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    Calling an auction house a marketplace does not change the fact that they said they will not implement this design/which is what the auction house idea is.

    The idea offered is a simple offline market place. Yes, i added in the idea the potential for adding an auction option, but as Snack and you have said, it got rejected by Gamigo in the past.

    Hence forget about the auction option and lets concentrate on a simple NPC market place as ive seen in many other games. Ill even amend the original post the scrath the auction option off it doesnt create confusion.

    1. Just stand at the teleport gate, there are only vends in Eld and Uruga

    3. use Shift+Z? lol

    Nope. Do you know Shine Online? That was the name for Fiesta in Korea
    The Game died cuz of an auction house and our CM Diniry (before Veralya) said, that there will NEVER be an auction house in Fiesta

    Ok thx for the little trick on 3, but for your one not sure on which server you play, but on Isya, it isnt just Uru and Eldy (tho they are the 2 main town), shops appear in Roumen/AR even a few in Bera. And the sheer number of them in Uruga can make you lag prett y bad when the entire plateau is filled with them.

    AS for the Auction House, ok it got rejected, but it won't change the fact many do it in there normal shops anyway. Just no defined time, basicly it bet til im happy or i need to sell. But let say no auction house what you think about the Marketplace idea ?

    Tho i understand the issue of player activity or population, but isnt what the gage when you log into the server the point off. And how does a map filled with shop tell you questing map will be busy when most of the shop owner are either secondary account or gone for 8-12-16 hours. Plus aroom of mushie causes massive lag in some towns (Uruga mainly).

    Is it really gamigo problem that your pc cannot run game which was made in .....2007?


    If there are 5 same weapons on sale in uru and one them costs 10 times more then others, which one you think is sshhhiny one ?

    1. It not necessarily his computer, it could also be is connection.

    2. Yes there could be multiple weapon on sale and trust me ive seen almost identical weapon (enhanced indentically) being sold at pretty huge margin in prices. At least information (stat, enhancement lvl ,etc) could always be a benefit. Don't shoot down improvement becuase you don't want anything to change.

    And, even more important, try and be constructive and not negative. Everyone has got the right to there own opinions and not everyone is the same or have the same goal.


    Just like many players in this game, we all try to keep up with the economy and try to make money in order to afford the gears we need (PVE) or want(PVP), except the system is kinda flawed at the moment for many reasons.

    1. No way to search across the server, we have to go from town to town to seach the vendors. Thank go the search function was added a while back, but it not perfect.

    2. System only include those vending in vendor, and not necessarily all the vendors on server (some may be offline, or questing, raiding, farming, etc)

    3. The server instability (constant disconnect or binning) is preventing many player (who can) from remaining online to vend for a reasonnable amount of time.

    Yes the trade system and vendor system can be useful for quick exchanges, but it not ideal to purchase/sells rare items, heck it not at it best even for basic items.

    I do not know if this was ever considered by the game team, but would it be time to consider creating a market via a npc. a market where player would be allowed to deposit items (to sell or purchase) and set and sell/buy price. Market would then be accessible by all 24/7 (wether your online or not) and market would hold a seperate bank account where money would be deposited from items sold or to purchase items. This would solve many of the issues above. Market would have to be server wide and could have a search feature.

    Ofc, in order for Gamigo to benefit from this system, a limited amount of items (up too five for example) could be put in place with SC items to increase your number capacity just like it is with houses. Ofc, this system would be in addition to the vending/trading system already in place.

    Market could even be set with either a bid/buy now price system for those wanting to get the maximum out of the value of the rare items, basicly like a auction house with a set amount of time and maybe even a minimum price for auction to end or be closed. (Removed rejected by Gamigo in the past)

    Ofc, those are all details. But in a game where the players base are either scarce or on server where items/players go by 24/7 365 days a year, and in a game with let say less then stable connection, this could be a win win solution for both Gamigo and the players.

    What are your toughs, and GM, could this be considered ? Thank you.

    Charge back. With the limit removed I could see problems occurring.

    Years ago on EU it was much much lower like 10~20%.

