and hammers them?

    A) highly doubt it

    B) wouldn't make any sense whatsoever

    C) it's just really not.

    This without taking into account the price differences or market even for bad gear, or the inflation, or the affect of cash items to farming itself.

    Do you really not see the issue here? Farming ability, as well as profitability, is highly impacted by real money. Ability to BUY things in-game, as well as profit from it, is highly impacted by real money. Having in-game money is highly impacted by having real money. Even being able to make in-game money with real money is impacted by how much real money you have.

    The issue isn't that you can't do anything cash-free, it's that in some cases the difference, impact, or requirement is so ridiculous, that it's almost the same as if you couldn't do it without at all. It's just catering to whales.

    It's auction house. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Good idea though.

    Also for the nth time, town population is (should be) a completely separate issue from vending in all cases except if vendors are, by vast majority, multiboxed. In that case yeah obviously, if one person can add up to 5 shrooms in towns, the visible population will inevitably be shred to fractions when there's no longer need for that. Yet even then one could argue it's not connected, just a whole other thing not doing so good.

    There's issues. For one this isn't how percentage works, unless you literally mean it should be very rare for enhancement to fail at any point. I cbf to math but there's basically little to no difference between 40% and 80%. Or 10 and 30. You're proposing a system that will never happen because it'd render enhancement cs items almost useless. Then there's the tiers and item levels, which should have variety, which your model doesn't suggest. Imo if that was balanced out, whites were easiest to enhance and so on, and rates (as well as drop rates) and prices adjusted, it'd be fine. No need for insane percentages.

    Games with factions post-wow don't really live long, at least as popular. Why? Because if you have factions they should have differences, and differences create more balance issues as they should be balanced. For an environment where even fixing imbalance-causing broken mechanic takes a decade, about last thing you should even consider introducing is more stuff to balance. Then there's the issue with player choice, because you're bound to have imbalance in numbers too. Plus, Fiesta isn't a PvP game, and no matter who wants and how hard, it never will be. Fiesta will go to its grave as a PvE game.

    You people are trying to make a case for the hammers by listing pros that could, and really should have been combated through changes in game itself instead. With things like drop rates, stats, solo vs. party farming it's not even hard. Tedious and time-consuming, but not hard. Actually scratch time-consuming, we're talking days/weeks, not months. And inflation is STILL a separate issue. It's not a pro or con of anything.

    Listening to "bad player" about adding a support class. This is what made me believe you're against the idea of having classes that can't do everything that the other classes can. Moreover, it is hard to say that the game wasn't "intended" to have trinity just because it didn't exist before as the support class fits in perfectly but that's another discussion.

    Isn't my previous suggestion about adding nukes and debuffs to clerics constitute a "balanced class with versatility"? Being versatile is to be able to do different things other than just supporting. Also, try using a cell phone instead?

    So, I'm not quite sure what you're disagreeing with.

    Disagreeing? Where do you get all this from?

    Ah yes, that was a general remark about the company. Nothing wrong with support classes, or classes that can't do everything. No class should. Whole thing about having character variety is exactly that, variety, whether it's class selection or build based. And it's not hard, because it's been one of the main topics around it since before the game was out. Sure it fits, but that doesn't change much.

    I apologize, didn't notice it was a serious suggestion. I guess that's one way to do it, still personally think it should be progressive instead of just popping a skill to switch between heal and dps wherever convenient. How would that help balance between classes, or even within this one class?

    Uhh, I said pretty much none of the things you're seemingly rebutting. You're asking why I do things I never indicated doing, compare a broken mechanic to an intended feature, and in the end you're just rambling things nobody asked for.

    When I say class balance, I mean that in my opinion, pretty much every single class, both their advantages and disadvantages, in Fiesta, are more or less off-balance. Cleric's ability to be offensively useful is a small fragment of that, so is their defense, as you mentioned. I was gonna talk about a concept of a balanced class with versatility here, but considering your reply I somehow feel like I'm shouting in the broken telephone wind.

    Just so we're clear though, I most definitely didn't mean every class should have massive dps, or same fixed defense, or be able to do every single thing every other class can do. Even talking about it is just intentionally muddling the line between equality and all being the same in order to turn arguments ridiculous.

    Also guess what? Nobody complained in that game that a class cannot pvp in a pvp focus game.

    1. The game wasn't originally intended to have trinity. Don't play it so no idea why they decided to add a dedicated support character now. Maybe because the company is notorious for listening to bad player QQ.
    2. Due to lack of trinity (and quite a few other reasons) it doesn't really compare to a game with clear-cut class structures like Fiesta.
    3. Considering the life arch of the game, they have plenty of time to adjust this fresh class. And they will, because of what was said in 1., and because they actually do that. They improve the game.
    4. Additionally, oddly enough when googling, I found plenty of complaints about this, even on official forums.

    To be completely honest, PvP balance isn't and shouldn't be main focus with Fiesta. It was, is, and always will be a tank'n'spank PvE game with a little casual PvP on the side, and no amount of tryharding PvP-focused people will change that. So as far as rebalancing things goes, that's where the focus should be on. Figure out PvP content on top of that after it's done.

