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    Why not have more GT instances to accommodate more time zones?

    I think the current system is actually restrictive for those who actually play, and have a guild with friends for fun in comparison to 'farming' guilds (aka ghost guilds) which are most likely owned by someone with multiple high levels and can plvl themselves. No matter what level restrictions you give them, it will not benefit the actual player base trying to have fun opposed to those who can invest more time and money.

    I've met many 'newbies' or people who just came back from a break who are stuck around level 70-90. These are people who are active, but can't join GT (unless they join an established guild which meet the requirements).

    With more slots, even if we can't eliminate those ghost guilds, more actual, active guilds will be able to join, not to mention the time zones. You could have two instances of GT a week so you cover 2 time zones instead of 1.

    There are ways to restrict people from participating, for example, having different rankings of GT:

    -> Beginner match for guilds who have never done GT before, also checks that the guild members have not done GT before. This should have lower rewards (and I'll like to see someone crazy enough to go levelling new characters every single week)

    -> Novice GT, which checks that at least 8 (or more) members of your guild (from different accounts) have been active in the past week. Active as in every second day you're not only doing 30mins of attendance. Perhaps a culminative of 1 hour per day or 5 hours per week.

    -> Expert GT, for members who are capped: Guilds with at least 8 level 135s (from different accounts), who have been active in the past week

    You could also have a guild points collection system, so that guild members log in and complete specific but simple like guild dungeon runs (or just count the dailies you all do dailies anyway), and the guilds with the highest amount of points per week can get in.

    This would be a hidden ranking, no one will see it until the results are tallied and guilds appear on the GT list. If they can count how many quests everyone's doing for the Gamigo 2020 I don't see why they can't count a guild's member daily quest count. Also the count stays in the guild, so if a member leaves, the count still stays.

    that is why gamigo should hide ppl who they pay, if ppl working they not get payed, dont think they care about the job, hooby job can take easy or even not care about it

    This is incorrect. They can't do much because they're not paid so they don't have access to lots of things. Please get your facts right. She is a bug tester not a dev. She can't fix it for you.

    Don't know which part of not getting paid you don't understand. She's not getting SC. It's not Seryn's fault if she finds 20 bugs and only 1 is fixed.

    Their GT position is still open so you can donate some time too.

    Pretty sure she shouldn't have said bug reports are meant to be PMed to her, there's no guide that says that. But being mean to people because you're misinformed is wrong too.

    Probably best thing you can do is set up your own comprehensive bug list on the forum, all of them in one thread, link old threads if you have to, then PM Seryn about it. I don't know why everyone's just talking about it and not doing it.

    This is a terrible time to close the game. I'm assuming the Gamigo office should be affected too, and that some of them will start moving to work remotely now, or be on leave. I don't know what kind of warped logic it is to assume the game can be fixed faster or better now in this time period when staff should be working away from office. You know what that means? Poorer communication.

    This is the time to fix problems, especially those connection issues, to keep the game up, not by taking it down. In fact, I noticed a number of older players coming back because they're stuck at home now. It wouldn't benefit anyone to have the game down, unless the bugs are so bad that it's unplayable for a week.

    Can't be bothered to quote people at this point, but before 100, you can easily level in 0+ equips, and I fully agree it's not hard, just takes time and effort (which a newer, not as invested player probably won't have).

    However, this does not mean that tower is currently 'too easy'. At this point in the game, there's a problem with no one else running the tower, so people are forced to solo. Granted, you could grab one or two others if you are in an active academy, but you need to also cater to people who are forced to solo.

    I suggest instead of 'increasing difficulty by 20%' - (and I do note that tower is relatively easy for newbies, especially if they did the questline, which they would have if they're in the tower, and especially if they took the time to get that free armor from questline) - to remove the buff that has been added to the tower which increases a players def and damage. It was hard before that buff, but on certain classes, you could still solo back then, although certainly, not all classes could in 0+ gear.

