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    I can't spend SC frequently, so 25 spr is needed (for me), and are you sure? I heard 50 DEX is needed if you want to solo/pvp since it saves your life because of that 10% evasion, sure full STR sounds neat but you'd have a rather weak defensive capability, and since you gain aggro quick on monsters because of DoT's I feel like that evasion can come in handy, having +10 gears would be needed for full STR, and constant SC spending is just something the average player can't afford to do, so it's not very practical IMO.

    Which build is best for a SS?

    50 DEX/25 SPR/REST STR

    33 DEX/25 SPR/REST STR

    25 SPR/ REST STR



    Please do give a detailed reason why you think one of the builds above is best in general.

    literally your tl;dr was longer than your previous statements

    Gamigo should offer more free rewards to people who are interested to test new stuff in test servers, that would influence detailed feedback and provide enough information to the devs to pinpoint the bugs/errors and fix them.

    And perhaps don't rush such complex patches like xigncode3.

    Shaking my head, gamigo…..

    Shaking my head.