    That was the exact reason this was put in place.

    Outspark put a similar rule in place and Gamigo followed on it when they bought the game.

    Many abused the systems to make in game money and Outspark/Gamigo lost in the long run since the value of gifted items could not be gotten back, especially if newer account where used to gift. Even if they blocked the account, the player owning said account would never pay up.

    Hence the rules (minimum money spent and 505 gift rule) to make sure that only legitimate account can gift and to limited it.

    Remember that gifting wasn't intrude to trade SC goods for in game money (tho Outspark and Gamigo never complained about it, since they made money), but to allow friends to gift (for free) SC items. Heck, i remember when plvl and gifting for ingame money was frowned upon, heck even a bannable offense at first. Things have changed when i look in game now.

    I understand that the OP is'nt a big spender in consumable items (charms, enhancement bundles, SC pot. limited SC gear, rants, etc) because you wouldnt have any issue in spending to gift.

    But if you only buy perm items, ya you may have issues. Remember that there is always tradable items (rants, charms, bundles) that can be bought from the SC store and sold in game.

    As mentionned above, highest quality farmabled mats (herbs/toads/sap) do not drop from anywhere except in high lvl maps (Uruga and up) with high quality on rare occasion.

    Hence, as mentionned above, it where your composition skill become crucial.

    Looking for the following recipe:

    Antidote T4 (30000k)unproducable

    Cure T4 (32000k) unproducable

    SP Regeneration T5 (75k)

    Im also looking for Point Set pieces (+0) any stats.

    If any as them someone in there storage let me know and how much you would let them go for.

    Thank you

    I beleive the commutity feels that not much is being done to resolve a deterioting situation that even Isya as started to feel.

    Yes a server merge may not be the best solution, or be a complicated solution as it was with the last one.

    But overall, what player want is to be able to play, and so far we have seen little feedback or ideas (that werent community based) about how to resolved this.

    Most of your game content is based on having highly active servers ( KQ,Event dungeons, Raids) and because many servers (heck even isya's these days) have such low population, a lot of the content is inaccessible or undoable (unless you ve got a fully sc'ed character), and yet little as been done.

    Ive been back roughly a year now (and took a few months hiatus do to quest bug that took forever to fix), and ive seen little being done to resolve this.

    Player want to play, they just can't because either there server is to low in population (forcing them to start from scratch on a new one) or the population is too high lvl concentrated in a specific lvl range, that lots of it can't be done.

    Now, if a merge isn't being considered, that what is ?

    Can you share any brainstorming ideas or consideration the team is looking into to resolve this ?

    One thing is sure is that the population isn't going up. Any form of publicity for a 10 year old game full of issues won't consider to raise it. What is left. Leave it as is until the power that be decide to shut it down and send players (and most likely some of the staff) packing.

    Can any king of hope outside of a potential shut down be brought to the view of the playerbase ? Cause the longer it takes to even decide a solution, then implement it, the more players we lose. On a regular basis do we see players leave, return and leave again. Some have logged back , like myself, after years away only to notice little as be done.

    In the old days, we could complain that it was the fault of the designers, but that is no longer the case, since you own the coding. I understand implementation will take time, but right now we arent even at first look at the point. It seem more and more that we are still in the brainstorming phase to even decide on options, and that as been at least a year long. Many issues havent been resolve after months if not years, how long do you think you have to decide ? Or are you just trying to delay the enivitable.

    Make some of us wonder for sure. We are all trying to remain positive and hopeful, but we are not seeing a signs to help us for sure.

    Well ive got as far as i can go without losing major amount of exp if i go further, sold all the crap i could.

    Guess ill be staying away form game until they fix those quest. I see no ptn in logging in if i cant lvl without losing exp due to bugged quest i have, and if i have nothing else to sell.

    I ll check this thread and maintenance notes from time to time to see if it fix, until then im out of the game. I trully dont understand what is taking so long to fix some simple quest, especially when your adding new useless content.

