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    Like Yawn said, Spec pvp is literally trash, which is why I class changed to reaper. The difference between reaper and spec in pve is negligible but the difference between reaper and spec in pvp is very clear because reaper has the pvp oriented skills such as binding blow. Spec is strong but in pvp, you'd have to basically aim, fire and hope you catch your opponent with force slash or maybe try using t5 speed scrolls, lol. Spec pvp is basically a game of Tom and Jerry or Duck-Duck-Goose probably over if you catch 'em but you'd probably just get clobbered instead.

    Enid and Jenira were D.O.A( Dead on Arrival) from the very beginning, there is no way you are going to convince people to start over from 0 on dead servers. They have no reason to.

    Players have suggested some sort of gold sink idea hundreds or thousands of times for at least the past 11 years. 11 years and it's a no go. Let this idea rest. Neither the community at large nor Gamigo nor Out-( you know if you know) care enough or want it. It's really not that hard or expensive to make money in game. You dont have to start off getting the best gears and weapons, there has always been cheaper options at any level range. You can use those cheaper options until you either can afford better stuff or you farm better stuff yourself. It should not be easy nor cheap to be the best or one of the best neither in real life nor a video game. There has to be some sort of price you have to pay. Be it time, money or both.

    Truthfully, enchancing stuff is the real expensive part in terms of real money, so why should you spend real money just to take a lost in game? +0 gears and weapons are cheap especially averagely stated stuff or less. Why look at the best gears and weapons and feel sad you cant afford it? Take some average or bad stuff, make the most of it and then farm the rest yourself like most people do. If you want cheap you do it yosurself.

    Gamigo has the stats on which costumes sell and which ones dont and the stats or non stats on either. Would be awesome to have a greater variety of cool looking costumes with desirable stats. For example, swag pack has been out since 2010 inspired by and in collaboration with rapper T-Pain. The term swag is pretty much outdated again / out of use by most people at this point but the wild stats it gives is why it has always been a very popular item. I say let's get new costumes/packs with at least the same stats as the popular choices we all love and have right now. Why swap amd be left with a costume that you never liked, let's just get some fresh looks that people have a reason to by other than looks. As a player who spends real hard earned money into this game, I will most definitely not buy an item solely for appearances. It better have the stats I need to fully def or fully dmg.

    Umm you're missing the point here. So when every perm buys a permanent exp hold then what? Exp holds should be temporary period, and a convenience at best. You can go sacrifice your character over and over if you don't want to purchase the 30 day hold (which I already think is generous). I never said perms never existed before nor will die out so please don't twist my words. I said if you offer your suggested item it would create a bottle neck of perms since the cost is what keeps them from running dungeons 24/7. This idea will never be considered so I'm not debating this further. To think all I have to do is buy a perm exp hold and never have to buy anything ever again except in-game charms and rants... smh..

    I love to see that 30 day exp hold in store. Also, why would someone who wanted to level and was not a perm, buy an exp hold? If you want to level, then fine but if you don't then that should be fine too.

    Personally, I really would like to have a perm exp hold that toggles on/off especially for perms who farm kqs.

    You might go to fiesta jail and must name change, report to a GM what your name was before you can leave. Some people have logged on to a character with random numbers and letters and have to name change either way. If it's really bad and was done with malice, expect a ban or perm ban on your account

    Youve got to be careful when trying to state your argument or case for something. At the beginning of your argument, you are praising Gamigo for doing a goodjob( it can be seen and interpreted that way) and then later you are asking them to possibly revert their change.

    Please guys, with the changes we have been seeing, especially lately, pick a side you want to defend and stick with it. Either you like what Gamigo has done and is doing or you really want them to make a must needed change in your opinion and experience. Please do not start off by saying that things should be this way and then later say that they really shouldn't.

    We asked for Sorah to be made easier for the 95-109 Sorah kq in part because of the damage and defense needed for chest to die before birds kill off everyone. Basically, 105-109 levels were needed because they had the damage to kill chest off fast, especially when you have a lot of 9x people saving money for weapons and gears and arent properly equipt. But, 95-109 sorah isnt really that useful or appealing to people after 100 because of faster repeats. So you'd have 9x players with +0 weapons unable to kill the chest in time before birds killed off everyone.

