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    Monster Card Pets: Stat boost to 5.

    Reasons: It is difficult to get the cards and to obtain the pet with no stats whatsoever is disappointing. This gives more eagerness in searching out the cards as well as wanting to get the pets.

    I agree, when I got my pets from the card collection I was expecting something... better than a statless world boss minipet. On top of this, I would say add minor stat boosts on the ugly explorers card collection suit like +1 to all stats for every piece you get. Maybe people will actually wear them. xD

    Ugly? The Archeologist suit is the best looking suit in game in my opinion (Devil Armor also looks pretty nice), but I wouldn't mind some stats on all the suits/pets you get from the card collection.

    Have both, a HK and a guardian. HK doesn't get only the crit buff, cross, def buff, endure and bash debuff, but also bleed DMG on Bleed and root on Mighty Chop. The guardian is completely left out.


    - fix bubble, let it always appear with the character in the center or make you choose where to place it, could also be a little bit bigger.

    - switch how Rebirth and Tears work and make it's duration 10 min (this is the only way to make Rebirth more appealing).

    - add a short stun to Trip and root to Mighty Punch aswell (no idea why this 2 was left out with the last rebalance).

    - reduce Dispel Pillar's CD by a lot! The 3 min kill this skill, 30 sec should be max.

    - add a new skill (guardian only), like a massive heal with a casting distance of 30 m that works for everyone in expo.

    - also Dispel Field says: "Deactivates one of the opponents' buff randomly" (we don't really need that as guardians if this is how it's supposed to work), while it "Deactivates surrounding friendly's debuffs". Or am I wrong? Anyway, if u make Dispel Pillar useful by reducing it's CD, remove this skill completely and replace it with a skill that makes the freandly target imune to all debuffs for a few seconds (basically make it work like crit buff works for HK's).

    The HK buffs you and gives you a boost to be more effective on the front line, killing fast;, the Guardian is supposed to be the lean mean healing machine of this game, protecting everyone, keeping them alive and debuff free. One of them is able to do it's "class job" really great and is wanted in parties for it, the other one (at the moment) is left out and get's yelled at if you dare to accidentally heal a gladiator without his/her consent. *cires in guardian*

    - Name Clash It's why I mentioned to use the Algorithm from before, which worked just fine if I remember?

    No, no algorithm. The Isya server is fine as it is, so if people from other servers want the merge to happen they should be the ones to automatically change their names.

    I like these guardian ideas. my only suggestion would be a knockback roll for the Trip skill as then it would see like the monster/person really was "Tripped". It could be helpful too, to get a person of mob off you if you are focused on healing too. But if you are fighting say for quests might be a bit annoying? :/

    Also I do tend to like 70+ minutes of buffs rather than just an hour, but if an actually good passive is suggested for HK might be nice, but for the most part most passives I see get suggested just... are bad, or really only benefit one type of play style.

    Also if you put skill points into sp consumption on bash the sp used is not bad for the spamming of bash.

    Ty! I suggested stun over knockback roll (yeah I thought about that one too XD) because, as you said yourself, it would get really annoying for solo questing (even if you don't do it THAT often as a guardian). If you stun your opponent as a guardian you can continue hitting it, if you knockback you'd just end up running after the target (you wouldn't get hit for sure, but at the same time you can't deal dmg yourself either). A short stun would serve for "keeping a person or mob off you if you are focused on healing" just as good I believe. :)

    I on the other hand wouldn't mind the buffs being "only" 60 min long tbh, I mean it takes a few seconds to cast all 6 of them. Any other passive would do better I think, but that's just me. :D

    And yes, I know you can put skill points to SP consumtion, I just never do it anyway. :P

    Edit: and thanks Ladany, dovahcaine and Luscious lovehoney one can dream :D

    But they are supposed to struggle with healing just as the guard is struggling with buffs.

    Gotta agree on this. One is supposed to be a buffer, the other a healer/protector.

    What I'd like to see for guard:

    - fix bubble + let it always appear with the character in the center, could also be a little bit bigger

    - don't just make Rebirth work like Tears do, switch how they work + make it's duration 10 min (Tears killed the purpose of a guard being the only one to "overcome death" as you get to believe when choosing the prestige, at least make a guards Rebirth more desirable for other players so they'd always take auto rev over Tears)

    - add a short stun to Trip

    - reduce Dispel Pillar's CD by a lot (since it's pretty much useless right now)

    - add a massive heal with a casting distance of 30m that works for everyone in expo

    And for HK:

    - a useful passive, 1h for the buffs is more than enough :v (even ranger's old passive to reduce SP consumtion would be better)

    - lower the SP consumption on Bash

    I made the "Fiesta Online 2019 Advent Calendar Girl Character" on cocoa cinnamon cookies, my fave. happyhoneygrinhoney

    It was quite challenging tbh. honeyrofl

    I took the photos at a different time of the day and forgot to include the note with my in game character name on some of them. Hope that's fine, I did include the info on the main photo (last one).

    For the Every Participant Reward I'd prefer EP, thank you!

    I am not 100% sure what works best for SS in general, but I can tell you, what works best for me on my 110 SS.

    Build: full STR, 25spr rest STR (although u can get crit from premium items obtainable in game for free now) or put even some DEX in it (but that's debatable).


    Have a SS and a ranger and none of them has empowered aoes, works fine on both, I think points are better spent elsewhere. Have 4 points left however, might put them on CD for Nature's Speed.

    SS are great for pvp/arena, but when it comes to KQs, raids, farming etc. I strongly prefer my ranger (trap, hide, binding and bomb arrow are just really useful and fun to use). And even in pvp/arena rangers are quite equal to a SS I think. c:

    Current system, based on movements, is as flawed as it could be, leecher just needs to put his char on FOLLOW to avoid problems.

    Leechers constantly follow me in ES KQ when I'm on my cleric and it's really annoying. Would be nice if (when in KQ) when someone wants to follow you, you'd get asked if you agree with it/allow it or not.

    Hi, is the next rotation for the event point prizes going to happen in the near future?

    It's almost December, would love to see some Christmas items added and maybe even a Christmas themed perm outfit? *fingers crossed* slimegrin

    Personally, I like quite a few faces that are currently available, but would really like to see more colours added (brown and actual yellow, not just blonde). Same for the hairstyles - even though, there are quite a few to choose from, I still like the basic ones the most. Would like to see a few more really long ones and maybe some cute short ones added.

    No idea where or when I found this one online, but I'd looooooove to see it ingame.

    Veralya Perhaps having another Artist Corner Event with the theme being hair style/faces/eye colors. (similar to the Halloween/Detective)


    Would love such an event as long as the hairstyles and faces are a separate category (so you can choose to do only hairstyles or only face designs and not obligated to do both in order to participate).

    Statement 5: I am the very first NPC you should see when you first enter Roumen! My toy is cuter than any chick, with a flower on its belly

    NPC: Element Helper Remi

    Toy: Mini Chick

    Statement 6: I'm a proud captain and the leader of a town's soldiers. Many people dance near me, what a sight! My toy is one that signifies love. It is red and blue and likes to fly around my shoulder.

    NPC: Guard Captain Shutian

    Toy: Love Bug (Tho the Wedding Mini Couple Lulu could pass also? But it's pink/blue, not red/blue, so let's go with the Bug. :D )

    Character: Kali

    Server: Isya

    Prize of choice: EP