    Overall, I would say it is a good idea, Lucy, and thank you for bringing it up, but you need to be aware that like everything else, there are pro and cons to any idea. No one is trying to attack you for your idea, they're just voicing their doubts. I too, have fond memories of Tower of Iyzel, it was actually where I met my first friends in Fiesta. But as a veteran player, I am quite aware that a lot of people would rather go for the 'best EXP' option. The reason I even mention this is because every new player I see asks where to go/what to do next and I always see someone giving the best leveling options instead of anything else. Newbies will ask because they also want to hit 'good content' quickly, and veterans are the ones giving these ("bad") answers.

    Perhaps having a Hard Core mode on those lower level dungeons would be what you are looking for.

    I like the idea of having chests in all dungeons, most do not have this (I would not include LN's single egg as a chest).

    One more thing, when tower was first released, it did literally give you a level per turn in - and this was nerfed shortly after, which was what Aerro was referring to. It seemed you didn't understand that was her concern. As of now, I would still just hoard those tower quests :)

    I don't think speed leveling is a non-option anymore as quests at that level is just so fast now, we don't need to save tower quests or visit even the 30-40 leveling hotspot in DP2. Quests alone will do the job. Perhaps we should think of nerfing those pre 60 quests too :/

    Im coming back after a few years back (pre server merge). is there any place where they got a bunch of guides and tutorials for all the fiesta stuff. I used to come to these forums and i could find guides for every class.(not just wizards and gladiators) I vaguely remember about reapers and now there's crusaders (i have one but have no idea why). i forgot the loot from lucky house. no idea about hammer of bijou or possessed weapon slots, merging movers. just looking for any database that could help me out without having to ask a thousand questions.

    Yeah the older forums are gone now. Some players still have personal guides in guild pages somewhere, you'll need to ask about a bit.

    There is a Fiesta fan site up, which is outdated, but will have some answers to your questions. A quick google search should help you out.

    There are some guides in this forum, which are mainly more talking about how the class could be improved, not really an ultimate guide persay, but you can read those. I'll recommend you just hop in game, join an active guild, and fire off those questions. You'll get answers pretty quick.

    Ignore F2PWhale. He's being salty. You don't really need to pay to play, you just need to spend some extra time and effort to get there, but a lot of people will help you out in game for free.

    Have you tried being not afk on your computer while your vendor is in the background? Does this help? Have you checked your computer battery settings to set it to not hibernate? Some computers automatically sleep when you leave it for a few minutes.

    Disconnections from the internet could be a problem with your connection in general, in which case you can't do much. You might get results with switching to cable instead of using wifi, upgrading your modem or using a VPN.

    Or it could be a memory leak/CPU issues, or a bad file reading error.

    lol it's not just undoable without SC, you can't even run away if you accidentally aggro one.

    Is it correct that the Khazul on NA spawned as a Shine? If yes how hard is it?

    Yes. Isya had 30 fully charmed glads with 100k def and everyone was still wiped out.

    I don't usually post on forums, but this is one of those things that needs to be articulated clearly. Those shiny monsters are way too OP. Yes Over Powered.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this from the voices in discord:


    I liked the idea of having shiny monsters and was excited to see the patch notes. But fact is there isn't enough information about it on patchnotes (what do they drop? Why are they so powerful? How much more boosted are they?), and they have a few major issues with its viability in this game considering the gap between shiny monsters and normal ones is too much.

    I've also not seen any 'special drops' appearing, so I'm quite curious.


    So apart from the above, here are the problems:

    1. World bosses may be unkillable

    SK is spawned as a shiny, and the expeditions cannot kill it. SK usually is down in 3 minutes, but in 10 minutes, not being able to take down 1% of its HP?

    This indicates that the shiny SK with its beautiful bubbles and all is way more unbalanced than it should be. I'm not against having a stronger SK, but you need to have something that can actually be killed. Think about it. All the people who go to SK are fully maxed out, in enhanced gear, with charms, extenders, SC suits and the like. The maximum possible power ups in the game and they still can't kill it. I believe that says something.

    No one is going to spam tears on a boss that takes 2 hours to kill and one shots you in a blink of an eye. 1 hour to kill? Okay, maybe we can work with that. But 1 shotting everyone in an AOE, then healing to full health as they try to run back is overkill. FYI these world bosses already do 1 shot a lot of people in non shiny mode.