    Most people: Please Gamigo, make the 95-109 Sorah more doable for ungeared unweaponed players trying to level while saving money for 105+ content.

    Few people: Sorah should have always been hard and a challenge.

    Gamigo: 125-135 Sorah is now as difficult to complete with fully geared, fully sc players as 95-109 with 9x's ungeared, unsced.

    Lesson: Pick a side and stick with it, you either like the changes theyve made and thank them for it or you ask them to fix it.

    Yep, that is correct.

    forum raised a legit concern that 95 sorah KQ was too hard, we waited, mods replied that devs tested tried with god knows what characters and gear and succeeded and next thing we know sorah was in patch notes! But not for a 95 fix instead to break the 125.

    it was the last time we I’ll now I’ve bothered posting and taught me to keep my mouth shut anytime I think there a worthwhile fix or improvement to the game.

    Good luck but be careful suggesting improvements lest the the screw turns tighter.

    Mhmm, reminds me of how they fudged up shiny rates 🤔. Must've been opposite day at the office. Ask for the reverse of what you really want.

    Who am I? Did you ask that question in order to belittle me in someway? You have made 953 posts at the time of my reply to you. Most people who have visited NA forums have probably seen several of your almost one thousand posts on an already small community forum. You seem to have an opinion on just about everything.

    Die hard players shouldnt have to regress to the mean for players who cant make it. Im not even sorry. I have spent so much money and years into this game that I just cant feel sorry for someone who isnt willing to make the sacrifices.I am tired of taking Ls for other people. We can express our opinions, which seems reasonable at first but what happens is Gamigo actually looks at and reads those opinions and then we see changes such as this one. Die hard players or too lazy to visit forums players remain silent when and where it counts and out of nowhere they are hit will changes that look so silly it hurts.

    I am tired of taking Ls because of silence and hoping and wishing. I am speaking up because this was a really bad move in my opinion on Gamigo's part. This was a major slap in the face and a huge offense.

    I think people would just stop playing xD if they constantly ran into enemies (especially invisible ones) who killed them over and over while they are questing. Not everyone can afford enhancing, and until a person finds a good solid way to make money in game to afford pre-enhanced items they really will/do struggle.

    1-60 is so fast and the money you reap from academies wont buy you a enhanced lvl 60 weapon. (Honestly, I do sometimes think academy level limit should be raised to lvl 90 since a lot of guilds don't let people join until they are at least 105 and so raising the upper limits might force guilds to actually take an interest in their academites again and help them and make them feel more welcomed rather than just "pay the poor person so we can get GT buff").

    With all due respect, I know that you main cleric but most people who have played for a while or even starting out are either informed or experienced enough to know that the best way to level initially is to play either mage or archer first so you can mass kill and kite and then level up other characters that aren't able to. The best way to farm and plvl is to play either mage or archer, which means that the best classes to fully utilize shinies were mages and archers. Yes other classes can kill mass moves post 100, but 100+ shinies are mainly for farming not lvling unless you are combining it with a quest boost while questing and doing repeats. You are joining into a conversation about the vitality and usefulness of shinies from the perspective of a solo cleric and tbh it is not very helpful to what we are all saying here. Experienced players who know what they are doing know that they can die from normal mobs while kiting/aoeing during mass killing so they are going to approach the mobs whether those mobs have invisible shinies or not as if they can die like usual, meaning that they will follow useful mobbing techniques and killing implementations. You can't imagine how excited I was to find invisible shinies.

    Overrall, the exp that shiny mobs gave people who were grinding out lvls rather than doing boring af repeats till their eyes hurt, especially while using exp boosts, outshines the number of times they die during this process. Tevas are not very expensive.