    Cya later everyone

    I dont mind new content, but should the patch be solely about it. PLus a new KQ for all when many others like it (and some lvl specific) have trouble filling in as it is even on Isya, imagine on other servers. Not sure it was the best thing to spend valuable dev team time on.

    No fix to issue (outside of the vague stability fix). What about broken quests ?

    Thanks for the list, i understand these may take some time ot fix.

    But, when available, could we get a follow up with an ETA of when those quest will get fixed or included in patch.

    Thank you


    I've just reached lvl 83 on one of my character and 2 quest appear to be bugged

    Maxuter - Quest can be accepted, but can't be completed(it a talking quest) cause it appears requirements are not met.

    Crossing path with Julian - Can be accepted, becomes compensable, but when you talk with Julian, text appear to be blocked. Again ita talking quest.

    Could you please check those and fix them ASAP.;)

    Ill admit that it an issue. And some have become quite greedy to be honest.

    But, as some ive said, it highly doable to lvl with quests and repeats throught those lvl. Many of those repeat have had there requirement lowered significantly or exp raise. I went throught all 3 brackets with several characters, and i had no issues lvling.

    Was it quick, no. But in most case, within a week or two playing my little hour every day i manage to get throught them. 6x repeat go fast, heck with sorah and spider kq now available, it helps alot. More quest are available. I never touch CC through my entire run. 8x i did repeat all the way. In 9x i did daily quest and repeat after i did my quest (most are no longer available by the time you need them, so do them, especially in the 90-95 range)

    Overall my road to 100 was a lot easier then a few years ago, that for sure.

    Sadly my account got hacked last may, and yes all my Gems and any enhance items got transfered to who know where. I did send a ticket (number 810427) and i did get a reply from CS, tho the answer i got is in basic terms, we are sorry, but there is nothin we can do for you.

    I immediatly changed my password.

    No, i do not account share, i dont have anything up and running when i play ( only fiesta and maybe a movie on DVD, nothin online)

    But, my account has existed since 2011. I had a gamigo account even before Fiesta Online NA got bought by Gamigo in 2013. Sadly, my passwords at outspark and Gamigo were identical and so were my accounts names. And since i never changed them since i stop playing shortly after the transition (only to rapidly log once and a while to check on friends and game). When i logged back in January 2019 to start and play again, i felt my fund were low (gem wise) but i tough maybe i spent it all on gear before i left so that any crazy economy wouldnt affect me since i would have items to sell and rely on. I played for a few month not ever thinking of any issues or off checking or changing my account information. And yes my password was strong, very strong even in todays terms.

    But i still got hacked, he visited all my toon, all my guilds and took every thing of value he can, must have taken several minutes. It in may that i learned that Gamigo leaked over 8.4 millions accounts passwords, sadly i never knew. Hence it highly likely my account was part of the leak and someone over the darkweb tried it and it worked.

    Yes, it partly my fault. But it also partly Gamigo's fault for leaking it out. Now im what 8 years too late to change many of gaming accounts, unsure where it may tried.

    But, like Sephiroth, and even after telling them i was most likely a victim of the 2011 leak, they just shoved me off with a sorry with some advice. Pretty poor CS job honestly. I just ended up dropping the matter and questionning my return to the game. i stopped lvlving for several week, sold most of my valuable i didnt need anymore and make alchemy like crazy to make up for funds lost. Tho ive made my money back, nothin will replace the several godly items i had +9 to +11 a few years again using my own money to get them there. Im stuck using +0 on many of my toons.

    One thing is sure is that the team needs to stop blaming the players 100% of the time and actually try to help. For god sake, your now the developper of this game, if you cant retrace the items and found when and how it happen and were they went to catch the hackker doin it at least, and maybe try and compensate somehow (maybe returning some of the items if they still exist), your gonna lose more players. I dont think this game can afford to lose that many player's. Account security should be strenghten. I remember that OS blocked and account after 3 attempts, why can i try it multiple time (yes im a bad typer) and im never blocked.

    Work is needed to be done both security wise and customer wise, at least if company actually cares about it remaining players.

    My 2 cents