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    +1 I agree you shouldn't have to pay full price for only a part of the costume.

    BertIsHere Seems its currently based on percent of the stat and favors dmg/def/crit items over eva/aim which are 53% lower than items with crit/def/dmg. That's more than double the price for dmg/def/crit items but you're right, unless people quit buying, nothing will change. But OP is talking about permanent statless items.

    At this point I don't buy that you even believe the nonsense you're spewing all over the forums. There's no such thing as an NPC giving free endure that is for lvl 95+ that would be fair, since that completely disregards the services of any cleric that is able to buff between levels 47-94. I've been to elderine and I see clerics buffing an entire town for no flipping reason without questions asked. Have you been to elderine? I don't think so. Besides, if you're so bad that you actually need a buff to play with at lower levels, you don't deserve to play the game in my opinion. In the past, we didn't have such OP buffs at our side and we still pulled through. Asking for an NPC handing out free buffs that add 2.5k HP and SP and huge resist rates for poisons and diseases is being spoiled at this point. Besides, what gamigo should aim for is not replacing clerics with some pointless crap like NPC buff, but they should make playing a cleric easier and more exciting so more people would actually be encouraged to play clerics and make their own buffers as they desire. Every buffing cleric from lvl 47 til cap deserves a recognition for their services and should not be belittled by a stupid NPC, and you crybabies should learn to play without having to rely on buffs and also learn to accept buffs as an act of generosity; a gift, as no cleric is obliged to ever buff you.


    AT least some people actually THINK before replying. You obviously never do.

    Bring back fame in normal quests. Get rid of Fame NPC Merchant.

    Instead of Fame NPC, those who have acquired a certain amount of fame can access a map (a.k.a. VIP clubroom) where they can once a day collect:

    - a set of scrolls/potions(def,aim, etc) t1, t2, t3, t4, t5 based on level (2 hour scrolls) (free) (daily)

    - a premium 1-day item of choice (free)(weekly)

    - a permanent suit/pet/minihouse/mount (1 time only after reaching XXX amount of fame) (similar to card set)(1 time only)

    Note: FAME amount remains on character. It is not used up. This would be a privilage to those who have completed XXX amount of quests and/or received XXX amount of fame.

    Besides the current ranking system in Elderine, have a Hall of Fame board listing those who have completed highest number of quests. (level based)

    Each set of levels has its own goal: Example: (numbers used for illustration purposes only)

    - 1-10 needs 5,000 fame to enter VIP clubhouse

    - 11-20 needs 10,000 fame to enter

    perm items: (numbers used for illustration only)
    20 pets to choose from 50,000 fame required

    20 minihouse to choose from 80,000 fame required

    20 costumes to choose from 200,000 fame required
    maybe even 40 wep skins to choose from 500,000 fame required

    Each item will be collected upon reaching specified amount (fame will not be used up)

    In addition, those at/above the max fame for their level set get special buffs (choice of 20% exp/20% drop rate/5% damage increase/5% def increase) etc. lasting XXX amount of time per day (1 hour a day?)

    Except all of lvl 47-94 clerics that is

    How? 9x sounds perfect. Just enough to get the spam "buff plz" people off HKs backs while still respecting the privilege of higher end buffs. Have you been to Elderine? I've seen people spam "buff plz" because they could not find anyone for a buff. This would help clerics out while at the same time helping low level players to do their quests. Sometimes you would lose your buff due to dying during some of the harder quests and have to run back often for a rebuff. This would help those players to continue questing.

    While I get what you're saying... no one asks for buffs from other classes as they are mostly party buffs. Endure skill is however not a party buff and can be used on anyone outside said party and also the ONLY requested buff. So I do not see how these relate.

    Also, the NPC cannot move and will be in one map only. A cleric would be able to buff in the current instance, dungeon, etc. and has many OTHER uses besides Endure (like many others have stated). I think that saying HKs only usable skill is Endure "devalues" HKs more than what I suggest. Also, I do use Exts from cash shop + scrolls + marriage buff + buff (have my own clerics for that).

    Keeping it at the 100 Endure tier works just as well. Good to see some people think about it instead of just flaming posts or insulting others. Many of the replies lack any real response and show the immaturity of replying without actually reading the thread or putting any thought into the responses. Anyways, I will not be replying anymore because... well... nothing to reply to.

    I never had an issue getting a buff from a cleric. Plus I have several HKs myself. And yes there are clerics like Grand who buff others. However, many HKs are AFK or pretend to be AFK or "hide" on maps (stand in places where few people go). So much for the "friendly people" and "interacting with others". Seen very few clerics who actually buff as the majority feign AFK and do not respond to whispers. Friendly indeed.

    Also a "buff" doesn't do your quests for you like you suggest about "renting other classes". HKs do more than just buff (deadly blessing, party buffs, revive, etc.) If HKs only useable skill was Endure, why are most clerics going HK and not Guardian? (look at guardian vs HK gear/wep pricing)

    Besides, I am talking about times like early mornings/late evenings when there are few clerics around to ask for a buff and/or are mostly AFK.

    On a side note: I've soloed Siren Castle with a wizard at level 115 many times and without a cleric.

    It is just a simple buff that any HK would give to any player for free. Why should there be a charge for it? Just because there happens to be no cleric nearby who could buff? Might as well level up a cleric and charge for buffs. Why does even the simplest thing need to have a price tag on it?

    Pserver auto buff NPC buffs with all T5 scrolls + T5 potions + rama + buff... I was thinking just the 132 level HK buff would be sufficient. There shouldn't be a cost because no one charges for buffs and it would be the same as getting one from an HK...?

    Create a NPC that auto buffs anyone within range with max buff amount. Possibly add that skill to Remi as she is the "helper" NPC.

    -Nice to have at times when one can't find someone to buff them.

    I see little difference in this constant dc/inability to login vs. disabling the server to do maintenance and testing. Honestly can't see why they can't do that on a copy of the server that people aren't playing on...

    Rolling back patch and restarting servers seems simple enough? My guess is that when a certain number of people log in, it restarts kicking everyone off, then login works for a bit until that number is reached before restarting again.