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    I feel you bro. Yeah that's exactly what they do, making you believe that you have 10% chances to win. They should mention a chance to win a rare item or something similar, now they just show you items that appear to be all in the same category it terms of rarity.

    In fact your chances for a skin is ~1% which is based on my experience and also from people I've talk too. Same goes for other lucky boxes. That % would make sense, because when x10 on DB skins some people can win ~5 skins for 50, not for me though I barely won one.

    No luck at all on specific boxes more than 50k there as well. We have to make them chance something. I've heard there are specific class boxes with enchanted chances haven't seen them yet, but if they exist in fact maybe that would be a good time to get a skin, or not..

    Yes I stopped playing lucky boxes 8 months ago, but I also quit the game some days after I spent a lot of money for my budget and got nothing back..(not the first time doing that) I'm now back due to quarantine. Maybe I try my luck If they do something different on now you aquire 20% skins, or more chances on specific class skins.

    At least for me it's a 'must have' to have a complete character for both pve or pvp, but that's just me. Not a must have for everyone.

    I don't care about looks, I only care about the damage and the crit, thing is I have a lot of 10% skins, they are alright but obviously 20%>10%.

    You are in fact correct that it only adds 20% on your core damage and it won't be affected by other damage multiplying factors like suits.

    I calculated my damage only using my axe, multipled by 0.2, equipped skin, and it was the same number, when I used a 5% DMG suit, the added damage from skin remained the same as before.

    For example

    My damage only using axe : 100k

    My damage using axe and 20%skin : 120k

    My damage using axe and 5%suit : 105k

    My damage using axe/20%skin/5% suit 125k

    After doing a bit further research the suit works the same as skin does, which is they multiply their % on your core damage. Interesting..

    But that doesn't make the skin useless, it makes it the most strong thing you can equip.

    Around 150k, It's so disappointing to just waste money that it drove me to quit twice.

    Before 8 months I spent 50k on db with x10, I only got one wand, and then a week after 40k on specific box and got nothing.
    Seeing the amount of money that people waste on have spent on lucky boxes no wonder why gamigo won't do anything to change it.. Don't get me wrong, I consider 150k a lot of money, but 2k? I surely believe they have to change something on ways you aquire a 20% skin, 3 skin token idea is nice, also circling in the store for SC.

    Also I want to mention that lucky boxes are basically loot boxes which are consinder gambling, so they fell under a lot of laws and regulations that gamigo doesn't follow.

    I think I went too far when I asked more than 3 times "what are the odds in lucky boxes" and they refused to asnwer, blocked my account from contacting support and I can only contact their legal team because I said I will sue them.

    I have done a little bit of research but I'm not a lawyer, but I know we can't open loot boxes in my country, apparently I can open lucky boxes though, so somethings fishy.

    I would love someone with more knowledge on the law could enlighten me

    Obviously, like every company they try to maximize profit, the thing is we need a middle ground, and we won't get it because they're a lot people dropping a lot of $ on lucky boxes, charms and suits, so why should they change strategy if it's clearly working?

    1) everything is overpriced in item store, but 150k is ridiculous, let me remind you when there were no 20% skins around, 10% skins would be on sale on the store for 7k@10k durability.

    2) Good point, even if it's questionable to have 2 same class characters, I know some people do. Yeah account selling is bannable, but so were gifting before some years, but yet a lot of people were selling gifts.

    3) don't give them ideas! Let it be something you can acquire in game or purchase in store

    4) I can understand what are you talking about, but there a lot of people spending a lot of money for lucky boxes, this can give some more chances to get the item they want. It's the last thing I would like to see, but it would be something.

    Also I would like to see more variety of specific weapon skins lucky boxes, the previous 20% were an abomination. Terrible design, no fit in the game.

    Aerro thank you very much for replying with your ideas

    Taking ideas from other posts I'm going to make some suggestions on diffrent ways to get skins,

    While knowing that lucky boxes is a good business for the company, is pretty unfair for players, why should I circle through every random item and skin, while just wanting specific one? Why gamble your money instead of being able to buy whatever you want?

    I'm not saying to completely remove the lucky boxes, but let the lucky ones open them while the rest of the players could have a chance once in a while to purchase their 20% skin for a price, I wouldn't mind if its 10,20, or even 50k.

    Next idea, make the skins tradable, while this may sound dumb, a lot of people can't afford SC, it also reduce account selling and scams.

    Also, being able to combine 2 x 10% skins of same kind to make a 20% would be dope, larger variety of skins.

    As an old player that had purchased skins and also later opened a ton of lucky boxes for 10% skins and only take half benefits in comparison new skins .

    And my last idea is about lucky boxes, when you come across skins you could have 3 options instead of the 2 standard ones.

    So this option could let you "save" the skin, when you have x2 saved skins you could reroll them to random one.

    Please consider any changes and also my suggestions, bit disappointed with my luck on lucky boxes but that's not the only reason I created this post.

    Aerro Nope, I don't even know why you assumed that. I planned to spent 20k and did, got nothing which is really disappointing. Before a 4ish years on a x2 day, I had spent 25k and got nothing as well, that was the last day I touched the game. I came back before a week to realize it's still the same.

    I don't know, 20% skin is essential if you want to be the best, and pretty disappointing that you have to spent a fortune on lucky boxes with hidden and shady chances on winning, I really doubt at this point that the x10 is true, at least for it's not for me, also heard about a guy who spent about 50k and guess what, no skin.

    I really wish the implement something diffrent on how you get skins, or until law bans loot boxes.

    Also what are the chances of winning a DB on lucky boxes? I think we are supposed to know with the new regulations about loot boxes and stuff, because that's straight up gambling.. spent 20k not even a skin xDDD