    I think the reason people point out the way other games do supports in PvP is just to underline how far below Fiesta is on this matter. Ie. in many other games of the same main characteristics, supports can CHOOSE to sacrifice this or that aspect of their class to be great in PvP over PvE, party or solo. In Fiesta this exists slightly in form of free stats, but that's not enough considering all impacting variables. As a result they can't really be great or useful in either PvE OR PvP.

    The problem is they can't excel in anything. Even things they were intended for.

    I'd love to hear that CLERIC'S BUILD (the one in Fiesta game) is something you can find ONLY in this game. Have you ever played AION? Have you ever seen real pvp clerics?

    +1. It's not just that one game either, it's pretty much any. Support characters are essential key players in every aspect outside your basic grind, and can also stand their ground in PvP, even solo, while still having their own class disadvantages that nudge them towards finding teaming up with others beneficial.

    The way Fiesta does with managing these class differences, advantages and disadvantages, to begin with is lazy. And with certain developmental decisions down the road, and introduction of certain items, some via item shop, the whole balance of benefit of including any class, vs class specific strengths, has been further set off.

    You can get the same profit getting $1 from 1000 people as getting $1000 from 1 person but with the former you'll have more customers and a more active game.

    This is kinda the gist of it. In games where items are cheap, more people buy them. More people also buy more items for comfort vs. for need only.

    Think of Fiesta from personal perspective. What all have YOU wanted to buy, but chose not to, because you can't justify the price for what you'll get out of it? How many pre-100 chars run around in +9s? Do people who don't perm bother to farm for gear? How many people can afford casually playing 3 or more high level chars and keep them all cashed up to be worth it?

    When enhancing a single piece of gear to even +9 may cost tens of dollars/euros, and full set will cost you way over a hundred, how inclined are you to spend that money on anything but absolute necessity? Do note that this is multiples, even tenfold, the price of a subscription to a game without p2w elements, just sub and you're good. Chances are people will not do it for:
    - low tier gear (pre-100, if even then)
    - anything below blue
    - any gear with less than godlike stats for the class
    - any chars they don't plan to hardcore it on

    I have no idea why you'd want to keep it like this. Back in OS days they said it straight that they want enhancement to be "special" and not something everyone has, but not only was it nonsense then, that way of thinking has no place in the current game, and is also completely unnecessary. If I ever wanted a CM, GM, AM, BT, CEO, AT&T disclose why they've chosen something to be as it is, this would be it.

    Yes, upside is you can always sell the pieces afterwards for gems. Still, as initial investment, it's outrageously high. And while it should be combated in whole other ways, it's also a big contributor to the massive inflation that has been repeatedly made worse by adding new things to enhance and spend money on, but not doing anything to keep it from spreading - for example, by extending the bind-on-equip model to all tier blues and above.

    Obviously since we can't see the numbers ourselves, I'm speaking out of my butt on the issue. Gamigo may well know better, and maybe this whole cash item model works best for them, even when it doesn't for so many others. Still, one can have opinions.

    - there was a great list of cash items and other points here -

    For starters, balancing anything in a game around microtransactions is a joke. If you ever find yourself scratching your head wondering why is your player base declining, there's probably your answer.

    Extenders, graces & charms

    Outside of above-mentioned broken system, these have no actual reason to exist. They're there for bragging rights only, and imo they should be removed. Any and all necessary HP/SP/stat boosts should be obtained through playing the game, ie. baked into equippable items dropping from monsters. If you have to keep some of them, it should be PvP applicable parts only, and even then PvP sets as drops would be a more viable option. By no means should the PvE content ever require use of such items, and the fact is that for as long as they're there, they are offsetting your game's balance and forcing a choice of content being either easy and boring, or content being unplayable without themInventory & Storage

    These are fine. The current existing free limit for storage is fine as it is, and the inventory space would be fine IF the game wouldn't keep forcing untradable, unstorable cash freebie samples upon you faster than you can or have need to use them. The prices of perms are reasonable, but the prices of timed versions should be revised. Frankly I just can't see people spending money on 30-day old bags for alts, or anything they play casually not-every-day-style. These casual type players get the worst of it, because I can't see anyone spending any money on the 7-day one solely because its per-day cost is INSANE compared to the 30-day one. Why is this? Higher packaging costs? You're selling pixels.

    Costumes, weapon skins & pets

    Looking cute is a big motivator, and games like this should generate major part of their revenue through costume items. But the stats, especially varying stats, are a problem. With different stats per item you're kinda dictating what your players can and should wear if they want to be good at this game. It also puts your customers in an uncomfortable position.

    Whole point of buying and wearing costumes, traditionally, is to show off who you are through your avatar by wearing what you like, and frankly Fiesta is ruining that. Thing is even games where costumes are statless and permanent, generate a lot of consistent revenue through them, meaning people don't just stop buying them after they get one. They buy many. They switch it up, mix and match, sell, buy whole new wardrobe sets for alts.. People already want the costumes. You've forced them to want the stats, when there's no point to it.

