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    MintyGreens Here you go:

    I know it changed a lot from the original, but I saw you called her your baby cleric and I couldn't help making her more like a kid XD

    Would you mind if I use her in a banner for the may banner competition?

    I'll pick one of them to colour then :)

    Sorry for disappearing for awhile, stuff happened but I'll get to yours when I can MintyGreens

    In the meantime, here's some art I did :D

    Taking requests! Just post your character or monster images below.

    Slots open: 1

    I used to have a fanart thread on the old forums, which of course no longer exists. But I've got some time and I'm ready to improve my art skills! Post some screenshots of your character / favourite monster and I'll get back to you with a sketch (and if you like it, a coloured version too).






    Requests Completed:

    Actually I am looking for a job lol. I have one but I'm looking.

    In regards to being not cash shop reliant all the time, maybe enhancement for gems is what we need. With the current enhancement rate as it is, introducing a Gems capsule (like the fame capsule or LuckyHouse capsule) with a range of 1 day costume pieces, roars, tears, tevas, crabs and enhancement stones (of which 100% no chance of breaking would be the rarest) at a rate of 1G per capsule might make sense to me. I never understood why we didn't have this instead of the lucky house coins for a gold sink. Why do we have a 'gold sink' that limits how much gold we can sink? (Also you can potentially win more gold back with the jackpot/dice system).

    I see Shawn mentioned LuckyHouse capsules in his post, as fame capsules as a bonus from purchasing personal bonuses appears. I think there's no need for the capsules as part of the bonus, but as a separate system. This will allow more gold sinking (with or without the monthly bonus, although I would think without). It may also be easier to implement the capsule system as there is already existing code for it.

    I really like Shawn's idea of paying Gems to have a set boost to enhancement rates (not breakability) as it doesn't affect Gamigo's income and will still benefit all the players. But I think most players would appreciate red eyes more, and obtaining those may be plausible without affecting Gamigo's income through a non 100% chance to obtain (aka the capsule system above). I can see a bit of issue where players obtain the wrong tier but that shouldn't be much of a problem if you can only obtain the capsule through LuckyHouse capsules as it has a level limit.

    (Also maybe you forgot because those dungeon/instances are part of normal server wide increased drop rate boosts)

    On the real, given the way our cap raises keep going and the amount of G's one could produce by selling end-game green gear drops and doing repeats...well, that is why the amount is soo high. I've heard that one can produce up to 3G a day with EXP hold and spamming a particular end-game repeat. SO!...I could work around this...but let's not jump the gun. This idea is just a rough-draft and a place holder, but Zao and the Gamgio team can make adjustments and fine tune the buffs and rewards or whatever to what they see fit.

    First SittingPretty Did I say that everyone has gems? No. I even calculated based on what Shawn was saying that a capped player can easily get 3G a day from farming/questing/selling to NPC. It's great that you want to contribute, and you can. But the monthly thing isn't up to you if it is implemented, it's a joint effort from everyone. :)

    Did I say I was rich? No. Am I rich? No. I am not promoting a drastic price change. Maybe the personal bonuses prices shawn stated should remain the same. Most of my concerns about price are from the monthly bonuses. This is a discussion, we should be sharing our opinions. Nothing I say is set in stone, nothing Shawn says is set in stone. You can state a price list you think is fair, that's the point of a discussion. I am stating what I think is fair, and something I can afford occasionally only.

    Second Shawn_V01 I can see that buffs are pick and choose for the player personal bonus. I was asking for the monthly pooled bonus not the personal bonuses. I am also asking partially because it is impossible to control monthly bonus payouts unless you and your friends are the only ones participating. What if someone wants to work towards the exp boost but someone else pushes it past the mark into world boss drops? Could the different type of bonuses for Gems cost merge or stack in the monthly boosts to help this issue?

    Also did I say something wrong about the personal buffs being for 1 hour? I said in my calculations: If I were to play an hour a day for 10 days in a month I would have spent 30G. It would take 10 players doing that more or less, to reach the said 275 bonus. We have more players than that.

    Shawn_V01 wrote:

    Server Wide Bonuses would cause an issue? Have you charmed as a level 1 character? (ROFLMAO - Coughs soo hard laughing) 50% boosted dmg def on a newbie is basically them applying def and mdef scrolls...TIER 1 at that *shrugs*

    Here I am only looking as from a perspective of a newbie. A change of this sort will be noticeable during game play. Let's say I had other opportunities to charm as a level 1. Yes it did make a noticeable difference in killing normal monsters. I don't mean it will make them OP I mean it will make them use to being less squishy, and affect their perception later. It takes more of an effect at later levels, maybe 5x, but you could argue they they'll know what charms are by then.

    Lastly, on your comment Shawn, "You didn't look at the bigger picture... do you think people would sink their gems on day 1". No I don't think people would sink their gems in day one, like I said in my initial post, you don't have to work towards a monthly boost, you could just get personal boosts for yourself for those benefits. I personally - no I am not rich, don't assume - would get the personal boosts for the speed and immunity buffs.

    I can see the good in the system and I can see how it will help the gold sink in total. I want it to be something workable.

    Shawn_V01 wrote:

    Those from Jeni and Eni who are refugee's on pagel/isya would most likely go back to their home servers and assist in the Global Pot.

    If this happens it'll be great!

