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    It's not just me, others say they can't even move in Uruga.

    Yes, its just in towns.

    Lag is slightly better when running but you can see the dropped frame rate, very chunky graphics.

    Uruga always has a lot of people unless after a maintenance. However, even Elderine, where there is approximately the same amount of people, never lagged before. Used to be able to travel (run or mount) without lag in Elderine and Roumen.

    It occurs every time I login.

    It can't be my Internet because I have upgraded to 5x the speed I had before and did not have an issue on the slower Internet.

    What I mean is that the lag is a lot worse than "normal", especially after that patch. I do use shift-z but that is not the optimal solution. I cannot use it in party on dual mount for example.

    Ever since the patch that ~~~~~~"disabled auras/etc. while in vendor to minimize lag"~~~~~~~~ Server Maintenance on 09/24/2019

    Lag in Uruga, Elderine, Roumen has increased significantly. Elderine had minimal lag before and now moving on a mount through either Uruga or Elderine causes the mount to stop every few feet. You have to keep clicking ahead on the screen or run, constantly to travel through those cities. Roumen rarely if ever had any lag but the same thing there, albeit on a smaller scale.

    Side note: I have 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel i7-8086k processor @ 4.0GHz on Windows 10 Pro with 250MB/s Internet so its not my computer or internet.

    Well, mmorpg's is all about farming and spending time on those. Also, since you can't spend time to farm, you shouldn't have high expectations or better things than someone else that farms. I guess that's the rule. No pain, no gain. Cuz if you go full p2w, then the people that farmed a lot will get bored and eventually leave. You can't skip or haste the farming process, just because you're paying for this...

    While that may be true in some cases, I personally don't farm much but have quite the collection of godly gear for almost every class up to level 115. I enjoy farming when I have the time though. I think spending time or money both benefit the game.

    It seems that YOU didn't understand what Sephiroth wants to say. If you buy a cheap bad-statted gear, hammering and reselling, YOU ARE NOT this? Means that even the bad-statted ones will turn into good ones, and that's why people will eventually stop farming, because there will be an easy way to have more godly items. Got this at least? If farming was the only way to get really nice (or even godly) gears, then EVERYONE would farm for those. Hammers provide a really passive gameplay, that makes many people to avoid the farm and to simply try their luck, just by paying for sc. Sephiroth wants to clarify the meaning of hard work and hard grinding JUST to have high chances of a really nice weapon/gear. Did you understand that now?

    You must think everyone has tons of time to spare farming... I barely have time to get on for 10 minutes per day. Hammers or no hammers, I do not farm. Do you understand now?

    are you dense ? Hammers have already killed farming as a whole lol. Why do you think hammers were changed from unlimited trys to 10 think before you make silly statements

    You must be one of those slow to understand type of people. No problem. I can explain again. Hammers are good because you can fix the stats on bad statted gear. However, it is not guaranteed that you will have good stats on the gear you hammer even after 10 tries. So more hammers is good, better chance to get good stats with hammers is better. Farm away, my friend, and leave the buying cheap bad-statted gear, hammering, and reselling for higher price to me.

    I would like to see this map available as a normal map with mobs for all levels. Mobs don't attack unless attacked, are hard to kill, and give a lot of exp. Or just a place for people to hang out or vend, thus clearing out town maps for those doing quests and such.

    Personally, I like the hammer try reset. I'd rather buy them than do a KQ though. I have wanted an item like that for a very long time. Was hoping they would do a free hammer reset on all items once a year or something.

    I doubt hammers would kill the game. Not with the high chance of ugly stats after 10 tries. A lot of gear had to be NPC'd after using hammers due to this. I see a lot of +10 gear going for almost nothing because 10 hammers didn't help.

    Oh, guess it was on DE server that they actually do drop from water alca / water baridon and quest appears when you point on the mobs. DE server needs that quest updated as well.

    Quest Level 108 Damaged Storage - doesn't specify which mob although it shows location on map. 50+ kills to get 1 drop, 40 drops required (Fine Firewood) from Water Baridon/Water Alca.

    AR quests still appear on SOD map at AR gate but do not appear on map while in AR.