    That's even before your marketing gimmicks of "limited time" items and circulating supply, and the fact that the prices are.. well.
    - 30 days of your cheapest, most useless stat set (body, head, face, back, tail, no pet because cheapest is free) costs you about 3 eur.
    - 30 days of your most useful, best stat set (same items + pet) costs you about 20.

    Both of these are mismatched and hella ugly. Given, if you don't care about hardcoring it and are comfortable with sacrificing some performance for looks, or only buy the current on-sale set regardless if you like the look, you can settle for 10-15 eur a month. But if you want the pieces to be useful, it once again gets expensive (especially when you add it up with cost of all the other must-have items) to the point many won't buy them unless they really need them. So not for alts just for show, or for casual play where majority of your 30-day time is spent offline. I think there may also be some disgruntled individuals who take issue with the fact that for the stats, these are almost mandatory for some things at cap, but these things to do aren't actually all that many, so you have to get them, but only get real use out of them for few hours a week. So I think the stats should be equalized or gotten rid of altogether, and the prices both revised/cut and reflecting the changes.

    Weapon skins should be statless, permanent, and have no durability element. Pets should be perm, boe and otherwise tradeable, which could obviously justify price revision. Or, get rid of the stats, just keep the useful functions and charge for those.


    Mounts in my opinion are actually great. The price of fully upgraded perms is justified, and the upgrade model of these is really smart. They're like a golden standard for a f2p cash item: you can manage without, but they're so convenient you'll probably want one. Prices are indeed very reasonable with the timed versions too. And to add, you also have the slower but better-than-none in-game versions, so your choices aren't black and white, rather than a nice sliding selection. If anything, should be tradeable or at least storageable when you haven't yet used it on a char.

    War rants, King's touch, alchemy scrolls, EXP boosts

    If base game without them was optimal, there'd be nothing wrong with any of these as they have the potential to work like mounts do. They're kinda nonsense right now though. EXP boost is almost useless because the leveling isn't hard (seriously it just isn't), and it doesn't boost EXP you get from quests. On that note, google finds a ridiculously high-priced Quest EXP booster card from your shop. Smells of moneymaking, and also a failure.

    Rant or touch shouldn't be a necessity as they (at least rants) are now, but could be good additions. Rant and boost are problematic because the game already showers you with free ones. Alchemy scrolls seem balanced and useful as intended, but guess there wasn't much room to ruin it there.

    EXP hold & Teva

    Heavily undermined by the way the game is now. Does anyone actually buy these? EXP hold sure could be useful to perm on a level, if people who don't perm on it actually spent more than two hours within that 10-level range.

    Multi houses

    While very inexpensive, still.. Just implement the AH. Seriously, forget about the mail system, make the AH. It even sucks money out of the game. And there are about 37 other ways to make people hang out in towns and populate them. Forcing players to multibox AFK and pay, even a small amount, to do it unannoyingly is just sad. I can't obviously imagine what massive revenue these eur-a-pop items accumulate to, but I could bet many people would still buy them for looks and dumb messages even if they didn't need them to sell things.

    Magic pots

    Actually a huge mistake. The game already hands you so many survivability boosts, a 100% pot with no cooldown is the last nail in the coffin of class balance. Just get rid of them, or at least add a cooldown to them. No, just get rid of all the cash pots.


    Could actually be a useful gold sink. Add a disco NPC to a town, sell 30-day versions there for like 50g each, and only perms in item shop. For perm, obviously price should get a massive increase. Maybe 5-10 eur a piece?

    Reset scrolls and capsules, name changers, guild scrolls, coupons...

    Prices of some items are a bit high, but otherwise no problem with these. They're luxuries, not necessities.

    I was gonna add a TL;DR but ran out of characters so, sucks to be you.

    I am not sure what you mean, and that may be due to my ignorance, but as far as I know, there has been one major leak a lot of years ago, and things that have happened since are all due to the combination of that old leak and people leaving accounts inactive or not bothering to update their password security.

    As I said, we are not ignorant to the fact that there is improvements to be done, but a lot of account issues could have been avoided if everyone would take general internet security more seriously (meaning using different passwords for different online services etc.)

    If you do think I am missing something, please let me know. Thank you!

    I mean that Fiesta the game with its code debt has little (if anything) to do with username/password handling. Even less with your game portal password, which should be the one you strengthen. If you're going to update security, it's the same to do it for all your titles at once, right?

    You're absolutely right, but that doesn't mean it's okay to say. Of course if users of service did what they're told and what is expected of them, everything would be so much better. But they don't, and won't. Providers (companies) take it upon themselves by increasing security through varying ways, because not doing so costs THEM money. It causes THEM bad press. Dents THEIR image. Customer doesn't care, they endure, or go to competitor.

    Customer is always right, so you sweep the fault under a rug and find ways to customer-proof your system so it won't trouble you again.