    It's just not a given that they'll go back in my opinion.

    hani850 wrote:

    It make sense to not expect the same level of server bonus each month so I really don't see an issue with what happens after a few rounds. People don't really need the bonuses to play after all, it is just a bonus. However, I could see Isya and Pagel hitting 2500 monthly for quite a few months easily.

    Like I said in my initial post, I expect this to be a bonus rather than a monthly or must do thing.

    However based on how many capped players there are in these servers, and based on the 3G numbers you've calculated, which I've quoted above, I feel that the number is achievable.

    Honestly, I don't see a problem with keeping the 2500G monthly bonus as it is. I just think the first few bonuses should either give less or cost more.

    What I do think will happen, is that most likely players with capped characters will be the ones to make use of the personal bonuses or other players, who were initially rich in gems.

    -- Resets Monthly--

    200 Gems - 1 Day 10% EXP Increase (Stacks with EXP Cards, Daily Boost, and Rest Bonus)

    300 Gems - 1 Day 10% Drop Rate Increase (Stacks with Active Rants, Daily Boost, and Instance Bonus)

    400 Gems - 1 Day 20% Charm of Might Effect (Will Stack with Other Charms)

    500 Gems - 3 Day 100% Drop Rate Increase (Stacks with other War Rants, Daily Boost, and Instance Bonus)

    1,000 Gems - 7 Day 20% EXP Increase (Stacks with EXP Cards, Daily Boost, and Rest Bonus)

    1,100 Gems - 7 Day 100% Drop Rate Increase (Stacks with Active Rants, Daily Boost, and Rest Bonus)

    1,300 Gems - 3 Day 20% Charm of Might Effect (Will Stack with Other Charms)

    1,500 Gems - World Bosses Respawn reduced by 50%, Double World Boss Chest Spawns for 3 Days!

    2,500 Gems - World Bosses Respawn reduced by 50%, TRIPLE World Boss Chest Spawns for 3 Days!

    And by the way, this was a gold sink idea after all. It'll be ideal if gem amounts went down and all in game items started selling for less. It's actually ideal to deplete the gems amount immediately in the first place to fast forward the lowering of prices. Nothing's going to be perfect and you're still going to have greedy item sellers but we can't control people can we?

    Excuse me but I doubt you've read my post properly before laughing.

    I am merely voicing my concerns not tearing down your structure. I know you said you're not trying to be rude but there's no need for you to blatantly react like I'm here to fight you with a nubby level 1 sword, instead of calmly discussing back, thanks.

    Great suggestion, however I'm concerned that your server donation starting amounts are too little. There are quite a few players now can fund 50Gems in the blink of an eye. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, however the way you set it up, players would receive double bonuses (personal and server wide) pretty quickly. I would suggest a remake the Gems cost list for the server and 2x for players in terms of Gem costs (not including enhancement bonuses from Gems cost, those look right, even perfect to me).

    I mean 275 Gems for a 100% boost? We could end up having that rate permanently one day each month. If we look at the personal bonus, 30% speed boost as well as immunity boost, (yes I love it but mobs will hate you, and 100% immunity is way too much, make it on par with in game equipment, or 50% at most), assuming I play for an hour each day and I pay 3G each time for the boost, and I play 10 days a month, I would've put in 30G which is roughly 1/10 of the 275 needed for a 100% boost. You would only need 10 capped players to reach this level of boost and I believe we have more players than that!

    What I mean is players do not have to specifically look at monthly boosts to achieve it, and as you said, a capped player could easily make 3G a day (not from trading with other players).

    Also would the monthly bonuses stack with previous tiers? Would the enhancement boost gems add towards the total monthly count? That would add a lot of boosts very quickly. So yes, the bonuses you presented could use some (drastic) adjustments to be viable and not too overpowered.


    I figured let's go this route.

    For 1 Gem - 10 Gems personally "given as an offering to the gods" we build up to a server wide boost as well as a personal boost. Players can choose what type of buff to give an offering up for and will receive a minor boost in exchange.

    Too confusing. Just 10x the monthly numbers so we can see immediately. Unless what you mean is each player can only contribute 10G to the monthly bonus. But I'm inclined to believe you meant the personal boosts are from 1 - 10 Gems each and each offering counts towards the monthly total.


    1,000 Gems - 3 Day 50% Charm of Might Effect (Will Stack with Other Charms)

    1,500 Gems - World Bosses Respawn reduced by 50%, Double Chest Spawns for 1Day!

    No to the charms. Imagine newbies joining on the 50% charm day and being OP and then wondering after why did I go splat? You could turn this into a personal blessing - for 100G or something maybe.

    Also you might like to elaborate for those who may not understand by double chest spawns you're referring to the chests the world boss spawns upon it's death. I took a while wondering why you would like more treasure chests as most people declare it useless.

    I believe this is a bit much for each donation. Make a random capsule which has a chance for one of those (Make that starlight extremely rare) but also have other less desired items like purple pots. Or just skip this bonus altogether. Paying for a couple of boosts and getting the boost is good enough IMHO.

    It make sense to not expect the same level of server bonus each month so I really don't see an issue with what happens after a few rounds. People don't really need the bonuses to play after all, it is just a bonus. However, I could see Isya and Pagel hitting 2500 monthly for quite a few months easily.

    On a side note, I could see servers other than Isya and Pagel struggling on reaching the required Gems amount.

    So for them, would you lower the rate to be consistent for all (keeping them as what you've already written)? Or specially change the monthly Gems requirements for these servers? What would you say Shawn_V01 ?