    2. Shiny monsters have at least 5 times the power of normal monsters...

    This is okay until you consider how often and where they spawn. They spawn anywhere. So what happens if they spawn in the spot where you were kiting your normal quest monsters? Oh yes, you're basically dead. They can easily one shot players in 0+ gear.

    Maybe it was meant to be done in a party, but if you consider it carefully, who does anything but KQs in a party? What about people on more unfortunate servers? Or the odd person in the strange timezone or without a guild? In addition, the shiny monsters aggro like normal monsters, meaning it may be impossible to avoid them if they spawn in the middle of that rep spot you were using. Move to a new spot? All good until you realize there is no other quest spot maybe because it is taken. And then what? Get a higher level character to help you kill them? From where? Who would be so nice? And who can you call at 135?

    3. Shiny monsters spawn ANYWHERE from ANY mob, which means you could basically screw up all quests (reps especially) or KQs because your party is only just able to handle the KQ normally and suddenly you have this big unaccounted for factor which means your party now dies, while trying to make its way past the monsters. Even worse if it's a boss or a kill-all KQ.

    For demonstration purposes, here's a video of how at level 72, in the 60 abyss with totally average gear, this shiny aggroing me can ruin my perfectly good grinding spree. Oh and it dealt 25x the original damage of the other monsters.... Yep from 132 to 3300, looks like it could be a crit so maybe it deals half that normally, but that's still too much. I tried to take it down with another better geared character, a 73 fighter and the damage it dealt took me down in 3 shots.

    Honestly, I would say it is still doable in a party, but as I said earlier, very rarely do people go about in a party now, and it is hard to find people to party with even if you try. I think its great that you seem to want people to party up, but this is not how you do it.

    They are not rare enough considering how OP they are. This is great for titles but not when you can't kill them. Lower the spawn rate of the shiny monsters or limit where they can spawn.

    4. Shiny monsters can only be removed when you kill them.

    This is okay until you consider the above points. They are OP. At level 110, my characters in unenhanced blues (because blues are really easy to find, but not as easy or cheap to enhance) is getting 2 or 3 shotted by normal monsters. This means the Shiny monsters with 15x the power is definitely going to 1 shot me. I don't need this when I struggle to take down normal monsters. Not everyone is going about with the best capped gears and 500 capped alts to help our next new alt. Most of us don't have enhanced or fully enhanced equipment. Even if we can't participate in this, don't go out of your way to make it impossible for us to play normally in peace.

    Put a timer on them or implement a way to disperse the shiny monsters if you can't handle them. I've already seen people make jokes about pokeballs. Put those in game for 1c, let them disperse the shiny aura. Or let us turn them into pets, either way works.

    I really hope you guys change something soon. Even cutting down shiny normal monsters to 2x normal monster's power (you can keep the HP and maybe eva, that is not a real concern if its hits are tankable) and world bosses to 3x is a better idea than what we have now.

    In addition, it looks like another of your monsters have bugged out from this addition.



    The video link for your convenience:

    Challenge 1 Animal documentary:

    Challenge 2 Danger shot:

    Challenge 3 Landscape:

    Challenge 4 Famous movie scene:

    Challenge 5 No character:

    Challenge 6 Surprise!: (This isn't photoshopped)

    Name: Suhan

    Server: Pagel

    Prize: EP

    Overall, this was quite fun, it took a long time to get each shot right but I wouldn't mind more of this type of challenge. The only image that I had trouble with was the famous movie scene since I haven't watched the show, I'm not sure what he's doing, but it looks like he's reaching for that helmet like "my precious power" so I tried to mimic that with a power gem. Hopefully that's what it is slimenerd

    Isya Server only

    Selling T4 hp pots in bulk at 100s per pot, minimum 10 stacks per order (1G for 10 stacks). Market price is 150s per pot.

    Message me to order or /w suhan in game.

    Limited stock available

    Character Name: SuHan

    Character Pictures:

    Pose: Up to you, remove the weapon if you prefer

    Additional Details: Add some music notes around the guitar, or let her play an instrument if possible