    The decision to remove shinies was a major turnoff. When shinies were added the general idea was that Gamigo was trying to reignite the population of Fiesta online by adding something that would inspire both new and old players to return and of course give currently playing players an amazing new experience. We are talking about a game that has existed since 2006 and this is 2020. After all this time, shinies as they were before the july 1st patch( really as they were back during christmas and new years) were seen as Gamigo deciding to reward players who have been around for so long and encourage new players to join and give those new players a way to make money by selling the drops from shines. Whoever decided that Shinies needed to basically go away need to put in their two weeks notice right now and do something else with their lives bce that wasn't a cool or creative move at all. I mean, with all the craziness of Covid-19 people just wanna chill and have a great farming or lvling experience in Fiesta online and then out of no where and completely unasked for but by either trolls or clerics or people who are having trouble with basic game mechanics, Gamigo does the unthinkable. Just when you thought things would be different after 11 years.

    Rip to all those people who spent money on 70 perms because of the exp from shinies. Rip to having high hopes in Gamigo. Rip to overestimating Gamigo. Rip to thinking that Gamigo wouldn't be so greedy. What an impressive feat by Greedy Gamigo.

    Bring back the shinies as they were before the july 1st patch.



    Bro like, shinies giving extra exp( massive) exp especially during solo grinding during the early levels was the the only reason I would level up another character. Shiny exp +exp boost +quest boost makes repeats go by extremely fast and exp boost+shinies makes grinding insanely quick. 8x is waaay to boring if youve done it multi times and buying dt runs is a waste of money.

    Im asking Gamigo to please rethink the decision to remove the already reduced shiny rate by increasing the shiny rate. Im so tired of Gamigo not getting it right or make a dumb af change. Shinies go back to how they were or im out 👌🏾🤙🏾

    To avoid being misunderstood, what I'm asking for is a feature that would allow players to see who's online from any lvl range and lvl class on any map at the same time via a map related feature. It would be similar to the feature that allows for party members to see where each other are on the map via the little ghost icon. This new feature could allow for addition icons to on the map that would show the real-time location, name and level if you hover your mouse over the individual icons. Imagine an expanded version of the party member location icon on maps.

    For example, you are on Kahal Plans looking for a leipoons or shella party and wonder if either spots on any part of the map are taken or crowded. With this feature, you are able to see that there are twenty people waiting at either location and there seems to be a party killer there as well. Now imagine doing any quest or any repeat and you are wondering if there is anyone on the current map that could either join your or help you, with this added real-time feature, you would be able to see precisely that. Friend menu leaves out a lot of people and many of the people you find on it are afk vending lol. The proposed real-time feature could appear as a red or purple version of the party member feature.

    This is not a newbie asking for basic gameplay advice, this is an experienced player looking for an enhanced experience that goes beyond /s and guessing on the friend menu.

    There are quite a few people who consider anything 1-100 noob content, some every boast how they can do it in less then a month.

    I agree with you there should be more consistency through low level quests but I think most changes should be leaned towards the easy end (though not to the point of many 5x quests which is the other end of the extreme).

    It's still very easy to avoid leveling if you're trying to perm (with or without an exp hold) and there's still 100-135 if you like grind fests, repeats and content with a good number of players.

    It's possible to do 1-100 in less than two days if you get plvled. 1-60 is a few hours with a 70 plvler and boosted. 61-70 zombies then spores then while boosted, you get over 10% with a 70 cc runner just from duo killing. 70-77 if you are a mage or archer is like 4-5hrs tops in trumpy remains or you can get plvled 70-80. 80-90 dt with a fast dt runner and full droppers, 90-100+ within two runs. Shinnies make lvling and plvling super fast.

    Few years ago gamigo noticed that there werent many people around at the lower level doing regular quests. Several complaints from truly new players who couldn't find anyone to level with and gamigo decided to make 1-60 extremely fast and easy and made most repeats game-wide, auto-turn ins meaning you can accept and collect the rewards from those quests via the quest log. Gamigo revamped questing in the game, especially 1-60 and repeats. Sad part is that 1-60 and even 60-70 are so fast and quick that a lot of players are shocked to find out that 99% of the game requires repeats or plvls(quest killers are plvling you). Welcome to fiesta online, soon you will be doing repeats 100+ times a level. Make friends and have fun.

