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    I would rather be sipping a hot beverage alone in a tea shop. I've always love "my alone time". Sitting by the window, looking outside appreciating the nature's beauty and observing people's face expressions is a serene setting for me.

    Would you rather lose the ability to lie or believe everything you’re told?

    You are insisting on pure dmg solely just because it is "multiplicative value"
    but there are other components that "glad" needs other than just str.

    You can't just rely on aim scroll alone for dex/aim. Maybe you can but I like to have some extra dex and spr in my build

    " It's almost as if you people don't understand basic math, or the mechanics of the game. "

    I get what you wrote down, the first time.
    and I get where you're coming from.
    but what you failed to grasp mentally is I'm following it to "test it out" do some trial runs.

    You made your "opinion" heard about this matter in spite of that I stand firm on my decision, I'll follow his, do some experimental build on my glad.
    and If I don't like it, Then I can always do another experiment.

    If I am still not making myself comprehensible for you,
    " I am stating that
    I'd rather do some experimental builds first before picking a build that's compatible with my gameplay."

    Did you read it thoroughly tho?
    it is very detailed its not hard to understand it.
    In my honest opinion he knows his stuffs.

    maybe he just missed a few variables to consider but he knows what he's talking about.

    Pure Str? No thanks.

    and also like I said, I'm doing it for a test run.

    huh. I see as a neophyte in playing gladiator class and where to put some of my stats points.
    This surely explains it quiet really well since its very detailed. Thank you.

    I'll try putting 61 spr and 67 dex then. On my 120 glad perm I'm creating. just for a test run.


    How about to those perming at 115 and 120. Would you still suggest 61 spr? Since they are not capping, then extra critical won't be "more vital" for them than raw dmg right or will it?:/

    and as a sc user myself, I can easily get 60%+ of crit with sc suits/accessories + gears + weps + jewelries + maybe let's say 25 spr, isn't that enough for crits then wouldn't it be more practical to invest more points on either str or end? I'm talking about glads btw. if not then enlighten me.