    Buying sc frags when frags are both extremely easy to find and extremely cheap to buy in game is your business but definitely an interesting choice. That would be like buying cobs when there are millions available in game for cheap and millions more drop from shinies really easily. Again, yours and anyone else's choice but interesting to read.

    Hi Gamigo,

    I would like to see an option added in game that allows for a player or party to decide if they would rather pick up all drops from a kill or only quest drops. I find it extremely annoying to have limited inventory space while doing drop quests and have to pick up drops 1 by 1 while clearing inventory space of useless to me material drops, gems and cards. It could be an inventory option button like the one for auto sort snd auto pick, just this one reads quest only drops or all. Pro: reduces stress from having to slow down while lvling because of useless drops. Con: player forgets to turn the option off and wonder why they arent getting drops at all.


    Hey Gamigo,

    I would really like to see a feature added in game that shows everyone who's currently on a map. Like for the map feature that allows you to see the layouts of the different maps in game, I'd like there to also be a feature that shows who's all there at that time. It could be a sidebar kinda feature that lists everyone on map and where they are, even their lvls. I believe that his feature would really be cool and a fun way to interact with players.


    PVE this would depend on whether or not you're talking about mobs or single targets such as raid bosses. If we're talking overall pve experience:

    1) Warlock/Wizard: nova's slow effect gives them the real advantage over templar in terms of mob deaths. You could add meteor for wizards as being an advantage as well but meteor is still rather slow and would depend on if the mage is charmed.

    2) Templar: by 110, templars have 4 aoes that makes killing mobs easy and efficient. They can self heal, dmg/mdmg boost and make a bubble for shielding.

    3) Ranger/SS: Archer poisons are very effective at lowering hp even without a +12 weapon.

    4) Spectre: spectre has high dmg and a couple aoes(harash blow and soul trap do act as aoes). The soul system along with high crit rates. If we're talking single targets and killing fast then the soul system is op and can easily out dmg a gladiator. 75+ trickster can also freeze mass mobs with the help of nova, 115 ss set effect and probably ranger ice.

    5) Reaper/gladiator/knight: great dmg and gladiator/ knights have crowd control skills.

    6) Cleric: just not a wise decision to solo a cleric. Lower lvls are fast but that is extremely deceptive to 99% of the game. Id recommend lvling a mage, templar or archer first and self plvl your own cleric.

    I spent around 150 elrues to get 1 weapon to +3, that doesnt seem very fair and spent 20 premium stones with the super gold nines for the 5% extra over the regular ones to only get 5 out of 20 always using lucky xir/lix, that is really unfair

    Why do u say that?

    Lucky stones have the lowest sucess rates for +1. Try changing things up if multi fails in a row. Use normals.

    We're already been down this road before( several times). Gamigo has already given us a big announcement and patch where DDos attacks weren't supposed to be working anymore. Could it be that the servers were just not prepared to host so many people online at once who would otherwise be more spread out? You can't possibly really be telling us that Gamigo is still able to get it's wig split by DDos attacks. Wasn't the DDos attacks of yesterdays linked to a someone or a group of people from a guild in-game who were knocking the servers off to reset world bosses? Gamigo needs to look into this and start eating up accounts.

    Evil never fails to be evil. With everything going on with Covid-19, evil still finds a way to enact more misery.

    If you are strictly leveling, do yourself a good service and save multi headaches and tears by:

    1.Classes: Save your sanity by leveling a mage or archer first because you can log 3 clients at once, you can always plvl yourself for when the other classes need help at repeats and killing 1 by 1 just isn't reasonable.

    2. Enhanced Weapon: at about 90 is where having a +0 weapon really isn't enough if you are soloing so at this point, you would want to have bought a few tradeable bundles of charms from store to sell for gems because they sell like hotcakes and you will be able to quickly use the money to buy a +12 weapon.

    3. Charms: 20% charms work wonders especially during repeats, but 50% from tradeable and 50% from enhanced charms will blow your mind.

    4. Quest booster: Again, this game becomes repeat heavy so having an extra 10/20% boost on the quest exp is SUPER worth it.

    Once you've leveled your mage or archer to 105+, and you have that weapon, you will be able to quickly plvl any other class you want.